Both landed back to India with the private jet of Maya unaware of the awaiting storm which going to separate them.

Geet was little apprehensive to go back to her mum. She was just sticking to him like a kid. Maan was consoling her saying everything will be fine like parent do to their child.

He was confident this time to face Maya and conquer his love , then take him whatever that might be..be it to reveal his own identity !!

Range of cars were waiting for them to pick them up from the airport. Both get inside the one car and others followed them behind.

Maan , everything will be fine, hai na??

She texted him through her cell knowing they can’t talk now in between the people as they both were seating on the back seats while on front there was another guard beside the driver who was eyeing them suspiciously from the time they had come.

Yes, baby.. everything will be fine.. believe me!! Maan texted back reading her. He knew she was so tense but he had make up his mind this time.

Maan eyed her silently assuring her with his warm gaze, she gave him small smile and eyed him to see the front guard who was just gapping at them behind through the rear view mirror. She pouted her lips complaining him . Maan turn to see him and gave him his deadly glare making him shudder on his place and he turn his gaze.

Geet gave him her cheeky smile mouthing your the best. maan gave victory smirk pouting his lips in a gesture to kiss her. Geet blushed giving him flying kiss which he catch and winks at her.

There silent talks comes to halt with a sudden break on the vehicle. before Geet could hit her head on the front seat he bend to her and hold her .

What is it?? Maan gave him glare making Geet steady.

Not my fault sir, and before he completed the front guard opened the door to looked at the matter.

There is someone laying on the road, driver inform opening the door to see , soon all guards got down to have a look as they couldn’t take risk of something is suspicious.

Maan found everything fishy, he give a look to Geet who was as well looking at front confused, while it not take him a second to realized there is definitely something not nice, he quickly got to the driving seat, Maan what are you doing , Geet asked astonished to see his act.

Not soon there was sudden appearance on her window which she had shut.

Geet screams madly with the sudden presence. The man bang hard on the door to open it..Maan has already started the engine and car took up the speed as he took a sudden turn .

There was hustle going on in the front as the man who was acting unconscious on the road, who got up pushing all as there plan fail.

GET HER!! he screams to his group who was hiding behind bushes, making mad run  and Guards started to chase him behind leaving startle driver as he don’t know what to do and where to go since his vehicle was also not there.

Soon there started the long race of the cars on the highway.

Geet was horror struck, shocked, no words comes out of her wide opened mouth.

Maan looked at her through the rear view mirror , relax baby!  he assured her though himself was furious with the turn of events.

Maan..who are they?? She asked after a while still in a dead shock.

Before Maan answer her ,there comes another question from her frighten mind, why are they behind me?? What they want??

Maan was worried seeing her in fear, he doesn’t want that, he just keep shut ,after awhile answer her.

Nothing to scare , baby!! I am here!!

He assures taking the U turn to deceive those goons.

As they come into secluded area, he stop the car , by now she was numb with the dreadful shock as those words of that man kept on ringing in her head.


Babe…he called her cupping her face he pulled her to himself. she was already so nervous and down with the thought that how is she going to face her mother with her new truth and now this… she broke down in his arms like baby.

I don’t want to go away from you!! he couldn’t heard her clearly since she was crying badly by now. babe!! listen!! he makes her to face him , she rubbed her red nose with her palm looking at him. no one going to take you away from me, I won’t allow anyone!!

she clutch him hard for her dear life , just when both were lost in the eye lock ,there was firing from all around, maan again took a control on the car and tried to dash out from the place.

but it was too late by then, all were surrounding them, come out!! the well built man form outside pointed the gun on maan’s forehead scaring the hell out of Geet.

maann!! she screams as her side door got opened and they drags her out before maan could react the man hit him hard on his head with the gun making him dizzy a bit still he managed himself for Geet.

Leave her!!

he shouted in a rage trying to keep focus, he was struggling hard calling him, he was helpless to see her in that condition and not able to do anything.

he struggles madly in there grip but they started to hit him taking advantages of his dizzy condition. he was hardly affected as his all concentration was on Geet who was screaming to see him getting beaten like that.

MAAN!! fight back.. beat them jaann!! she screams crying hilariously , she was mad at them for beating him like that..YOU MORONS!! LEAVE HIM!!

kamal ki Jodi hai!! she cant bear when we beat him and he is screaming for her here to leave her!! the main boss of there group taunted coming near Geet, he was wearing the mask that his face was hidden.

he rolled his gun on her face giving her lusty looks, she gets mad and kick him hard on his main point making him scrunch back, the men got angry on her move and gives her tight slap.

you be***.. he was again going to hit her just then there was rushed of vehicles. maan’s men along with Maya’s guards all rushed in to the scene to saved both.

soon all tackle the situation and two men were in MSK’s custody. in the fight few got dead , few rescue. Maan broke the hand of that boss and those men who dared to touch his babydoll. he was still dizzy and now going to loss it.

His men rushed forward to help him but he gesture them to step back as he don’t want to make anyone suspicious about them, specially MAYA’s guards were there.

All ran form there taking both men from goons group in there custody. guards help him into the car and all rushed back to go to Handa mansion.

maan .. baby.. are you fine!! Geet tried to woke him up, he was loosing it. little blood was dripping from his injury on the head, she makes him to drink water. he slept on her shoulder going into unconsciousness.

Geet was horrified, she bandaged his head taking out the first aid kit which was inside car. she let him lay down for a while till they reach her home. all the while his head was on her lap, she was stroking him with her wet eyes looking at him earnestly.. worried for him.

This is all happening because of me, if we hadn’t met then?? she cried muffling her sobs but I cant live without you!! she cried putting her head on his chest and soon sleep engulfs her.


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  1. Superb update.
    Finally they reached in India.
    Ohh God! Someone attack on them.
    Why they want Geet?
    What was their purpose?
    Thank God both are safe.
    What will be twist?
    Update soon dear.
    Take care.

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    1. Thank you 😊 I am glad you liked it as it’s not easy for me to write an action scenes still it’s necessary for story so I am writing it with great difficulty..tthough I don’t think it’s proper enough..

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Omggg what a update they are back to India immediately this much chaos full of action who were they who tried to harm geet maan got injured badly oh noo thankgod guards came to save….what is the twist waiting 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG! What an action packed update dearie:):):) Superbly written my dear:):):) Everything felt fishy the moment they landed in India…From the whole convoy of cars to the driver to the guards looking at them…Something felt strange. So it was a trap to kidnap Geet! Who is this out to get Geet yaar? I can’t bear the suspense. And something else struck me…Maan was thinking of revealing his identity to Maya & Geet…Who is he in real? He is protecting Geet with his life…Which means he is somehow related to Geet and her past….OMG! I am too curious dearie:):):) Pls reveal the suspense pls…I am scared how Maya is going to react to Maaneet’s relationship…I hope she gives them her blessings…with Maan revealing who he is, who are all these people after Geet and why they are after her….

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