Maan Singh Khurana came out of his car in his own glory getting all media attention and at once media surrounded him to asked so many questions on his coming here to meet The Dream girl ..Geetakshi. .

Jhanjhariya Meri Gayi Chanak
Chunarii Bhii
Sar Se Sarak Gayi
Uski Nazar Muzse Mili Toh
Meri Nazar Sharama Ke Jhuk Gayi
Jhanjhariya Kkk

Subpost 7 - Hayeee_heart_eyes__fire__heart__kissing_heart__blue_heart_ @dhamidrashti Tribute TO LATE LEGENDARY ACTRESS SRI

She was dancing in her elegant way bewitching the audience with her dance.it was perfect that director don’t get a need to cut in middle. .he dont want stop her when she is naturally making each moves with perfections .that what magic..hold there DRAMA girl..

As he step inside he heard the music buzzing inside the studio..seems like shooting is going on full swing.he smirk..he likes that. It’s just a second  to meet her..he thought as he step inside the studio.

And his breath caught in his throat to see the Goddess dancing infront of him ..he glance all over to see that all are lost in her like him..which he dont like at all.as he step forward his eyes got glue to her again..he as if in lost state started to walk towards her and that’s when her duppatta landed on his head.he slowly removed that glancing her each moves with interest.

Jhanjhariya Uski Chanak Gayi
Chunarii Bhii
Sar Se Sarak Gayi
Meri Nazar Usse Mili Toh
Uski Nazar SharamaKe Jhuk Gayi

Her Payal was making great sound in that loud music also..she was dress up in an Indian attire looking more beautiful than any times..her hands were adore with mehendi and bangles..his hands tighten in fist in a urge to hold her beautiful hands in his own.

Usse Nazar Mili Bich Baazar Mein
Ho Usse Nazar Mili Bich Baazar Mein
Dil Gaya Lut Nazaron Ki Takarar Mein

He stop in his tracks suddenly as he caught her gaze on himself.

Geet dancing in her own trance that her eyes caught his Handsome sight.she for a moment stop..her moves become slowly but she started to dance again on the song but her gorgeous eyes never leave his sight for a second bewitching him aswell on her spell.

Mud Mud Ke Vo Dekhe Mujhe
Jaise Ki Vo Khud Bhi Machal Gayi


Soon other girls make a circle around her and she started to swing with others..

Kissa Ajeeb Tha Pahli Mulaakat Ka
Haan Kissa Ajeeb Tha Pahli Mulaakat Ka


She make a move towards two girls as if saying them about there first meeting.

Maan pouted his lips in a gesture of kiss towards her and she went pink suddenly realizing what he had done..

Aalam Gazab Hua Mere Dil Ke Hal Ka
Ik Pal Mujhe Aisa Laga
Jaise Meri Dhadkan Ruk Gayii

Her hand went to heart in her next move in the dance..

Jhanjhariya Uski Chanak Gayi
Chunarii Bhii
Sar Se Sarak Gayi
Meri Nazar Usse Mili Toh
Uski Nazar SharamaKe Jhuk Gayi

Jhanjhariya Meri Chaanaak Gayi
Chunarii Bhii
Sar Se Sarak Gayi
Uski Nazar Muzse Mili Toh
Meri Nazar SharamaKe Jhuk Gayi

As the song ended and she stop getting all tired suddenly. .the studio filled with loud claps. .spot boys ran towards her to look after her needs.

But in that both of there eyes didn’t leave one another sight.

Mr.Khurana. .finally you are here.welcome .we are really sorry.it’s just we don’t wanted to break through her dance moves..she is just spell bounded,  isn’t she ? Director asked him to which maan nodded accepting his sentence.

Yes she is indeed ! His gaze followed her as she went inside.


.she was wearing floral gown taking his breath away with her wet look as she had just taken a shower.

Pleasure to meet you Mr.Khurana. .she sat infront him on the another sofa.

His eyes roam all over her body from toe to head. .her gown sticking to her gorgeous body revealing all to his hungry eyes.Geet clear her throat burning in his passionate gaze.

Same here Miss Geet ! He reply locking his passionate gaze on her beautiful face.

So what brought you here Mr.Khurana. she directly asked him which he like the most about her.

