Maan was just looking at her, but according to him, it was Geet's mistake, and he was not used of listening others, , "Geet, don't you think you are talking little too much?"  Maan shouted at her. Not much but I am talking, what is right! and why shouldn't I speak? and why are you … Continue reading WE NEVER KNOW EPISODE 9


tere bina jiya jaye naa Without you I can not live bin tere, tere bin sajana sans me sans aaye naa Without you, my love, I can not breathe properly tere bina....... without you.... Geet glanced at the moon outside from balcony, feeling alone suddenly without him. It's been only few hours from him going … Continue reading MEHBOOBA PART 108

Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.8

How is she?? Kunal asked as soon as he found the doctor coming out, She is stable, Mr.Malhotra. not much injuries, you brought her on right time and save her, doctor revealed making Kunal sighed in relief. You can meet her, once after she gain her conscious. Thanking him Kunal turned back only to come … Continue reading Sanam Mere Humraaz pt.8