{ I forgot to mention in last update.. after hospital scene.. leap of 9 months has been taken in the story } Both walked down hand in hand, while Maan held angel in his arms, who was struggling in his arms to let her go as she saw her Dadi at downstairs. Both smiled, and … Continue reading MEHBOOBA LAST PART & EPILOGUE


Congratulations, Mr.Khurana!! It's baby girl... Maans face light up with a smile hearing doctors words, but soon he recovered rushing to her, and how's my wife. Woh bilkul thik hai, just need to keep under observation for 24 hours. Can I see her. Maan asked Ji bilkul, but dhyan rakhiye ga, don't disturb her, she … Continue reading MEHBOOBA PART 114


Geet was really excited today, as she was going to angels home after a long while with maan accompanying her. He watched her glowing face, and his heart felt that tug again, he wouldn't let any harm touch her, he sworn to himself looking at her angelic face, he would make sure to keep that … Continue reading MEHBOOBA PART 111


Geet buy few things.. as nakul helped her, both started walking out, just then Geet stopped & asked him to go ahead as she needed to use washroom. ..... As soon as geet walked into the desolated parking area.. suddenly someone grab her from behind,  Geet was damn scared, she tried to scream but her … Continue reading MEHBOOBA PART 109


  Geet was damn scared, she tried to scream but her mouth was clasped tightly by the goon. She began struggling as he drag her..  What's happening.. She closed her teary eyes, Maan... Just one name roaming in her mind. When suddenly she felt herself being free Her eyes widen hearing the gun shot, both … Continue reading MEHBOOBA TEASER