Here it is.the contract.he simply forwarded her documents to check and her eyes widen in shock but she composed herself before he could guess it.it.blood his eagle eyes caught that in time and he smirk.

But you are in a corporate business,  aren’t you..? She asked confused.

Her soft voice that buzzed inside him as he glared at her again with that passionate eyes of his.

Yes..Miss Geet. .but its my wish. He added seeing question in her hazels.

But..? She started..

He gesture her with his palm as he bend forward a little more near her face she didn’t budg instead stick to her seat.

This is contract..you can sign it now only..all details are there .i am giving you 15 minutes .so do it fast.

Mr.khurana. .are you ordering me ? She fume at his attitude. Being a dream girl she had that also but not that high that this man is carrying. .she knows to stick her feet to ground however she had come over clouds of success.

No Dream girl..I have other works also..he fired back getting furious on her.

Geet sigh diverting her gaze at the contract papers which she was holding. It’s can make herself more successful ..more leading to the ladder of success beside it is different contract..from which she had done previously. And who do wanted to neglect him when he himself is offering her this golden chance to work with him.yes he is going to be produce the film first  time .It’s not making that senses but the contract is much more profitable for her to make any senses at all.He is that famous personality counting in celebrities that she is willing to get that challenge.

Maan saw her reading the contract papers very keenly along her changed of thoughts going inside her mind..he can see it on her face.she is that opened book to him..maybe because for at she is dream girl today of everyone.

Here it is Mr.khurana. .she gave him back signing on to it.

Are you still not going to tell the reason behind your changed of business. ? She asked still curious to know.

Not at all Dream Girl..! He exclaim getting her hand in his own.

So deal is on..he kissed on her back of hand that she shiver in his touch ..which she wonder because she had done lost of romantic scene or cone in the contact of many men ..this gestures was also done before then what about this man  that making her feel like that.different. be she should stay a little away from him but then that is not possible now ..she sigh giving him faint smile as he take her leave..

What is the reason ?

Maan come outside smirking reliving her beauty.she gas that magic he had to admit himself.

It’s his big profit and for his next project he need it.his secretary gave him the idea..and for his profit his business mind cant refused this chance and after meeting he is so glad that he didn’t refuse.something click inside his heart after meeting her first time.he don’t know what it is but he did enjoy her curiosity to know the reason behind his changed of business.that’s why he didn’t tell her about  the real reason to leave her as it.it is truly enjoyable. .he thought as the small smile tug at his lips remembering her face.

He just had to invest his money in the movie ..remaining all can handle by other people but for his dream girl he will definitely visit on the set..

He was himself shock on his words..how can he called her his..but after seeing her and meeting her first time itself he felt that belonging towards her that authority towards her.

Being The Successful businessman he and being a busy bee in his own work he was far way from her identity. .from the dream girl .he was never interested in entertainment. .how work is his passion to stay from this Big things also..he did was knowing the dream girl .but never came face to face with her or they didn’t met before. It is Always Geet who know him but that was not the case with The MAAN SINGH KHURANA .



- wet Your - feelings . - Rain _heart_eyes_ - DrashtiDhami - SilsilaBadallteRishtonKa - Nandini
Part 4

(Content is all mature. .beware before starting reading .Winkit’s all going to be like this only with this story, with passion and mysteries going on..I don’t know how will I manage with suspense story but will try for sure as I taken up writing this so..Embarrassed Will try to make it more thrilling and suspension Big smile)

Subpost 1 - - drashtidhami - abhinavshukla - AditiDevSharma - nandini - Mauli - Rajdee (5)
He looked at her dancing in the Rain very cheerfully ..
Subpost 2 - So excited to watch beautiful dance by Nandini _hearts__hearts__hearts__dancer__dancer_ Tune in to
her sari was stuck to her body like a second skin giving marvellous looks to her assets. 
He slowly started to take each steps and realising it she turn around swiftly and her heartbeats raise to new level of insanity seeing her Aashiq walking towards her in predator way ready to eat her raw.
Subpost 2 - @DhamiDrashti- DrashtiDhami- Silsila - DrashtiandVivianAgain- SilsilaBad (1)
She shiver , scare but didn’t move a bit standing there as it is as if anticipating his next move .her cold hands clutch onto her wet saree material. 
Soon enough the distance between them been reduce by him and he gaze into her hazels passionately in that heavy rain.his stare as if make her hypnotise. She stand still gazing into his chocolate orbs back.lost in the eyelock his lips touch onto her and..
CUT IT.. the director shouted out cutting the scene. 
Geet shiver in the cold as few girls wrap her with the towel taking her inside to freshn up and dry herself. 
Get back soon geetakshi. .and be ready for the next scene ..director shouted from behind as she made her way inside .



