Geet shivers seeing her hard gaze, Maan could feel her shivering as he protectively wrap his arms around her waist pulling her closed in his arms making Geet startle. She first looked at him then Rajmata who was by now so fuming to see the audacity of both.

How dare you Rani!! Rajamata blasted raising her hand on Geet to hit her, Geet was shocked, she closed her eyes turning in his arms she hide herself in hi s chest where as Maan held her wrist before she could hit his sweetheart.



Maan thunder jerking her hand away who now fuming red to see the audacity of Maan.

Samrat rushed on the spot getting to know about it from his guards on the Gate.

He looked at his mother who was burning in rage so as Mr.Khurana while his Queen was literally shivering hiding herself in the arms of her would be husband.


Samrat called coming into the scene, Rajmata looked at him with her furious eyes then darted her glare at Geet who was by now crying silently not feeling good with the violence going on.


Let me explain!! Samrat tried but his mother was not ready to hear anything since knowing all things from beginning.

What do you want to explain Samrat? This ?? She pointed at maneet, Maan was by now burning red in extreme fury trying to control his rage , his jaw tighten, eyes red spitting fire on the annoying lady before.

His hold tighten on Geet holding her protectively in his arms.

You shameless woman!!

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani - Episode 14 Watch Full Episode Online (HD) for Free (1)

Rajmata busted again only to ignite Maan further.


He roar making Geet startle , she started to feel uneasy, her head spine, she hold onto him tightly in the fear of falling down, her knees wobble loosing all straight, Maan… She moaned feeling dizzy, she buried her face in his chest .

Maan looked at her as her hold loosen on his shirt, he parts her away only to see her loosing her body weight and she falls back in his arms looking at him with her droopy eyes.



Maan lift her up in his arms and rushed inside followed by Worried Samrat.

Rajmata stood on the spot realizing new things..things seems loosing from her hands, she was unknown till now , when and how this all happened without her notice.


Sweetheart!! Geet!! He called her rubbing her palms, feet while Samrat called the doctor.

Maan..Geet opened her eyes partially for she was feeling sick.

Yes.. sweetheart.. he cocooned her worried for her health.

Hume le jaiye..please..

She whispered pleading him, his heart slit with the amount of her pain.

Hume le jaiye yaha se!! She repeated, putting her head on his shoulder as he wrap his arms around her combing back her curls. Samrat pass him the glass if water, Maan made her sip , she was in denying mode, Hume..

I will..we are going now itself!! He declared to her to make her satisfied and she smile softly like a child and drank few sips .


Yes sweetheart, why would I lie??

Maan looked at her painfully seeing her condition. Samrat looked shock but he could not stop them now seeing her condition.

No one is going to leave this Palace, specially not my daughter in law.

All three turn to look at Rajmata standing on the door step.

Geet shivers clinging on to him for her dear life, Maan cocooned her protectively like a child.

@guruchoudhary @dhamidrashti - gurmeetchoudhary - drashtidhami - geet - gee

Rajmata..plz..atleast look at her state..she is already pregnant.

Hunn?? Pregnant??!! She had put the stain on our Royal status.

She spitted the words making Geet clinch back with her venomous words.

RAJMATA!!?? before Maan could burst the room thunder with Samrat’s furious voice.

Don’t raise your voice ,Samrat! I said nothing wrong. She is married to you and pregnant with other man’s child! She reveal furiously making all three shock for how did she knew.

Geet felt sick of herself hearing her words. More tears roll down her eyes.

I told you , your mother is not a saint either!! Maan spitted in dangerous voice. Samrat was still in shock state..

How did you know, Rajmata? He asked still surprised.

She was knowing all things from the beginning, isn’t it truth,Mrs.Ranavat!!??

Maan gave her one devilish smirk , he had got all information about this evil woman.he was shock to know that she was knowing  about Their affair thing from the beginning.she kept it hidden.just today when he was checking his emails, he got those info from his men to whom he had asked for all the info.he knew now it is not safe for Geet to stay more in that place. It’s just he was waiting for this proofs against this lady so that he could take back his sweetheart without any hustle.

Rajmata felt caught up suddenly turn silent, she realized now she messed up with the wrong person . She gave one angry glare to MSK who was smirking now to see her condition now.

I know it’s Mr.Khurana’s Baby not yours.

Samrat and Geet just kept gaping her other her revelation.

But how dare she betray my son, the king of Jodhpur. She did that behind your back..such a shameful act.still had the audacity to stay in the same roof lying to you!!

But what you did Rajmata? You didn’t either tell me hide it all and why?? I am asking you..Why ??

Rajmata was tongue tied again , she had played this Game to defame Geetanjali later on in the eyes of her Son.And the people of Jodhpur .

And you are saying her that she betray me ..our marriage but do you know one thing what I done ??

