Geet was hell nervous with just the thought. She was definitely not scare anymore when he sahib was standing right next to her touching his arms with her. If anything could happen or the boy dared also , she knew she could just grasp his strong arm. In fact her sahib would not let anything … Continue reading HIS WIFE PART 46 & 47


It's been few hours after which doctor walked out only to be greeted by desperate men. How is she now?? All three asked in unison looking at doctor expectantly. Can't say now...we have taken out the bullet, but she has lost so much blood...we could only say after she gets unconscious...pray for it. Everyone left … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 66

Mehbooba S2 chapter 65

Authors note: - before you read the update, let me clear few things, readers, Rajeev is Geet’s cousin brother and Rajveer is Maan’s father’s Name… I see previously most of the readers got confused with both the names… do plz see to the spelling of both the names and I am sorry for the confusion… … Continue reading Mehbooba S2 chapter 65


Geet was hell tired changing from one cloth to another as per dadima's advise . She pouted, made faces but dadima did not budge .she had brought almost every type of dresses for her lotus to wear for her as geet had decided to help her sahib in his work. In his office.but that was … Continue reading HIS WIFE PART 41 – 45


Hamesha Tumko Chaha Aur Chaha Aur Chaha Chaha Chaha ChahaHamesha Tumko Chaha Aur Chaha Kuch Bhi NahinTumhe Dil Ne Hai Pooja Pooja Pooja Aur Pooja Kuchi Bhi NahinNa Na Nahin Na Na Nahin Nahin Nahin Nahin Nahin Kuch Bhi NahinKuch Bhi Nahin Kuch Bhi Nahin Kuch Bhi Nahin Geet was startled hearing him say so... … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 63


Congratulations!! She kissed his cheek congratulating him, for his success as he won the best business man of the year award again. He was habitual of this success...but this time it was special, with her around. Seeing her smile…those shining happy eyes. His cabin was filled with those umpteenth flower buckets, but it was meaningless … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 62


Maan stand there fuming within hearing what pinky just said, that just boil his blood to no extent. He dismiss her from his cabin called the doctor immediately. He watched her sleeping form and sat beside her on the sofa.  his eyes went on her hand ,he take it near to get the clear view … Continue reading HIS WIFE PART 38 – 40


She stand in front of huge building of kc again reminding the same thing happened in past.  Gathering her courage she looked on her side to see her mother in law standing beside her assuring her with a smile. Chale. ? Geet nodded silently feeling as if she is going inside with her mother . … Continue reading HIS WIFE PART 35 – 37

Mehbooba S2 Chapter 61

  Geet looked at her brother having those delicious meal, he has just ordered from outside. Her mouth watered to have one bite atleast but her brother couldn't even asked once. She looked at her mother working continuously in the kitchen, her eyes became teary realizing their situation today. Fast aunt...I am starving... She heard … Continue reading Mehbooba S2 Chapter 61