Mehbooba S2 Chapter 93

Geet prepared sweet for everyone and kept one bowl with less sugar for Maan as he wasn’t habitual of having much sweet.

Everyone was ready for breakfast soon. The dish was indeed delicious and Maan too liked it. Geet was glowing with happiness.
Dadima came and gifted her with a khandani jewelleries. Geet looked at it and memories flashed through her mind. Her eyes instantly filled up. These was the same jewelleries for which dadi ma had taunted her other day. Then why she is gifting them to her now. She looked at dadi with questing gaze, “yeh humare khandani jewelleries hai geet….lijiye.
Geet was hesitant, totally confused by Dadi’s behaviour.

Le lo beta, it’s our blessings for you. Said Rajveer patting her head. Geet looked at him, his warm smile calmed her down. Then he was replica of Maan, how could she deny him. She looked at Maan who blink at her and she took it with small smile, “thank you, Dadima.
Don’t thank me geet, yeh aapka haq hai. Said dadi ma with authoritative voice.
Later both Maan and Geet left for hospital. Geet was still clueless about where he is taking her. However, she remained silent as dadis behaviour was still troubling her. But when she noticed the road going to her regular hospital, her eyes widen and she asked him, “where are we going?”
Hospital…he simply answered, making her startle.
But why? Aap thik toh hai…she held his arm worriedly.
Yes I am perfectly alright but you are not…he said gently to her.
Hume kuch nahi hua hai,…aapko Kyun aisa lagta hai, ke hum thik nahi hai…
Stop behaving like a kid Geet, he stopped the car before the hospital, turning off the engine he got off followed by frowning Geet.
Let’s go, he wrapped his arms around her back, guiding her inside. She was silent and pouting.
Maan asked for his appointment with dr.shah and Geet looked up hearing name, it was her family doctor under whom she was getting her treatment done.
Both stepped inside her office.
Congratulations, Mr.and mrs, Khurana for your marriage, she got up gritting both of them.
Thank you, doctor.
Geet, I am very happy for you, dear. Neelam patted her cheek, giving her warm smile.
Geet was nervous yet she gave her small smile.
Neelam asked her about her health, how she is doing? Are you taking those pills regularly?
Geet nodded her head with lower eyes.
Maan gave her a look before saying, “she had skipped those doses, also doctor, and she fainted just in the morning.
Yes, I know it, you told me about that on the phone.
Maan explained her what just doctor said after her check-up.
Geet just kept looking at both of them, she got to know from their convo, maan had already talked with her doctor about her health issues. She felt her eyes moistening with the amount of love and care he was showering upon her, she doesn’t deserve it…when she couldn’t give him anything in return apart from only pain and her worries.
As per our discussion, we had called the well-known physiatrist for her treatment.
Maan nodded looking at geet then again turned to the doctor, they discussed further about the treatment and therapies for Geet.
While she kept looking at him all the while silently, falling for her husband all over again.


Geet was scared and nervous, she clutched his arm tight, as soon as both stepped in the room. Dr. Nisha, physiatrist, greeted them both. However, Geet wasn’t ready to meet anyone now. She was getting anxious suddenly seeing the environment of the whole hospital, she became sweaty almost.
maan, I want to go out.
geet…?” maan was startled , he looked at her then at her hold on his wrist.
She shook her head in no, trying to make him understand, I just want to have some fresh air. She mumbled only to be audible for him.
Nisha, who was noticing the couple from a while now, thought to interval, Mr. Khurana, you can come after sometime, it will be better if she take a walk in the garden outside. She said in her gentle tone with a warm smile.
geet just gave her nervous smile before looking at maan, who was having tough face.

Both walked out to the garden silently, she looked at him scared, nervous to see his stern face. Few tears streaming down on her cheek. She briskly wiped them off thinking about his anger.
Don’t dare to hide it from me, he turned to face her and wiped her cheeks. Few more tears fell down, he sighed and she pouted breaking into sob.

Geet, he pulled her against his chest, “when will you stop crying!?” He patted her head. She clutched his shirt, crying out against his chest.
I am scared. She confessed shakily.
For what!??
Hume kisise nahi milna. she pulled apart.
You just need to meet and talk to her, he refers to the doctor,
She shakes her head in no stubbornly.
Ek Baar Milne mein kya problem hai Jaan, ek baar baat toh karlo, you will be comfortable. Muzpe yakeen karo. Yeh sab …it’s all for your own good, Geet. And you know tumhare sehat se jada mere liye aur kuch important nahi hai. He tried to make her understand.

Geet melted hearing him, he was urging her so much, and just thinking about her, how she could have deny him. She nodded in yes this time.
You will be with me, hai na!? She grabbed his palm.
Offcourse Jaan, I will be with you always and forever, he hugged her, feeling relief that finally she agreed. Otherwise, he was not ready to make her do anything against her wish.
After that both again went back to the doctor, who meet Geet pleasantly again, trying to make her comfortable. Geet was not the one to come into those sweet and gentle talks so easily, for the bad experience she had went through in the past years. Still, for Maan and the trust she had on him, she let go of her inhibitions and tried to mingle with her.
Geet, Neelam have called you, she wants to have few words with you.
Geet looked at Maan who nodded back at her, she will surely go.
After Geet walked out giving frowning looks to Maan, who assured her to go and meet her.
Nisha discussed with Maan about what she notice in Geet’s behaviour.
Mr. Khurana, I must say, geet was highly anxious and scared. She couldn’t even open her mouth soon. It was only me who was talking…
Maan frowned, but she is not like that in the office.
Nisha smiled, tell me, how much time she is working there.
Maan responses, “I think, more than six months.
(I forgot the time, guys… )
So, she became habitual of the surrounding there. You must have noticed also, she must be quite there as well.
Maan nodded thinking for a while.
Let me take another two counselling then we will decide what we have to do. But please, send her alone next time. Don’t let her depends on you so much. Make her understand, she has her own life although you both are married. Frankly speaking Mr. Khurana, she needs some space. More I can say on this matter after having her talk for next sessions. Nisha finished with a sigh.


