Aap ki Kasam Chapter 29

In the middle of night, she landed on his chest, and he snuggles her closed to him more. In the morning, Maan found her below him, his face buried in the crook oh her neck while hand was inside her shirt. He looked at her serene face to see her sleeping peacefully like a baby … Continue reading Aap ki Kasam Chapter 29

Aap ki Kasam Chapter 28

Thank you hubby ji....' she blushed doing so and quickly ran away hearing everyone hooting and cheering. Maan stood dumbstruck, did she just kissed him...that too before everyone. He gritted his teeth with the thought and rushed away as well , really embarrassed to hear everyone's teasing. Later he broke her fast with guilty mind. … Continue reading Aap ki Kasam Chapter 28

Aap ki Kasam Chapter 20

  Now you accepted it!? He smirked ruefully. Chapter 20 But her next set of words proved his thinking wrong. Yes, Kunal was there with me,but don't you know why?  Maan stared her confuse, but soon his jaw tighten in rage thinking about the scenarios. Aapke dusre dost Rahul, he...he...Rahul tried to...she couldn't uttered the … Continue reading Aap ki Kasam Chapter 20