He wistfully gazed down at the enchanting goddess who lay slumbering on the bed. He bent down beside her, just at her tiny waist. His senses ignited and flamed with acute desire; his groin tightened and pleaded for release, and his lips curled up in an appreciative curve. She possessed the exquisite face of an … Continue reading MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 40


{ I forgot to mention in last update.. after hospital scene.. leap of 9 months has been taken in the story } Both walked down hand in hand, while Maan held angel in his arms, who was struggling in his arms to let her go as she saw her Dadi at downstairs. Both smiled, and … Continue reading MEHBOOBA LAST PART & EPILOGUE


Yeh nazar hamari hai badi karaari Samjho woh jeeta jispe dil haari If yesterday you were looking yellow delicate flower, then today you are looking not less than an Angel, an heavenly Angel. He whispered huskily, his gaze turning warm from passionate one. Maan...she tried to stop him although her heart wasn't willing to , … Continue reading MEHBOOBA 💕 S2 TEASER


tere bina jiya jaye naa Without you I can not live bin tere, tere bin sajana sans me sans aaye naa Without you, my love, I can not breathe properly tere bina....... without you.... Geet glanced at the moon outside from balcony, feeling alone suddenly without him. It's been only few hours from him going … Continue reading MEHBOOBA PART 108


As soon as, Geet step inside the room, she saw the rose laying on the floor in discarded state, petals were scattered around, she hurriedly went forward to get it , feeling sad seeing it's condition. Geet, ruko.. what are you doing? Maan came running from behind seeing her going to bend down. Oh ..sorry..Maan.. … Continue reading MEHBOOBA PART 99


I cannot be even angry on you, ha Maan? She chocked eyeing him with her teary eyes. No.. have all rights on me, even to get angry when I am at fault, don't say like that. Maan slowly wiped her tears making her sniff silently. She has her face downcast, holding his shirt while … Continue reading MEHBOOBA PART 98