Aap ki Kasam Chapter 33

Shayad meine hi over react kiya , it is not his fault if he don’t love me back, pyar thodi na aise hota hai. Woh toh ho jata hai,I didn’t even know when he came and make place in my heart. She smiled painfully. 

Still he should have lied to her and he had blame her about she didn’t do and doing same thing before her eyes. Her eyes filled up again. 

Yes I am not going to talk to him. He is so bad…she hiccups again in her cushion trying to sleep.

Maan watched her back and felt utterly frustrated now…you don’t want to listen to me and you won’t stop crying.

Geet has had enough, ab mere rone se bhi aapko problem hai..she snapped turning over her shoulder.

He sighed, now when did I say this…he frowned, 

Just now..she pouted.

Yeah, I have problem, my head is aching hearing your cries…

Dekha…you are so bad, I don’t want to talk to you, she snapped sobbing again.

Then don’t, he shouted in fury but for god’s sake stop crying…agar Rona hai toh kahi aur Jake ro lo..don’t cry before my eyes. He snapped totally frustrated by her childish behavior.

Geet was taken a back, she was so hurt now. She just got up and rushed to washroom.

He took a deep breath, hiding his face in his both palms, God!! He couldn’t think rationally seeing her upset and crying buckets. 

He just laid back on the bed, turning towards washroom, his eyes became droopy and he didn’t know when he slept.

After half an hour, Geet walked out feeling somehow better. But seeing his face again she could remember his betrayal. No…there is no fault of his. Stop blaming him Geet, just stay away from him. Then you will not remember the pain he unknowingly given you.

She took her pillow and blanket, and again made her bed on floor, smiling painfully on her fate which again brought her on the floor.

It was midnight, maan’s sleep was broken, he looked at his side which was empty, he got up not able to sleep back. He noticed her sleeping on the floor and his fist tighten in fury.

Stubborn girl ..he muttered and got down to take her back to the bed.

Next moment, she willingly came into his arms feeling cold. He engulfed her dearly in his arms, covering both of them with the same blanket.

Next morning, 

Both woke up at the same time, Geet was shocked first, how did she came on the bed and in his arms.his hands were like always inside her shirt , her shirt was torn apart…leaving her half bare to his nude eyes.

His fingers teasing her nipples unconsciously, she moaned, Maan… 

Yes Jaan…he mumbled lost in her morning beauty, his gaze roamed all over half bare body before staying on her shivering lips. 

He was about to give her kiss, but soon he was pulled back to the reality by sudden pain in his cheek.

He held his cheek where his devil wife had just given him slap. 

Geett…he muttered furiously, she tried pushing him away. He instantly grabbed her by both her arms.

Yeh kya battamiji hai, he muttered under his clinched teeth.

battamiji toh aap kar rahe hai, mere sath…she downcast her lashes trying to wriggle under him.

He instantly let her go hearing her painful low voice, she covered herself before rushing away straight to the washroom.

**** He cursed loudly, slamming his palm to the bed. What the hell he is doing? When she is upset he is getting close to her but it was not entirely his fault also…how could he resist her, when she willingly came into him arms half nude…the next moment pushes him away.

Arghh… frustrated with his own thoughts he decided to hit the gym. 

Geet couldn’t help but she’d few more tears of helplessness and frustration, sitting into the shower.

All he is doing is getting close to me physically…she sobbed, now she understood, he is just getting attracted to her…there is no emotions called love or care involved from his side.

When he wants came close to her and when he desires he pushes her away ruthlessly with his rude words.

Enough is Enough! I am not going to tolerate his weird behavior anymore. She determined stepped outside taking shower. 

Clad in tinny towel she walked out to the cupboard, seeing him no where in sight made her relieve. She quickly pulled out some cloths to wear and rushed to the dressing room that was just the small partition in the room.

Maan walked inside slowly and watched his wife furiously changing behind that partition which have few little holes for design.

He had stood on the door, with halted breath he had seen her walking in that towel. His fist tightened to his side and jaw clinched as he controlled the urge to barge inside. He had faced enough humiliation after receiving the slap from his own wife. 

Someone might find it hard to believe, the great MSK has received the slap first time ever in his life. Some one dared to hit him across his face….and he knew that couldn’t be done other than his devil innocent wife. 

He sighed with her beautiful sight clad in floral one piece.

She was taking his breath away with her gorgeous look. He had always thought her as some Village girl before he heard her cried in the arms of his grandmother.

Now reminding that again he realized how wrong he was about her. He just assumed everything by himself, never tried to know her or anything about her.

