Aap ki Kasam Chapter 34

Dard-e-dil, dard-e-jigar dil mein jagaya aapne

Dard-e-dil, dard-e-jigar dil mein jagaya aapne

Pehle toh main shayar tha

Pehle toh main shayar tha aashiq banaya aapne 

Dard-e-dil, dard-e-jigar dil mein jagaya aapne

Dard-e-dil, dard-e-jigar dil mein jagaya aapne

(You awakened the pain in my heart

Initially I was a poet, but you made me a lover)

Maan was sulking with own pain of heart when the song playing on the system, just bruised his heart further.

Change the channel,…He asked the driver and closed his eyes to have some rest until he reached home.

Home…!? That was not anymore seems one, from last few days, as the Mansion is only deepen in silence. 

He sighed painfully, he wasn’t feeling well today as he felt his body burning in tempt. He could careless, all that matters at the moment to hear her sweet voice….

And as if on clue, he heard her voice chumming in ear…

Maan….I love you, I love you, Maan. 

He looked at his cell phone, which was ringing showing the incoming call from home. It was the soothing balm which somehow calmed his heart.

First time when his cell has buzzed, he had irritate looked up thinking , Geet is standing there beside him.

But next moment realizing it’s his ringtone not her had further fueled his anger. 

Yeh kya bata Natak hai tumhara, he had busted in her as soon as stepped in room that evening.

She had sweetly giggled before saying, natak nahi haqeeqat hai yeh ke how much I love you, hubby she had pinched his cheeks.

Frustrated he had jerked her hands off…if you love me then keep that with you, don’t try to do this nautanki with me again. You know how embarrassing I feel between all those people, when my cell buzzed in between the meeting.

He remembers all those teasing gazes were in him including his father, who silently gave hi glare to silent the phone. Yes, he forgot to put it on silent, that was his fault.

Itna kyon gussa karte ho, I am your wife atleast give that liberty to me….she had pouted.

Enough, how much you talk and talk only nonsense, I am tired of hearing your nonsense blabbering…for the while keep your mouth shut and let me have breath of peace, will you? He blasted.

Never, ab toh aur jada bolungi, woh bhi chilla chilla ke…what did you say, nonsense ha…my talks are nonsense..then now get ready to listen more of nonsense, got it!? She had pointed her forefinger at him with cute anger in her nose while he stood hell angry, giving her furious glares.


He didn’t answer the call, but let it ring for some more time hearing her sweet voice.

Tum bin jaaoon kahan – 2

Ke duniya mein aake

Kuch na phir chaaha kabhi tumko chaahke

Tum bin, ay, jaaoon kahan

Ke duniya mein aake

Kuch na phir chaaha kabhi tumko chaahke

Tum bin

[ so wanted to take this song in FF, finally got the chance…smiley36 so loved this songsmiley27]

He heard the other song lyrics being played on the music system and sighed heavily as he felt  exhausted. He took the call as it rang again, on the other side was his worried Dadi, how he had wished it would be his wife. 

Reaching in few minutes Dadi ma. He replied before disconnecting the call. His mind was only recollecting the sweet and sour memories of his wife. How he had tried to convince her in every possible way. Even he had called up his crazy friends asking indirectly for the ways to manaofy his wifey. 

Make her jealous Maan, that is simple as it is…you know no girl could tolerate seeing your finance/husband with other woman.

Jealous….that was the root cause of everything that follows. He had dismissed the conversation as soon as it has started getting that crazy idea from him.

After a while his car entered in the huge gates of Khurana Mansion. He stepped in the living room to see both the women of his house watching television. 

Coincidentally, same song was going on it as he heard the same lyrics again.

Tumne nazar jo milai, bas gayi duniya

Dil ko mili jo tumhari lagan, diye jal gaye

Meri aah se

Tum bin jaaoon kahan

Ke duniya mein aake

Kuch na phir chaaha kabhi tumko chaahke

Tum bin

He looked at her at the same time he found her staring at him. Their gaze met for few seconds before she turned her eyes away to the screen.

He sighed getting same ignorance from her again. 

He only greeted his dadi and told her about his father being little late today before rushing upstairs ti his room.

Her gaze followed him behind until he was out of her sight. He looked not well, she thought with sad mind. Kya hua hoga…she wonders. 

From last few days he has been chasing her and today after her little ignorance he too was rushing away from her.

Geet wasn’t angry on him anymore but just was little upset. She was upset on herself for giving herself false hopes when at the end of day it was going to crash.

She shouldn’t expect anything from him… not his love atleast, that what she had thought in those few days and was trying to keep herself away from him. That’s better for him as well as her. 

She shouldn’t be dreaming further to let those dream break later on and hurt herself. He too had his own life in which he didn’t wanted her. She concluded.

What happened to Maan? He don’t look well. Dadi’s worried voice pulled her back to reality.

I will check on him, Dadi ma, she got up not wanted to worry her further.


Reh bhi sakoge tum kaise hoke mujhse judaa

Phat jaayegi deewaarein sunke meri sada

Aana hoga tumhe mere liye saathi meri

Sooni raah ke

Tum bin jaaoon kahan

Ke duniya mein aake

Kuch na phir chaaha kabhi tumko chaahke

Tum bin

She walked in to find the room empty and heard the sound of running shower from washroom.

