Caged in my arms Chapter 21

Maan saw her sad face and anger curse through him, he dialed adi immediately, and he saw geet going into washroom with slow steps. He keep phone on hold and rushed towards her. What happened? Are you fine? He asked in concern. She doesn't having energy inside her after shouting on him, just nodded silently without … Continue reading Caged in my arms Chapter 21


After talking with Geet, Maan was relax, more than that he was happy hearing that he will be coming to the office tomorrow. and he started working with relax mind. Geet was a little surprise after getting Maan's call. but now a day Maan's behavior ha changed., and she was definitely relived with it. Geet … Continue reading WE NEVER KNOW EPISODE 7 & 8


Shaayad hawa na chalegi Phoolon mein bhi khushboo na hogi Tujhe chaahoongi main, tujhe paaoongi main Yeh meri tamanna tujhe nahin pata Perhaps the wind will not blow anymore Perhaps the there won't be fragrance in flowers anymore But I will love you, I will get you This wish of mine, you don't know about … Continue reading KYON KI.. CHAPTER 7


Both were ready to sneak out, just then Maan's phone rang , he picks it up, it was adi who gives him the info about there surroundings. Sir, all done, you can come on the terrace. Okay adi!! He asked further about Maya and Geet became numb suddenly, she wasn't ready to leave her mother, … Continue reading HER POSSESSIVE BODYGUARD PART 61


Don't ever ask, cause I will never tell, and you should know it, and know it well. but if you ask, I will say to you, you are the best thing, I never knew, I needed ..   PROLOGUE   WE NEVER KNOW WHY WE LIKE SOMEONE MORE THAN OTHERS, WHY WE LOVE SOMEONE WITHOUT … Continue reading WE NEVER KNOW