He looked at her entering her private room and she pulled out her wet saree and other lingerie from her body making herself n***.
His eyes became hungry to see her nude beauty. She very gracefully descended into the bathtub .the warm water make her relax somewhat. She was hell tire with the shoot .she didn’t guess that it will start this soon but guess Mr.Khurana has made it possible. 
As she come out of the bath tub wrapping herself with her soft towel she felt his hungry gaze on herself.
She was startle or say too shock on finding Him there .
Khurana..how come you are here ? And what are you doing inside my room..she try to hide herself in her tinny towel that come below her half cleavage showing her cleavage more and on her upper thighs showing her inside thighs as well. 
His hot gaze roam all over her bare body as he take the steps towards her slowly. 
Mr.khurana..no..you can’t do this ..first of all get out of my private room.her voice raise and she takes the back steps as he continue to come forward. 
Look I will shout..and as she opened her mouth to shout she felt his hot mouth coming into her own.


She gasp feeling him kissed her roughly as his hands pulled out her towel from her body making her bare.

She gasp into his kiss and taking that chance he inserted his tounge inside her mouth .
Geet try to hide her bare self into his arms and she hugged him tight and soon got lost in the magic of his kiss.
Maan felt her sweet mouth kissing her madly to his heart content and his palms come in the contact of her bare skin.
His desires rose up feeling the soft beauty all nake in his arms.
His hands started to carrased on her all bare body from her back to her side bulges.
Maan. .she moan out in to this lips as he pulled out his lips but didn’t leave her mouth.he kept his lips stuck on to her petals.he feeling them. 
Soon his hands went to her hips and he cup it in his both palms gazing her face that was looking more beautiful in his passion. 
Geet kya hua ? He asked teasingly grazing his rough lips on her soft one.
Her whole burn in red as he bite her cheeks.her nipples grid onto his hard chest making him groan in desires.
He take her one breast in his palm and mold that slightly and she shouted in pleasure.soon she felt his wet mouth on her nipple.he suck it harshly making her moan in his passion.
And he bound her both legs on his waist and started to rub on her core.
She shiver hold his nape tight that was on her breast and pushed him more into herself feeling wetness flow from her core .
You are too wet geet.he whisper huskily smirking on her condition and take her whole b***** in his mouth to relish on to it.
Soon he push himself into her and she fall back into the bathtub tub.
Water flash from her all sides and she cough into it.
God..she just went into sleep in the bathtub and that sexual Dream. 
Her hazels widen and turn around everywhere to see if there is anyone or specifically Mr.Khurana ? 


His become hard to see her wet beauty bit he can’t have her now. He have to wait.wait for the right time.
But that bloody boy has to be paid for touching his Aashiqui. 
He sworn to himself but continued to stared her nake beauty as she step out of bathtub and left the towel to slide down her slender legs and that fall on her beautiful feets. 
As he saw her all body from head to toe. He desire to take her in his hard arms and make love to her endlessly making her moan his name .



He lick her wet lips slowly enjoying her soft petals and soon take one of her lips in his mouth soon another and started to kiss her tenderly in fear not to hurt her.
She cup his nape and pulled him more close to himself.
His hands cupped her breast and pinch her nipples only to earn  sweet moan from her mouth. 
He harshly mold her breast in his palm and she quiver in his rough touch. 

He came down and buried his face into her bare tummy .she clutch his hairs and moan out .

He bite on to her belly button making her moan out then he slowly lick the part giving her relief.as he came more down on her soft thighs , he started to smooch hard going below on her thighs and soon place his mouth on her wet core sucking it harshly..

The door bang loudly making him come out of his raw desires for his geet.he looked at her leaving .he rushed to take his revenge on him.

P.S. – Geet & her Aashiq remember the scenes.both of them dream .first was of geet being with maan later it was her Aashiq dreaming that sensuas moments between him and geet Wink

Precap : same.

And she rushed into his arms scare to death with the happenings. .

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