Aa dhola, o dhola, o dhola

Mujhe mast mast
Mujhe mast mast
Mujhe mast mast

( Let me be intoxicated )

She caressed the silky material in her hands, today she was going to wear this for marriage function. It was his distant relative but very close to Kunal. That’s the reason they were specially invited by her.

She walked out of the dressing room wrapped in a  beautiful white saree, watching her own reflection in the mirror made her blush, although she hated designing wear but today she wanted to look beautiful in a hope he might be there to see her.

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With his thoughts in mind, she started to adorn herself, putting kohl in her hazel eyes making them look intoxicated, she put on light pink color gloss on her rosy lips, reminding about the passionate kiss they share just yesterday.

Her cheeks burned with those memories, as how he had again helped her with saree hurriedly just hearing the knock on the cabin.

She took out the set of her new anklets from the drawer and put them on her ankle,

Aankhon mein kajal, pairon mein payal

In adaon se main karoon sabko ghayal

{ There’s kohl in my eyes and anklets in my feet

I’ll injure everyone with this style of mine }

She hooked up her waist chain feeling him doing that for her, her body shudder with just the thought of him, she felt his sexy fingers playing with her belly button, umm..she moaned in pleasure, looking at their reflection in the mirror. As usual he was having devilish smirk on his face as he caged her in his arms,

My Delicate Flower!!!

Mehboob ki mehbooba tarse,

sach kehde pyar yeh kab barse

Main teri dulhan ban’ne ko nikli hoon saj dhaj ke ghar se

Mehboob mere

{ Your beloved is yearning,

tell me honesty when will you shower your love

I’ve left from my house to become your bride

O lover of mine }

She closed her eyes resting completely in his arms, relishing the moment, his memory..
You look extraordinary beautiful today, his husky voice tingle her ears, and she snapped open her eyes, seeing his reflection in the mirror.

Kya baat hai.. he teased, tying the knots of her blouse, Geet was ruthlessly awaken from her day dream, she arched & twisted her body feeling his fingers on her bare back.

Hum kar lenge..she looked at him.

What will you do,’s done. Kunal turned her slowly holding her shoulders, he raised her chin up to look into her eyes but she stole it away.

You know, How lucky I feel today for having you in my life.

geet looked at him, then again look down not able to bear his loving gaze on her.


Mashaallah!! Kya Ada hai tumhari Jaan..

Kunal.. she whined hearing his open compliment, it only turned her cheeks red.

Yeh Aankhen, yeh Masti

Yeh palkein, yeh kaaial

Yeh zulfein, yeh khushboo

Yeh choodi, yeh paayal

Qayamat, Qayamat, qayamat, qayamat – 2

He cupped her face tenderly adoring her from head to toe, then peck her forehead leaving geet to shudder in his arms,

You know I feel scare sometimes with the thought that someone may snatch you from me.

Geet kept gaping him hearing his words, her thoughts wondering towards Maan,

But I won’t let that happen, even if someone try.. tum sirf meri ho Geet, sirf meri. He grabbed her closer by holding her arms tightly.

She wince in pain more of the thought of his words, his eyes turning dark with passion & possessiveness.

Kunal, she softly whispered , shocked to see his side today.

He left her instantly seeing her fearful eyes, I am sorry Jaan, if I scared you.

You did..she whispered in her mind still couldn’t speak out it on his face, just watching his changing of expressions.

Just that I love you so much!! He confessed taking the sindoor box, and filed her partition, claiming his right on her, her heart shudder in pain, eyes stinging with tears..feeling suffocated.


As soon as she put her feet inside church, somehow he got to know of her arrival, he felt her in the air, strange .!?? Why would she be here, Maan thought just looking around nonchalantly. He was already getting bore with this marriage thing. What’s so good in it. The guy get bounded in life long responsibility.

If it’s not for his only friends wedding he wouldn’t have been here, stuck in the boring ceremony.

On that Dadima dragged him forcefully, as soon as she got this invitation. As they were close on business front as well.

His breath stuck in throat , he stood rooted on the spot seeing her walking inside looking like a true angle as if descended from the heaven.

Is he hallucinating her, he thought at first.

Geet don’t know, why her heart being restless from the time she put her step inside church, she only clutched his palm feeling somewhat scare to first time entering the church.

Relax Jaan. Everything okay?? He asked

She just gives him curt nod walking beside him.

And then, her walk became slow finding him there, is he real or she just imagining him like in home.


Lost in her thoughts and just gaping him, she clutched kunals arm tight,

Kya hua? He was getting worried seeing her like this. Then his gaze followed her at front.


He left Geet and gives him warm hug, that’s confirmed Geet about his presence.

Maan smirked and gives her quick wink without anyone noticing him, and that brought smile on her face.


Mehboob mere mehboob mere

teri aankhon se mujhe peene de
Kuch dard hai mere seene mein
Mujhe mast mahaul mein jeene de
Mujhe mast mahaul mein jeene de

Mujhe mast mahaul mein jeene de

{ O lover of mine

let me drink from your eyes

There’s some pain in my heart

Let me live in an intoxicated atmosphere }

Geet smiled whole heartily, his flirting was something she was getting used of and it makes her alive again. She felt relax and fear free just with his presence.

Geet bete, how are you, how come you here??

