His Wife Part 31 & 32

He was enjoying his swimming in lake, where they are now ,both him and geet. it was beautiful morning , he had brought Geet to one of beautiful lake in between forest near to their farmhouse. Geet was all excited to watch it and visit it. she was chirping around running here and there and … Continue reading His Wife Part 31 & 32


He lifts her in his arms suddenly making her startled thereby pulling her from her lost state, Maan..what are you doing?? Abhi batata hoon...he smirked devilishly taking her to bed while his eyes lingering down on her bosom, she blushed furiously as he put her down, she back up cradling backwards but he held her … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 41


 I will follow your order darling, but first I want something in return… He put forward his demand, with very serious note , as he rest lazily on his chair waiting for her answer. What do you want?? Geet asked innocently tottaly clueless about his naughty mood. You!! His answer was quick. Ji..she asked perplexed. … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 38