Aap ki Kasam Character Skech

Character Sketch Maan singh Khurana Hottest Devil ...knows how to play with girls. Hottest bachelor in town.The only heir of khurana empire...full of attitude...can get whatever he needs at his point of finger by hook or crook... spoilt brat. Only money speaks for him. He is Casanova...have friends group just like him. He is having Nightmares … Continue reading Aap ki Kasam Character Skech

Protected: MEHBOOBA PART 76

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


CLOSED TO MY HEART On the first night of the marriage, Geet was waiting for Maan like a true bride.to say the truth when he came to see her its only his  first and last visit. She did not even see him well .... But everyone said, she is lucky .... so big house like … Continue reading CLOSED TO MY HEART


Her cell buzz but both were so lost to glance it once. Geet once tried to call him but he was so lost in the task at his hand right now. Geet was so shy , she stretch her hand to fetch her cell but he entangle her finger with his own not letting her … Continue reading HER POSSESSIVE BODYGUARD PART 48