Geet turned her attention to Maan’s grandmother who was having pleasant smile finding her there.


As the ceremony got over, the bride & groom kissed each other, Geet averted her gaze feeling shy and that’s when her gaze met his naughty one, he wink at her again , his eyes lingering on her lips, making her remember about their kisses they always share.

As all were busy at the end, he got the chance and sneak out towards her, Geet stole her gaze from him, as he she watched him stood beside her. Dadi and Kunal went to meet the bride and groom respectively.

You know what I find the best part of the wedding, !?

Geet looked up expectantly at him what he wanted to say .

The kiss..bride & groom share. He whispered huskily coming close to her.


Her cheeks warm up hearing his naughty remark. She twisted her lips, murmuring few curses in her mouth.

Shameless.. that what you called me..just now. He raised his brow hearing her remark as he bend little to her level .

Her eyes widen in disbelief, he have such sharp ears.

Yeh nazar hamari hai badi karaari

Samjho woh jeeta jispe dil haari

{ This gaze of mine is killer

That person shall win, for whom my heart will fall }

If yesterday you were looking yellow delicate flower, then today you are looking not less than an Angel, an heavenly Angel. He whispered huskily, his gaze turning warm from passionate one.


Her heart filled up, if he would keep speaking like this, and doing things, then how would she keep control on her emotions.

Haan ishq mohabbat karle tu, 

yeh pal na thehrenge kal ko

Aa narmi le meri aankhon se 

kuch pata nahi kya ho kal ko

Mehboob mere

{ You fall in love as these moments won’t wait

Take some softness from my eyes, 

as no one knows what will happen tomorrow }

He got more close, pushing her behind the huge pillar, drowning in her beautiful passionate eyes which held something more, he wasn’t able to read her eyes yet..

Putting palm near her head on the wall, he decrease the distance between both, their face came close, his lips hover on to her,


Maan…she tried to stop him although her heart wasn’t willing to , woh Kunal…she whispered, but Maan slam his mouth on her shivering lips, kissing her passionately, she held his nape pushing herself closer in his arms, fetching his warmth, soothing her aching heart.

He kissed her tenderly leaving her mouth and again grasping it, they kissed multiple times catching their breaths in between,

Plz ..Hume Jaana chahiye.. koi dekh lega.. she tried to put the distance, just then both heard kunals voice, calling out to her..

Geet instantly clutched his shirt, her eyes turning fearful, Maan watched her fearful face, and held her close, kuch nahi hoga..

After a while, he left her, pecking her cheek,

Geet touched her cheek, feeling lingering if his sinful lips still there, she blushed terribly,

Geet..where have you been?? I searched you everywhere.

Geet startled looked at Kunal, who grasp her wrist, let’s go, Riya was asking for you, and then Arjun (groom) also wants to meet you.

She was dragged by Kunal while her eyes kept searching him, and she find him walking behind his Dadi who also going to meet new Married couple.


Dhola dhol manjeera baaje re o

Kadhi tijro ghaghro najaro baaje re haan

{ The drummer is playing the drums

The scenery is ringing by the beauty of your skirt }

Maan looked on as she walked out clad in red saree, his eyes got hook on her, how she managed to look beautiful in everything she wore while girls surrounding him never caught his attention wearing skimpy cloths.


Geet looked up feeling his gaze on her and she wasn’t wrong either, it was him, standing at the far corner looking gorgeous in black tuxedo, cute frown plastered on her face seeing girls drooling on him , giving him flirty gazes.


She twisted her lips and turned her gaze away angrily, the gesture Maan has became used to till now, he knew she must be angry or upset when she twisted her rosy lips.

He chuckled and walked ahead to fetch her but soon his feet halted seeing Kunal walking from behind, he saw him holding her hand, whispering something in her ear, which made her blush and smile.

He didn’t know when his knuckles tighten in fist, anger rushed through him, not liking the sight at all.

He was distracted soon by few business associates who circle him to have a business talk.


Geet kept watching the Wedding ceremony going on nonchalantly, so many thoughts hovering on her mind, they had done with Christian wedding & now the Indian traditional wedding was taking place.

She couldn’t help but thought about, how lucky the bride is, to have both weddings, as the groom was Christian , she got her Love..and getting married to the love of her life.

And here, she couldn’t even voice out her desires..not even to her own mother, who wouldn’t leave a chance to kill her if she got to know anything..

Jaan, won’t you going to apply mehendi..!?

Hu..she was startled, as she looked up to find Kunal stood beside her, what happened, he wiped her tears, she didn’t know when they flow out of her eyes.

Kuch nahi… Bas aisehi..she wiped her cheeks.

Maa ki yaad aayi ..?!?

No..nothing like that.. Geet fumble averting her gaze,


Geet, why are you trying to hide something from me, when you know, now or later I will get to know everything!!

She looked at him wide eyed..hearing him..

to be continued….

I am sorry for delay guys.. and i surely trying to update other stories as well..but because my classes has just started now.. i get hardly time to update one.. just yesterday i was sick again..
the marriage idea was given by purnima di.. thanks di for suggestion.. now after marriage track over.. we will be back to present of the story..
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and i again said, i am trying to update my all stories.. i wont let any story hanging.. surely gonna complete all my work. be assure about that.. as i have to start new stories as well.


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