MAAN... she screamed in so much anger and hatred for this man who is soul reason for her love in pain now. She look at her love painfully with love glistening in her hazels who is bleeding so much because of  continues beating by his mens. Dare you screamed at me like that again, dare … Continue reading CAGED IN MY ARMS CH. 1 & 2

Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.17 [COMPLETED]

Kunal watched nandini lying on the floor lifeless, he was shock, turned furious seeing Rajdeep standing there cool as if nothing happened, he dash towards him and pushed him on the wall behind, beating him furiously, without a stop, Kunal threw him on the floor, kicking into his stomach. Rajdeep got up after a while, … Continue reading Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.17 [COMPLETED]