Protected: Mehbooba s2 Chapter 90

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Mehbooba s2 Chapter 89

A beautiful Night greeted the real wedding of the town. The moon shone brightly and reflected an illuminated Khurana Mansion, which was adorned like a bride. The whole mansion was crowded with family members and friends. Children played in the narrow spaces between the adults, and were hushed from every direction. The air was filled with the aroma of food … Continue reading Mehbooba s2 Chapter 89

Mehbooba s2 Chapter 88

A few days passed, her parents arrived to stay with her in the outhouse until the wedding. Geet couldn't share anything with her parents nor show her tears to Maan.  She was breaking from within, but put on a fake smile for the wedding rituals began...  On the other hand, Maan was getting frustrated … Continue reading Mehbooba s2 Chapter 88

Mehbooba s2 Chapter 87

It has been a few days since dadi was hospitalized. Although she has not yet accepted Geet, she agreed for Maan and Geet to marry. It was only out of love for her grandson.  Geet was restless and sad with dadi's silent gesture of anger at her. She knew, Dadi still had been upset with … Continue reading Mehbooba s2 Chapter 87

Caged in my arms Chapter 17

It was midnight when she started to shiver in the cold as her body temperature suddenly came down to the extent that she started to shiver.  Maan was sleeping beside her when she felt her shivering. He quickly woke up and took her shivering form into his own. Jaan, please.Are you OK? He tried to … Continue reading Caged in my arms Chapter 17

Caged in my arms Chapter 16

    Maan looked at her lying unconscious still. doctor has check her and declared her having high fever which was viral..and could be ctcth to anyone also who would be near her .he had caution everyone to be stay little away from her not to get in this fever.   His whole had burn … Continue reading Caged in my arms Chapter 16

Caged in my arms Chapter 14 & 15

Both were lost in there passion unknown of outer world.She moan again lost in his passion as he continued to shower her with his wet kisses sliding her pallu down . Maan..she moan again  as he was burying his face in her chest completely with close eyes her chest was heaving with her high breaths. … Continue reading Caged in my arms Chapter 14 & 15

Mehbooba s2 Chapter 84

Geet was totally blank about her next step, she doesn't know what to do now...she was happy and satisfied somewhere for getting freed from this unwanted relationship and Kunal. His thought brought back the painful memories along, she shuddered remembering his evil smirk or the bashing he did to her the day, and she discovers … Continue reading Mehbooba s2 Chapter 84

Mehbooba s2 Chapter 83

Maan watched her shock face, slowly turning pale. He walked around the desk, she moved back in fear...not him but something else, her eyes moving around with anxiety. He stopped on his track and closed the blinds of the cabin, locked the door with remote before turning his attention back to her. Maan...Geet squealed out … Continue reading Mehbooba s2 Chapter 83