It was next morning, he suddenly shown up at her door with his office attire on, The smile that was deprived from her face last few days,it came back lighting her whole face as she welcome him in her home. But he stood just on her door, Geet..I am sorry but can you wrap something … Continue reading THE CHEF NEXT DOOR @ 9


PART 104 Next Morning, MSK was late for his office, obviously because of his moody wifey. Geet woke up after a while, her eyes pop out seeing the time, it was almost going to be afternoon soon. she hurried towards washroom , getting ready for the day. where is maan, Dadima? Geet asked as soon … Continue reading MEHBOOBA PART 104

Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.2

Kunal was just watching her intently, he was gaping her wet beauty without a blink. Nandini turned restless now with his gawking gaze, she became uncomfortable now standing still before his intent gaze. "Excuse me..?? " He looked at her moving lips which were shivering with cold, while her sweet melodious voice buzz into his … Continue reading Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.2