She went to cupboard and pulled out his cloths, placing that neatly she took the intercom to cal nakul to bring his black coffee.

Maan walked after a while to find his wifey sitting on the bed lost in some thoughts.

He was surprised to find her in the room as from last few days, all she could did was avoiding him.

She looked up hearing the sound of his steps and their gaze locked up again. She got up and he moved further, both were desperate to share a hug atleast.

As his arms move up to take her in hug, there was knock on the door followed by nakuls voice. 

Maan moved away frustration was clearly visible on his face. He was about to move towards cupboard when find his cloths lying on the bed.

He surprised looked at her , she took the tray from nakul before walking inside.

He hurriedly got dressed as she handed him his cup of coffee. 

He watched her intently as she moved around setting his things before exiting the room silently.

She wanted to talk to him but seeing him silent discouraged her , so she walked out.

He wanted to stop her but seeing her silent, he couldn’t muster the courage and let her go.

He refused to have dinner as well, feeling low. His hands touched the wine bottle but put it back again knowing well how much she hates the smell. He chuckled silently having few memories of her cute anger when he got home drunk.

Geet frowned hearing from nakul that he denied to have dinner. Why he is doing so, she knew from last few days, he isn’t having meal properly, maybe even at office he is skipping it. Once she had heard it from her father in law. She became worried now, as she somehow finished her dinner hurriedly to look after him. 

Dadi ma asked her to take glass of milk for her grandson.he shouldn’t be sleeping an empty stomach.


When Geet stepped in the room, she saw the lights on in the study room. She sighed walking inside, here, take this milk then do your work, she ordered like always making his lips curved into small smile.

Dekho mujhe sar se kadam tak, sirf pyaar hoon main

Gale se laga lo ke tumhaara beqaraar hoon main

Tum kya jaano ke bhatakta phira kis kis gali

Tumko chaahke

Tum bin, ay, jaaoon kahan

Ke duniya mein aake

Kuch na phir chaaha kabhi tumko chaahke

Tum bin

Finally, his wife is back….he thought taking the glass from her hand. Their hands touched for few seconds before he took the glass away from her hand. Although he hate milk like anything, but not to make her more upset he took the glass.

Thanks!! He whispered huskily as he put the glass at side and tried to concentrate on the screen of laptop. His eyes burning from fever and tiredness but he refuse to go to sleep. He couldn’t go to sleep without her and today he felt heavy at heart, highly upset mentally…tired physically.

Geet was startled feeling his the hotness in his hands. Though it was just few seconds but she felt it…she wasn’t that much knowledgeable into this things that she let it go at that moment and turned back.

Whole night passed in restlessness and sleepless for both. He didn’t walked into room she kept staring at the entrance…she was somewhere fearing for his health but only having doubts.

She couldn’t sleep alone on the bed, having habitual of cuddling in his arms…kept turning whole night and cursing herself silently for the silly fight. 

She could atleast talk to him and behave as if nothing happen , atleast both could be friends if nothing much. 

Yes, he would accept her as his friend atleast, won’t deny her that.

She smiled after days of self torture, with the decision she took. She felt relieved with that thought and slept off at the early hours of morning.

Her alarm buzzed which she broke off throwing that to the floor, and went to sleep again.

It was the loud patting on the door which broke her sleep. She lazily got up rubbing her eyes and opened the door to worried dadima.

Ji Dadi ma, kya hua, aap itne pareshan kyon hai. She muffled her yawn.

You are waking up now? Aapka college nahi hai, bete? Aur Maan, woh bhi ab tak nahi uthe? Raj was calling for him. He went to office not before asking for Maan at office as early as possible.

What!! Her eyes widen in shock… how do I got late? 

yeh sab baad mein sochna bete, first get ready fast, aur maan ko bhi uthayiye…

Yes dadima, thanks for waking us…

its’ okay dear… now get ready fast… I am waiting for you at breakfast table. saying so dadima walked away leaving geet wondering on how she got late waking up today. 

chaddo geet.. you need to rush now…. she closed the door and turned around to run into washroom when her eyes caught maan’s sleeping form. not much thinking she make rush to washroom first to have  quick bath. 

Maan got up with a sound…he checked his alarm which was dead after continuously ringing few hours back. How come I slept this much today.. he wondered holding his head, as it felt heavy, his eyes burning unable to open properly.

He somehow got up, till then Geet had walked out of washroom as usual wrapped in her tinny towel, he stood for a while mesmerized by his wifey’s morning wet look, but as soon as she walked away he was pulled out of his trance and walked into washroom. He decided to skip his exercise today having been late already as well as he wasn’t feeling much well. 

Precap – Will Geet get to know about Maan…?

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5 thoughts on “Aap ki Kasam Chapter 34

  1. Beautiful 😍. Maan deserve this but feeling very bad for him now. Can’t see them separate. Hope he get chance to explain everything to geet and they start fresh

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  2. maan is restless as geet is giving him silent treatment resulting having fever
    geet is in delima about breaking silence


  3. So maan is completely restless with geet’s behaviour and have tried all sorts of things to manofy her…same goes with geet she cannot see maan this sad and she cannot build any hope on this relationship also…hope geet gets to know maan’s condition waiting to read more ❤️


  4. Now he is waiting to hear her silly talks,he is missing and wants everything as before,both are hesitating to tell what they really thinks, waiting for further….

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