Aap Ki Kasam – Summary

Aap ki Kasam is the story of Maan & Geet who is polls apart in nature but were always destined together. 

Maan , the spoiled brat, hawa ka zoka…used to get nightmares every night of the same girl who abuses him in his dreams.

After lots of counseling with doctors or everything he couldn’t stop having those nightmares…

He was frustrated, exhausted , was determined to find the woman who tortured his dream because somewhere he knew, he must have met her somewhere, she definitely existed in the world. 

Geet, on the other hand is innocent, nave and childish girl who haven’t seen the world enough, having brought up like a princess by her parents…she was dreaming about her prince charming…

But as if the same destiny has been jealous of her happiness, it snatched her father few years back. Because some business problems, her father died leaving his wife and innocence daughter to fight alone with the world. There everything was gone, so Geet was searching for the job to survive in the big city, getting unpleasant encounters, all the while giving interviews.

When one day, her grandfather called both to the native place to sign some documents. He was going to sell her land to Khuranas.

Dadi ma along with maan arrives to the small town to sign the deal. Where he met his nightmare girl or say dream girl. He and his friends were shocked to find her in real but not the painting which Maan had drawn on the Canvas. 

Geet innocently signed the property papers, Dadi ma found it suspicious being educated girl, she didn’t read the papers but just sign them on her grandfather order.

Madhu Geet’s mother was as much as innocent as her daughter, she couldn’t object her father in law, being in the fear of getting tied in the small town by him. He was rude, vicious to them.

Few days in the town and Dadi ma liked Geet and thought for the alliance for Maan.

She had already tricked him before coming to small town, making him promised her to marry soon. He also had said her that he will marry but only to his choice of girl on his own condition.

Now Dadi ma asked for Geet’s hand for Maan from her grandmother as well as madhu. Madhu couldn’t object because of her father in law, also thinking about her daughter’s happiness. Everyone in the town found Maan nice guy, unknown of his Casanova nature who changed girls every night.

Both maneet encounter in this small span of time and was getting attracted to each other. Geet has fallen in love with him at the first sight itself because he had saved her from goons in the first meet.

Maan first objected but then thought it is best to to marry her to take revenge from her for those nightmares. He has been tortured enough by her in the everyday nightmares.

In the meantime, Rahul his friend, tried to force geet once in between Holi party, Kunal mans other friend saved her in moment and confronted him.

He was trying to support Geet, when from the back maan witness them together, he was angry and Rahul only intensified his anger by saying that both are betraying him.

Maan thought the same after seeing them together with own eyes. He became determined to get marry to her and take his revenge.

After marriage, at the first night, he showed her his true colors. He was furious and innocent she didn’t know the reason behind his anger or her fault.

He would be harassing her all the while , unknown to Dadi ma and her mother. At one point Geet breaks down and concluded if he loved someone else and he accepted just to hurt her more.

One day, he reveals her about Kunal and she tried to make him understand the truth. He thought to confront his friend and truth was revealed to him about Rahul. 

Maan felt ashamed for his mistrust on his friend and wife. He was guilty, in that time Geet decided to celebrate her first karvachauth against her husbands words.

In the mean time, Geet revealed her past to Dadi ma and her father in law and husband too heard it , somewhere feeling guilty for their harshness towards her.

It was then, he starts thinking about his own life, career and lot more. His father has always pampered him letting him do whatever he want. He had only enjoyed his life, ignoring Dadi words who was trying to take him.

Geet too in mean time joined back her studies…motivating Maan further in between with her innocent talks. 

Maan talked with his father and joined him in their family business. Whole office gets smitten by his aura and the way he handles his work and staff. 

He got the first project after showing his abilities and got busy in completing this first project, to show the world as who is real MSK. 

In this few months passes, with both maneet coming close to each other. Maan had forgot about and left behind his Casanova life, taking over the responsibility of office, to prove himself.

When all of a sudden, one afternoon, his part girlfriend walked in his office. At the same moment, his wife visited him with the lunch as per their routine.

She got the shock of her life, seeing both in compromising position. She was so nave but her college friends have tried to make her understand about her husband’s Casanova life which she hadn’t believe then.

But now, seeing him with own eyes with other woman shattered her belief on him. Her heart was broken and she had blasted upon him as well as the girl.

Maan tried to explain her, for he wasn’t involved anymore with any girls after their marriage.

Geet couldn’t trust him anymore and has make him remember the beginning of their marriage days where he too didn’t trust her but blame her unnecessarily without her fault but now she had seen him with own eyes.

He couldn’t argue in that matter and let her go…days were passing but Geet stopped talking to him which affected him badly…he tried to get busy himself in work… while ignoring his health.

He had started falling for his wife without his own notice. Her innocent, childishness and understanding , their cute fights everything started attracting him toward her that now he couldn’t bear her ignorance.

Geet realized later, she was getting angry on him unnecessarily, where she couldn’t forced her love in him. She decided to at least be friends with him if not love or his wife. He had full rights to live his life the way he wanted, she won’t interfere in between him.

Now will he able to gain her trust back, will he fallen in love with her….or has he already begun falling for his wife!?

To be continued…


Hope it had came out well, friends. I have tried my best to keep it short but think it went long…smiley1


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