After almost full day of ridding,one day in the forest and many miles away, we go on foot from here, Princess Geetakshi. Let him get some rest, he patted his horse, We're almost at your camp? She inquired as both started walking with his horse at side. Na na na na, na na na na … Continue reading CAPTIVE BRIDE CHAPTER 5

Captive Bride Chapter 3

Geetakshi looked at him little surprise hearing his words, a sudden thought came to her mind , he knew about her, then he might used my identity against me or my kingdom. Rajkumari, aapne humare sawal ka jawab nahi diya.. she was startle hearing him asking the same question again, she turned to looked at … Continue reading Captive Bride Chapter 3


Geet got ready herself without any interest though , she had to for the Party being held for the Sheeshmehal renovation complete.  Her thoughts again went to him . She was at first shock to know that he was also called but it is the fact , He needs to since , Mr.Khurana is the … Continue reading MEHBOOBA PART 47


If you are  angry on me for keeping distance with you ..he started when she clutch the bed sheet hard on her chest turning furious and disgusted at the same time.  I know now , you don’t have to speak in front of me. She turned furiously wiping he tears.   You know? ? So you … Continue reading MEHBOOBA PART 46


Geet put those dishes at side, pouting her lips in anger, who's  it to disturb her now .?? Uski toh khair nahi.. jarur pinky hi she loves to irritate me, thinking so she took an angry strides towards her door to bash the introdurer.. As soon as she opened the door, she  met with … Continue reading THE COOK NEXT DOOR @ 2


Part 33[WARNING :- 18+] He take her out towards his bed and throw her on the bed slowly . she gasp wrap in a towel crawled back on the bed. his eyes held so much passion in them that scared her today. maan.. he is going to.. come early today.. he.. he was talking .. she blabber … Continue reading MEHBOOBA PART 33


Part 31I Don't know...He whispered in between his kisses while geet just sigh in sweet torture he was inflicting on her.Soon he kisses her each bruise marks softly before applying cream on it.Geet was just moaning continuously not able to bear it , she wriggle under him  .Sweetheart stay still he warned her as he … Continue reading MEHBOOBA PART 31