aap ki Kasam Chapter 32

किसका रस्ता देखे, ऐ दिल, ऐ सौदाई

मीलों है खामोशी, बरसों है तनहाई

भूली दुनिया, कभी की, तुझे भी, मुझे भी

फिर क्यों आँख भर आई

हो ओ किसका रस्ता देखे, ऐ दिल, ऐ सौदाई

She felt her eyes spilling tears again hearing the lyrics being played in the radio. Today mum also is not there to sooth her pain. She missed her father terribly now, because he was used to played those old songs, he liked cherishing the feeling with his wife and daughter. 

And now hearing this song just brought back the memories of her father, who was no more to wipe his princess’s tears nor he is there to embrace her in his fatherly hug.


She heard him calling from behind but didn’t turn around, still so angry on him for breaking her heart like that. Although she knew he didn’t love her but he has lied to her. That reason was enough to hurt her so immensely.

She had dream to win his love which she knew belongs to her only, because he had lied before for loving someone else but there was not really someone in his life apart from her, his wife.

Doesn’t love come with a tag of Wife…!? She questioned herself innocently.

Koi Bhi Saaya Nahin Raahon Mein

Koi Bhi Aayega Na Baahon Mein

Tere Liye Mere Liye Koi Nahin Rone Waala Ho

Jhuta Bhi Naata Nahin Chaahon Mein

Tu Hi Kyon Dubaa Rahey Aahon Mein

Koi Kisi Sang Marey Aisa Nahin Hone Waala

Koi Nahin Jo Yunhi Jahaan Mein Baante Peer Paraee

Ho Kiska Rasta Dekh

But she was so dumb to trust his small amount of care and affection for her. She thought he at least likes her and that would be converted into love soon…the real love which connects husband and wife, two lovers…two souls to each other. 

Maan heard her sobs and felt his heart felt clinched…he approached her slowly facing her.

She was crying looking down, so he cupped her chin in intention to raise her face but next moment she jerked off his hand angrily.

She turned to walk inside, but he halted her moment by holding her wrist. She tried to wriggle out of his grasp but he only tighten it.

Chodiye mujhe…


She turned around to face him, because I don’t want to talk to you, she snapped wiping her tears.

If I tell I want to talk to you then…!? He asked softly, admiring her cute innocent face although her tears hurt him.

Then I am not in mood to listen to your more lies…she snapped jerking off his hand, he was taken aback hearing her answer that he let go of her.

Taking the chance, Geet rushed away, running inside the mansion.

He stood behind complementing on what just happened now. Her words left sharp slit of pain over his heart. He thought about the whole day happenings…

He could still remember her glowing face, she was so happy to meet him…looking so beautiful in that new dress both had bought for her. It was chosen by her specially. He could remember that beautiful smile which was replaced by frown then anger and then pain…after that followed were only tears of anguish in her hazel eyes.

Now what shall I do? He racked his hand through his dense hair out of frustration. She isn’t ready to hear me out…but why the hell I care…damn it..

Why do I care to explain to anyone who I didn’t do before…why I am so desperate for her to hear me out? Why does it pain here, he poked his chest, pointing his own heart, when she thinks wrong about me….why…why…why..

Simply he couldn’t find any answer, so he just stormed inside, feeling frustrated, restless and what not. This Girl is only capable to bring these so many emotions altogether inside him.


On the other hand dadi ma tried to make her son understand, 

Mujhe samzane se kuch nahi hoga maa, those both kid in our house need to understand. Itne bade hai, lekin harkate abhi bhi bachchon jaise.

But don’t you think, in all this drama, there is no fault of geet but all fault is of your son. 

Aap toh aise kah rahe hai, jaise woh aapka koi nahi hai, but only my son. Rajveer taunted.

Raj, i would have warned before also to you, but you both didn’t listen to me, I told you to give him responsibility of KC earlier only… There was no responsibility on his shoulder, aur woh bas bahkata Gaya, apne dosto ke sath.

Today also what fruitful come out of this maa, after giving him an opportunity to work in KC. 

Dadi ma shook her head in agreement; she was upset with the fiasco that took place because of which her granddaughter in law is in tears. Her house became dull again.

Maan too needs to understand some things. Agreed he had mended his ways of living but still he needs to know the burns of his misdoings.

Dadi ma frowned, kya matlab hai aapka.

Maa, meine aise hi Geet ko nahi data hai aaj, she too needs to understand the gravity of the situation. And maan too needs to understand that everything will not happen just as he wish, or everything won’t be easy for him. He would keep doing wrong things and will remain unaffected. Aisa nahi ho sakta.

You said right, son. She put her hand on his shoulder. But geet toh abhi bachchi hai…air masoom bhi. No one will tolerate seeing something like that.

I agreed mother, but she doesn’t shows any maturity….always being childish..

She will understand as she grows up…dadi tried make him understand, somewhere agreeing with her son’s pov.


At the dinner table, atmosphere was so dull and silent. Although Dadi ma tried calling her but geet refuse to have dinner, being upset on her father in law and husband. Dadi ma too didn’t want to upset her more, so she didn’t pester much. 

But Maan got angry hearing her refusal, he marched to his room and his whole anger melted seeing her crying on the cushion lying on the bed.

Geet…he called her softly touching her shoulder.

She jerked his hand away, chale jao yahase, she sobbed.

