Caged in my arms Chapter 14 & 15

Both were lost in there passion unknown of outer world.She moan again lost in his passion as he continued to shower her with his wet kisses sliding her pallu down . Maan..she moan again  as he was burying his face in her chest completely with close eyes her chest was heaving with her high breaths. … Continue reading Caged in my arms Chapter 14 & 15

Caged in my Arms Chapter 12 & 13

Geet took the blessings of dadima touching her feet. Sada suhagan raho. .dadima bless her making her jerk upwards hearing her blessings. It's is  true,isn't it. She is married women now.What happened bete. .dadima ask seeing her expressions.Nothing dadima. ..Are you fine now..she asked her.Ha dadima. Main bilkul thik hoon..all fit and fine.geet stretch the … Continue reading Caged in my Arms Chapter 12 & 13


Maan stared at her shock…that name…the soul reason of his all pain. The hatred that reside in her heart for him that's all because of that bloody boy. He banged on the bonnet furiously.Geet stumbled back in fear seeing him getting angry again. First those goons & now him. It’s all making her feel uneasy … Continue reading CAGED IN MY ARMS CH. 10 & 11


Part 62 Cake was place on the table, Geet came around and was just going to sit on her own chair when he called her in stern voice.   Geet , come here .Geet was confused , she walked near him , as soon as she was beside him, he pulled her on his lap , … Continue reading HIS WIFE LAST PART & EPILOGUE


Two days passed, Geet was anxious and restless thinking about Kunal, as she just got to know about his arrival after next day, She joined Dadi downstairs to attend the Holika puja which was performed in the porch. Al the while Maan was only watching her, making her shy. And whole family perform the puja. … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 43


Maan was trying her number contiously but it came switch off. He was turning mad with fury.. where the hell are you..Geet.. he pressed the accleter in fury, just then his phone buzzed again showing kunal's number,why is Kunal calling.. is Geet at his place.. Maan thought as he applied the break, recieving the call … Continue reading KYON KI.. CHAPTER 12