Chapter 4 – In love with my brother in law

Thank you so much for your support, friends... Aur mujhe gadi chalana nahi aata...she threw a bomb on them. What!?? Everyone now was scare for their lives. Thoda bahot toh chala leti know dad couldn't allow me but main bhi unki hi beti hu...i bribed my driver who wouldn't either allow me but then … Continue reading Chapter 4 – In love with my brother in law


Geet snapped open her eyes, her sleep was vanished from her eyes completely, hearing their commotion,but the sight before her left her surprised, as the place light up soon.. Anna.. ?? Kunal..?? Geet got up as she was wearing night dress which was small and revealing, Kunal turned away his gaze and excusing himself walked … Continue reading KYON KI.. CHAPTER 46


Kunal threw his shirt in frustration, really mad with the happening downstairs, how dare that man? he mutters furiously. Nandini was looking at him bit scared, he don't get this much angry until it was edge, and today seeing him furious makes her scare, on that, that Rajdeep guy was making her scare. kunal turned … Continue reading SANAM MERE HUMRAAZ PT.11


It was midnight, still both of them was not able to sleep, first it was their closeness which was affecting both terribly today after their little make out in the shower, Geet blushed still not able to take those flashes from her mind. She was so restless turning on the bed, his arms were caged … Continue reading AASHIQ PART 34


Maan takes control and kissed her carnally leaving her breathless, his hands reached on her dress's chain and he pushed it down making her gasp, his tongue entered inside her mouth fetching her sweetness. He ran his hand inside her dress, feeling her softness, Geet moaned feeling his cold hands on her warm skin. Soon … Continue reading AASHIQ PART 33