Aap ki Kasam Chapter 30

Maan paced in the room thinking on what to wear, he had emptied his whole wardrobe but couldn't find any decent clothing in his collection for his first day at Khurana Constructions. Yes, he is going to join under his  father until he get the practical knowledge and learn Khurana business, how it runs... Rajveer … Continue reading Aap ki Kasam Chapter 30

Chapter 4 – In love with my brother in law

Thank you so much for your support, friends... Aur mujhe gadi chalana nahi aata...she threw a bomb on them. What!?? Everyone now was scare for their lives. Thoda bahot toh chala leti hu...you know dad couldn't allow me but main bhi unki hi beti hu...i bribed my driver who wouldn't either allow me but then … Continue reading Chapter 4 – In love with my brother in law

Aap ki Kasam Chapter 8

Geet sat down on the bed and clasped her head. She had a headache and couldn’t see away out of her dilemma. Couldn’t he just explain to her without yelling at her? I just don’t understand him! She thought. Then sudden thought crossed her mind, does he love someone else? No…how could that be, it … Continue reading Aap ki Kasam Chapter 8

Aap ki kasam chapter 7

Chori chori dil teraa churaayenge Apna tujhe ham banaayenge Dheere dheere paas tere aayenge Aake door phir naa jaayenge Maan pulled her harshly in his arms, seeing two pair of eyes following her each moves. His whole burnt in anger and that reflects in his harsh hold upon her waist. Maan..her eyes instantly filled up, … Continue reading Aap ki kasam chapter 7

Chapter 3 – In love with my brother in law

Chapter 3 - stuck with my sister in law It was dinner time at Handas, so the family couldn't let go the khuranas without dinner. Two families sat across the huge dinner table while servants placed different dishes before everyone in the middle of food serving toy type train. Khuranas were amused seeing the set … Continue reading Chapter 3 – In love with my brother in law

Chapter 2 – In love with my brother in law

Dil ke tukde - My Broken Heart Maan looked at the little girl stood before them, very curious seeing her changing expression. It left him amused and he chuckled out silently without anyone notice. But geet noticed it and frowned cutely seeing him smiling...did he just laughed on her. Leave it!! She has more things … Continue reading Chapter 2 – In love with my brother in law

chapter 1 – In love with my brother in law

First strike rama rama ....... (hai rama rama ho hai more rama dil main macha hai kyon koi hungama She walked out of washroom in just a towel wrapped around her small yet curvaceous body. She tapped her wet feet to the music which was buzzing loudly in the room. She pouted her lips watching … Continue reading chapter 1 – In love with my brother in law

In Love with my Brother in Law | new MG SS

She stood stunned with the scene going before her innocent eyes.  No...this can't happen...how could it be!? She had promised herself to never let this happen. Then how this marriage took place. A dark flush invaded her beautiful face...her hazel eyes threatened.  She saw with her burning eyes him doing marriage rituals before getting up proceed … Continue reading In Love with my Brother in Law | new MG SS

Mehbooba s2 Chapter 97

“Please, Maan, love me the way you did on our first night, when we became one.” He brought his mouth down to hers and kissed her, savoring the taste of her. He grew more demanding, and wrapped his hands in her hair that hung to her waist. He shuddered when she dug her fingers into … Continue reading Mehbooba s2 Chapter 97

Business Proposal Prologue

PROLOGUE She'd found the perfect "stud" But then she'd known she would. After all, Geet Handa was a diligent and proficient businesswoman. And she'd been just as meticulous in selecting a father for her baby. All her hard work had led Maan Singh Khurana to her door, a willing participant in this "hazardous short-term experiment," … Continue reading Business Proposal Prologue