Aap ki Kasam Chapter 39

Maan watched at the way Rahul was going around behind his wife, seeking for one chance. He couldn’t move although to catch her as few of his past flings surrounded him soon. Wth! He cursed inwardly getting circled between the girls. "Come,Maan, spare me just one dance.” One of the girls cooed as she batted … Continue reading Aap ki Kasam Chapter 39


Maan angrily storm towards his cabin but his feet stop on the entrance and he turned to walked towards her, She stood wincing holding her wrist, feeling his presence she looked up to see his angry face. Put the bandage on & get back to work fast..he was rude, blinded by his anger and ego … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 6


Kunal threw his shirt in frustration, really mad with the happening downstairs, how dare that man? he mutters furiously. Nandini was looking at him bit scared, he don't get this much angry until it was edge, and today seeing him furious makes her scare, on that, that Rajdeep guy was making her scare. kunal turned … Continue reading SANAM MERE HUMRAAZ PT.11