Chala jaunga, I just came to call you for dinner.

Mujhe bhuk nahi hai…she sobbed. 

Aise kaise, you didn’t had you lunch also, I know. 

Geet became stiff for a moment hearing him, but her heart ached so badly she couldn’t accept his apology.

But I didn’t want to have dinner…” she refused turning fully away from showing him back.

Tumne hi kaha tha na Hume khane pe gussa nahi nikalna chahiye.it will curse us.

Maan tried his last card, using her same words from KC night.

Geet was still for a moment but again she refused only to infuriate him further. 

Tumhe khana nahi hai toh don’t…but atleast care for dadi ma, Jo ke neeche tumhare wait kar rahi hai, bhuki baithe hai woh. He muttered angrily getting up. Still finding no moment from her side, he snapped in anger, “meine tumhari jaise selfish ladki aaj tak nahi dekhi…” And he walked away in anger.

Geet broke into more tears, kya samzta hai woh khudko, woh khud koi mahaan nahi hai…she mumbled to herself with pouting lips. Mujhe samzane ke bajay tane mar ke chale gaye…she fumed getting up to wash her face. 

Tujhe Kya Beeti Hui Raaton Se

Mujhe Kya Khoyi Hui Baaton Se

Sej Nahin Chita Sahi Jo Bhi Miley Sona Hoga Ho

Gai Jo Dori Chhuti Haathon Se O

Lena Kya Chhute Hue Saathon Se

Khushi Jahaan Maangi Tuney Wahin Mujhe Rona Hoga

Na Koi Tera Na Koi Mera Phir Kiski Yaad Aaee

O Kiska Rasta Dekhe…


All three khuranas were having dinner when Geet walked downstairs, she greet only to dadi ma ignoring father son duo who was unaffected.

Maan decided, he had tried to manofy enough…now seeing her downstairs also boosted his ego. She is having dinner now, so his guilt was lessening now. 

After dinner, everyone departed for their own room.

Before going, Dadi ma called Geet, 

Beta, don’t worry for anything, just sleep peace okay. She caressed her cheek warmly; Geet just hugged her, missing that soothing touch from long time.

Humne aapke dad ko bhi daant Diya hai, now no one will say anything to my daughter. She tried to make her understand, knowing her childish heart. 

Dadi ma, meine kuch bhi…galat nahi kiya …she sobbed against her chest, kya aapko bhi..ausa lagta hai..

Geet…first of all stop crying, she pulled apart wiping he face, I don’t think you did something wrong…woh sabki apni apni pov hiti hai bete, if you started thinking much this useless things then you won’t be able to live.

But dad, he misunderstood me. she pouted wiping her nose.

He is upset on maan , that uska frustration unhone aap pe nikala, don’t worry he will forget it in just tonight…aap bhi sab bhul ke so jaiye, she patted her cheek affectionately.

Kaise Dadi ma, itna aasan nahi hai…u never thought Maan will do something like that, mujhe kuch pata nahi tha dadi ma, and yes you also didn’t tell me. She pouted sadly, her eyes filling up again.

I am sorry about that, dear, I am so ashamed but believe me, Hume bas aapko koi dukh nahi pohchsna tha, I wanted only your happiness and you would have not bear to know this , also Hume pata tha aap bahot massom hai, i didn’t know how to tell you and make you understand all this.

Sach mein Dadi ma, mujhe aisi koi baat bata nahi thi, woh toh my friends share this new info with me in college. Mujhe laga sab ause hi baate kar rahe hai but I never knew that was the reality of my husband all girls were talking in college. And she cried again.

Sh..relax, Geet, jo beet gaya use sochle koi phayda nahi…and you also noticed, he is changing..I think your love for him is changing him. She tried to calm her down.

Aisa kuch nahi hai dadi ma, I understand your pov also but jo meine dekha hai, khud ke aankhon se, woh mein bhul nahi sakti. Na hi woh baatein jo meine suni hai.

But you can’t walk peacefully to your future if you keep holding your past dear. You can cherish the memories but have to let go of painful past which will haunt you.

I understand dadima, I understand everything…but I need time…plz I need time to digest this everything and forget this. She couldn’t tell her that her grandson never had love her…she couldn’t tell her how he had misbehave with her in the early days of their marriage.

Now with his betrayal everything came rushing back again, slitting her heart more painfully.

To be continued…

Precap – You blamed me for the things I didn’t even do, and what about me, meine toh aapko apni aankhon se dekha kisi aur ladki ki bahon mein…

Thank you for your support, friends…


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p.s. Couldn’t help but add the same song from Mehbooba FF, as I couldn’t find anything suitable here..


4 thoughts on “aap ki Kasam Chapter 32

  1. Superb. Don’t understand maans farhers behavior with her. Dadi is so sweet. Maan is changing and suddenly all this happened. Feeling bad for maan and sad for geet. Poor girl. Waiting for next


  2. very emotional
    daadi try to make rajveer understand the situation but still he is angry on maan n geet.
    maan not ready to manofy geet with 100% efforts
    daadi make geet understand in return geet ask for time to become normal hiding maan’s behavior from day of marriage which will hurt daadi


  3. Nice update
    Agree with geet how can she forget everything she has seen it with her own eyes , maan done wrong with her and now showing attitude
    Hope maan realise his mistake
    Update soon precap seems interesting


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