‘Sanam Mere Humraaz’ Coming Soon…

  You're my Desire❤️ You're my Passion💘 You are my Humraaz..❤️


Sasha threw her purse on the man who was trying to force his friend in her view, before it hit Maan, he catch it giving furious glare to the girl who just barge inside breaking there romance. How did you meet a friend like her, mishty? Maan scoffs eyeing her, while Sasha was not the … Continue reading MSK’S LOST BRIDE PART 9


He picks up her call, only to hears her concerned voice, Maan , aap kaha ho?? Please, come here at once, are you fine? He sighs feeling guilty now suddenly for fighting with her in the morning. He just hmm in response, before adding.. I am fine.. and cut the call. Geet just watched her … Continue reading AASHIQ PART 27


Who dare to do it?? Maan was burning like a lava and next moment he dash out of his mansion only to be halted on the door as media was already waiting for him to showered questions at him. His face was hard, anger rushing through his veins, his bodyguards surrounded him helping to go … Continue reading AASHIQ PART 26


Maan looked at her shock hearing her question but soon realized she was looking lost , he felt an urge to took her in his arms that instant seeing her sad face but he control himself. He felt his all shook with her simple question, NO!! he doesn't love her, it's only he is concerned … Continue reading AASHIQ PART 24


Every minute going was like ages now for everyone as it's been few hours now she was inside OT. Maan was going so restless , he doesn't know what to do..first time he felt helpless for he couldn't do anything at that moment for his darling. After like few more hours the door of OT … Continue reading AASHIQ PART 22


20. KNIFE AND THE TARGET IS...???? see to that shooting part is in Italian words.. Geet was standing inside shower thinking of the morning when she woke up in his arms, it was not less than any paradise, she sighed, thinking why she is holding on to it, not giving herself a chance to be … Continue reading AASHIQ PART 20


Maan.. Geet screamed seeing him ready to punch Rohit on his face. Maan stopped hearing her scream, he looked at her furious for why did she stopped him. Geet rushed forward near him , Rohit ,are you ok ?? She asked worriedly holding his arm which He liked , small smile comes on his lips … Continue reading AASHIQ PART 15


Part 14 Geet couldn't believe yet what just happened ? How could that be ? She thought restless with the same thing. Geet .. She heard his voice just behind her calling her and not soon enough there was sound of closing of the door. She turn around angrily giving him accusing looks , stood … Continue reading AASHIQ PART 14


DHANRAAJ!!! Maan roar like a injured lion hearing him, how dared he. People inside the cabin shook literally on thee seats..all stood up including Geetakshi who was terrified hearing high pitch of voice more than that his burning rage. Maan somehow control his rage seeing everyone's shock faces, his gaze landed on her who stood … Continue reading AASHIQ PART 13