Kya kaha doctor ne humare bare mein…!? Geet asked as soon as Maan joined her outside.
Maan sighed, “nothing much, you have your next session after four days.”
Bas itna hi…Geet pouted for she knew he was hiding something.
Yeah, and she was saying, you were so quite.
Geet looked down, embarrassed.
Maan caught her hand, both walked out to the parking lot. Phir maine kaha, meri Biwi aise hi hai…
Geet blushed hearing him, and rushed to the car, Maan followed behind, “if you blush like this, then I will kiss you right here.” He whispered huskily in her ear, as left a quick kiss on her shoulder.
Maan…she gasped looking at him.
He winked and opened the door for her.


Next Day, Geet had taken the leave. However, Maan tried to take her office but she couldn’t budge for she wanted to spend some time with her family.
Maan let me have some moments with my new family, just yesterday we got married. I will surely joined back after week.
Maan wasn’t happy much, he tried to argued with her, but dadi supported Geet even Rajveer to of him, “don’t force my daughter in law, let her have some fun at home. Kaam toh roj ki baat hai. Let her do whatever she want.

MEHBOOBA PART 85 – Mugdha Love Diaries

Maan had given his famous glare to everyone before barging out…skipping his breakfast thereby.
Now he went empty stomach, who will make him understand. Dadi complained.
Geet gulped hard, for she knew she became upset again and all blame will be put upon her.
But her all assumptions flied away once she heard dadi saying, “make his favourite for lunch and take the lunch box to his office.”
Ji Dadima, I will …


Geet couldn’t help but smiled and blushed sweetly.
Rajveer chuckled seeing her face while dadi smirked, she already knows about Maan’s love but now she could see some shades from Geet’s side as well. Her mother heart was melting down slowly.
Annie couldn’t digest the scene, Geet bhabhi kyon…mein jaungi office bhai Ko lunch leke…
When you started to going to office. Dadi was amazed seeing her tantrums.

Koi nahi jayega, bas Geet jayegi, and that’s final…dadi finished with stern voice making Annie shut her mouth. She was really hurt, from the time Geet had stepped in their life, she was being ignored, and all importance was given to geet over her. She felt the burn of J.


Maan was pacing angrily in the office. He couldn’t much concentrate on the work. However, he attended few of his meetings with his sour mood. No one could bring him cup of coffee properly even. He couldn’t help but curse Geet for making him habitual of her when now he couldn’t do any work properly without her help.
Geet stepped inside office unaware about the state of her husband who was busy in cursing her. She greeted everyone warmly, met pinky who informed her about her husband’s sour mood.
She became tense instantly, mustering her courage she knock on the cabin but there was no response from inside. She pouted and was about to open the door when it was pushed straight on her face. Ouch….” She yelped in pain holding her forehead as she stepped back.
Maan who walked out, closed his eyes in guilt then pulled her inside before closing the door behind their back…
He locked the door and closed the blinds before turning to her. “Dikhao muze,” he said softly as his arms closed gently around her, ‘It’s all right.’ One of his big hands stroked through her close dishevelled hair, and then slipped down to her chin. He tilted it up, using his finger to brush away the tears, “I am sorry…” He whispered blowing on her forehead softly he kissed her there, then on her nose, cheeks before claiming her lips.
Geet held his shirt tightly, as he kissed her hard on the mouth…In a moment her arms tightened around him and she was returning his kiss wildly.
Both broke apart after a while, feeling breathless, when his eyes which den hearing the set of words from her mouth, “maybe someone cursed me, that’s why I hit my head on the door…”
He looked words eyed at his innocent wifey, who had deep frown on her face and lips pouting with sadness.

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  1. Good one so maan took a step with geet for a betterment and to make geet coms out of her shell… Geet was overwhelmed by her husband’s love.. meanwhile daadi started to know that geet to like maan but Annie was quite jealous being ignorant… waiting to read more ❤️ well loving this story but will love to read more story of maaneet from be it the withhold stories or a new one anything dear

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  2. geet is mre than happy seeing maan’s care for her.
    daadi’s heart is melting seeing glimpse of love from geet for maan.
    hope annie dint do any thing in her jealousy

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  3. Beautiful update. It feels good that now geet has Maan to take care and dadi is also melting. Maan took step to cure geet and he told about geet to his father that’s nice. Annie is still the same. Overall wonderful update

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  4. Nice part, ❤️ love the way Maan care for her 🤗🥰 hope geet come out from her fear with the help of Dr. Maan missing geet in the office 😊 waiting for next part ☺️

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  5. Amazing and so Fabulous Chapter

    I loved the fact that Maan went with Geet
    to see her doctors
    he shows his concern and love and this melts Geet
    she than understands that he is there for her
    so she too ensures that she does the session with the doctor
    at home Dadi gifts Geet a beautiful jewel set
    while Annie is slowly getting jealous as now Geet gets all
    the attention
    of what an amazing move , Maan leaves to office without breakfast
    and later Geet comes to the office with food for him
    at least now that she is there both can spend time together

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