HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS. CHAPTER 19 Take care... You thought, I will leave you to that bastard.... Geet was going restless, she smiled..blushed..just reminding his set words, You thought, I will listen to you!? Her breathing stopped , realizing the meaning of his words, her whole body set on fire, she got up , fetching … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 19


Maan angrily storm towards his cabin but his feet stop on the entrance and he turned to walked towards her, She stood wincing holding her wrist, feeling his presence she looked up to see his angry face. Put the bandage on & get back to work fast..he was rude, blinded by his anger and ego … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 6


PROLOGUE Happy Diwali, Jaan!!  He came up chirping like always, taking her in his arms from behind. She screamed in Joy.. squealing with happiness..leave me , I have to still arrange diyas around whole place..she whined He slowly put her down, grazing his hands on her soft stomach, then going up her arms. Stop it!! … Continue reading MEHBOOBA SEASON 2