His Precious Possession – His Maid Part 60

Maan tried to sleep turning on his bed but he is not getting it.missing his lotus.her beautiful face. He wanted to see that blooming face in night while she would be sleeping on the bed. That beautiful smile of hers when she would be in deep slumber.he chuckle finally standing from the bed he storm … Continue reading His Precious Possession – His Maid Part 60


Geet absolutely couldn't face Kunal that day, she was deep in shame, one on hand, she claimed to give chance to her marriage with Kunal & other hand she is getting attracted to Maan so shamelessly. Her thoughts were broken suddenly feeling his arms grabbing her from behind, she gasped turning her face sideways to … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 15


Geet.. Maan called taking her attention, who was lost somewhere from the time they has landed to new place. she was still sulking. Geet.. he again called, this time in high pinch taking her attention, yes Maan? there is party going to happen this evening, we have to attend, she just hmm in response while … Continue reading SANAM MERE HUMRAAZ | S2 | CH.13


Geet was so shocked, tears rolled down on her cheeks feeling insulted and hurt. Maan watched her for a while then realized what he did in a fit of anger, next moment he was at her side, trying to pick her up but she refused to budge, she just rudely pushed off his hands glaring … Continue reading HER POSSESSIVE BODYGUARD PART 66