Geet, he called her as soon as she walked out ready to confront her for he couldn’t let go the thing she did in the morning. It has bruised his ego badly.

But as she looked up with her teary swollen eyes. Her that one look was enough for Maan to know that he doesn’t have chance to utter a word more.

His anger melted seeing her mechanically walking towards dressing table. She threw the towel at bed after wiping off her wet curls. She looked sexy and innocent at the same time. How could that possible, he had never encountered such combination of woman before.

He tried to shake his sexy thoughts aside and concentrate on the problem ahead.

He walked up to her as she wore her wedding chain which she has habit to remove at the time of shower, as she was struggling to hook it with her shivering fingers. His hearing gaze as well not helping further.

He silently grabbed the hooks in his hands making her dropped her hands down, she looked into the mirror at his face, which has came closer to hers. He rubbed his cheek to her soft one seductively before hooking her chain. 

She moved away to take sindoor box which was again snatched by him. He slowly turned her around putting one pinch of sindoor in her partition. 

You look beautiful!! He murmured cupping her face, admiring her silently, she looks ravishing as his bride with his possessions adoring her.

Geet raised her eyes to look at his face and he noticed only tears in them.

Geet….I …

If you want to explain me again about yesterday, then please spare me. I am already so hurt…she mumbled before turning away. 

Maan grabbed her back furiously, his patience was losing seeing her attitude.

What is your problem, I am being nice to you but you are not ready to hear me. He whispered angrily, his voice was husky sending shudders to her spine.

Geet moaned in pain, the way he had plastered her soft body to the mirror behind.

Aur kya sunna baki hai…she blasted, her patience as well breaking. She struggle hard but he didn’t let her go, pushing his body more to her.

And don’t be nice to me, because I don’t want to hear anything from your dirty mouth. she was disgusted reminding again about yesterday incident.

I said, that was my past , why don’t you understand let’s just forget it. 

Forget it!? She gave him accusing look. 

You have accused me of something which I didn’t even do but I have seen you with my own eyes. Then how you decided that I forget it. She muttered painfully.

Maan left her instantly hearing her, she was right…he hated to admit it but she was damn right. 

You must have forgotten but I couldn’t, because I so love you. Do you even know how it feel to see your love in others arms. She jerked his shoulder angrily.

You know, how much it hurts, it’s like death is better than his heartbreak. She cried.

He was speechless never realized she was going through this much until today’s her outburst.

You don’t know, because you never love me…you never have those feelings. She cried rushing away from the place not able to hold herself.

Behind her, she heard breaking sound of something but didn’t turn back.

Maan angrily smashed the mirror bruising his hand badly. But that pain was nothing before the unknown hurt he felt inside. 


It’s been few days, 

Maan had tried all ways to manofy his wifey, somewhere he was getting frustrated on her for sticking to the same thing again. She was one stubborn woman…and that’s what he was fearing before, as her had thought about her reaction, she was behaving same….b….. Possessive wife.

He hated to admit but he felt somewhere good for having her whole attention and love on him.

But these days, she is ignoring him…even she didn’t talk much , not to him nor with anyone else, she was always silent putting while mansion to silent as well.

Few days, he tried to ignored her too but now he was craving to hear her voice, her soft giggles…her calling out his name from her sweet mouth. That was all gone now. He even couldn’t believe himself, how desperate he is getting to hear someone’s blabber…to get her one loving gaze, shy smile or cute anger. That seem to all forbidden now. 

Whole day, he would be busy in office, trying to concentrate on the work… somehow he would be successful. 

But drowning more in the work to stay at peace started affecting his health… He was mentally and physically was exhausted,. Also he wanted to finish this first project given to him by his dad to prove himself. 

He began neglecting his own health, by skipping dinners or having it late. Mentally also her angry and upset behavior began torturing him.

He was unaware about those new emotions surging through him, those unknown feelings to which he couldn’t give name. He was clueless about what’s happening to him and that added to his miseries.


Precap – 

Will Geet ever talk to him…!? 

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6 thoughts on “Aap ki Kasam Chapter 33

  1. I so loved the way geet explained the reality mirror to him…which hit him hard and now regretting and yearning for her love and confused with his urged feelings for her… waiting to read more ❤️


  2. Wonderful. Geet is not wrong and whatever she said it was reality check for maan. Her outburst was superb but maan is also not at fault. This marriage happened suddenly and no one knows anything about each other in detail and after marriage he never cheated on geet .


  3. maan is speechless when geet shows her hurt n his baseless accusation on her with her out burst
    geet’s silent treatment affecting badly on maan


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