A Kiss to Remember….MG OS

Hey guys... here is new year's OS for you.. hope you enjoy it.. 🙂 A Kiss to Remember.... It was new years eve...and midnight. The smiling stranger who'd been her Dancing Partner leaned closer and...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB8u3djPU5M


Nandini stood before the mirror, watching her own reflection in it. As memories of incidents flash before her eyes making her wince in horror. Those follows the past memories which couldn't leave her in peace however she tried, it was always haunting. She dressed up her wounds while having his image in her mind, soft … Continue reading SANAM MERE HUMRAAZ pt.6


It was evening, when Geet woke up from her sweet sleep, feeling his scent lingering on her body, she blushed furiously , taking bath she came out only to notice silver packet there with red rose and small note. She walked upto it , taking the note in her hand, she read it, For my … Continue reading MEHBOOBA PART 94