Samrat blasted really furious to know this new side of his mother.

She didn’t do some sin , it’s just her act of fetch some solace to her broken heart and life which we snatch from her brutally without caring for her own feelings or happiness.

It’s her act to fetch some love for her own..and what is her fault in this all.

If she was married then it doesn’t gives her authority to think about own self..her life.. don’t she have right to feel the love in her life.

I can betrayed her, being man, I can have affair but when it comes to woman we named it as a sin.



Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani - Episode 14 Watch Full Episode Online (HD) for Free

now Rajmata was shocked hearing him, she never thought her son could do such thing. Yes she was linking him up with the princess but it was not before she got to knew her daughter in law’s sin.

She wanted to throw that girl out of her son’s life for their own benefits as she never fit in Their lifestyle and looked what she did now..having affair..did this suit the royal Queen??

And now giving her pain and tortures , keeping Geet in the cage it became her obsession to tortures her silently keeping her in front of her own eyes that she never wanted to let her go that easily before she get satisfied, she had turn evil slowly and steadily without her own knowledge .

But now hearing her own son’s truth, it left her startle , thinking her own blood just betrayed her..her upbringing.

She couldn’t even muster the courage to raise her hand to slap him tight.

How could you,son??

She felt her straight going feeling herself standing low before her daughter in law and other person i.e. Maan.

Rajmata!! Let me explain!!

He tried to reach her but she show him her palm making him stop on the place.

How much and what more you are hiding from me,Samrat??

Her voice was harsh and hard , the mother inside her seems dying.

Nothing’s just..

Samrat again tried but this time Rajmata was not in her right senses to acknowledge anything.she had got enough shocks.

She just rushed out from there furiously leaving broken Samrat behind with his mother’s unsaid pain or with the truth.

He can’t be angry on her or couldn’t even forgive her or own self for all the fiasco.he was in a fix.

Maan left a sigh of frustration looking at Geet, who was not responding ,she was numb with the shock , revelation. She had not thought , Rajmata could do something like this with her.

She had tortures her silently with her feelings hiding such a thing.

How much she was scared..tense.. thinking about the consequences all this it her affair..or be it her pregnancy.

Yes..she agreed she did a sin for having affair when she was married but did she once tried to understand her feelings..her state..

Always force her to do the things without her own choice.

Tried to show her down in front of her own husband and after that what follows she couldn’t stop neither back out.

And now she was not ashamed of herself anymore for doing that sin when in return she got this precious possession which any mother or woman crave to have..she is getting new family.

Her Maan !!

She looked at him thinking so, tears rolled down her eyes thanking him silently for entering into her life ,and saving her from this daily torture which was going to engulf her life but he saved her..he saved her again in the form of their baby.

Yes..if she is here alive then it’s because of her baby and again this baby is because of him. It’s Their baby..his part!!

Maan wiped her tears pecking her head he pulled her in a bear hug leaving a sigh of relief thinking she is fine now.


I am not wrong , Maan. Hai na ?? 

She asked from him pulling out of his arms, Samrat listen to her and closed his eyes in pain thinking how much he also torture this innocent soul.

Where I was wrong if I think of my own happiness..if I had to go through death everyday.silent death..

images (3)

then where I was wrong to trying to rescue from that death cage.. say me na..did I do a sin??

She asked, her voice she turns hyper trying to make herself believe she didn’t do anything wrong but her words rang in her head.

She had put a black stain on our Royal status..

How dare she having affair being married !!

She betray you, Samrat!

Where was I wrong if I asked for some love but didn’t got it..where I was wrong if i fetch for some love when you yourself gives it to me..

How I was to hold back that time.


She pour her heart out holding his shirt, was not able to stop her tears which was flowing again like a river.

You did nothing wrong , sweetheart!!


Maan tried to make her calm wiping her tears, but few more rolled down making both men twitch with intensity of her pain.both curse themselves for her pain.

Her doctor who has become her friend was standing on the door listening her outburst. She knew it’s not right for her burnt this much hyper .it could be harmful for both of them and her thoughts come to halt seeing her loosing her conscious.


Maan hold her falling body while Samrat rushed beside her along with the Doctor followed by Yashoda with other few maids.


I have tried to give each one pov in this Chappy..leaving Maan who’s pov you guys have read always.

No one was wrong in their own deeds as they did what Their situation called or what they have to go through that time , and no one is right either here. that’s why I have given their pov here..hope it had come out well for you guys to understand this Chappy.

Most of all you guys have come to know better about Rajmata and her evil intentions in this Chappy..her reasons..her mindset.her behavior and on and on..

It was difficult for me to write this chappy specially.. wasn’t prepare..finally done with it being so cliche..

Do leave your reviews and likes honestly. Waiting for it.

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