Aap ki Kasam – Chapter 31

Earlier that day, Geet has been back early from college after submitting her assignment, she had no classes or courses that day. So she thought to take lunch for Maan and her father in law to their office. 

It was suggested by dadima earlier, it’s been few days, and it became routine for them. Geet whenever came back home early or would have no classes, she would visit the office with their lunch and together three do the lunch in his office or sometimes when Rajveer was so busy, she always had lunch date at office with her husband.



Today was one of those days and she happily got ready in beautiful dress they had shopped together. Getting those memories she blushed and smiled, how they had came long way from the first day of their meeting. He was worried for her that day, faught with goons for her…had engulfed her dearly to his heart, and scolded her for keeping fast for him.

Lost in those thoughts of her hubby darling, she didn’t get when she reached in the office.

And now when happily opening the door, she had never expected the scene that will greet her leave her in shock and anger….

Geet was so happy with the thought of greeting her hubby , giving him sweet surprise but never expected she would be getting shock seeing her hubby darling in some woman’s arms…or would say some woman in his arms.



Baat toh ek hi hai, hai na Geet. She blabbered and then fumed enormously.

Shutting the door on her back angrily she marched to them in anger.

Sam pulled back hearing the sound and maan instantly got up pushing her off his lap. She was not ready for this that landed on the floor straight.

Maan…she whined, trying to get up on her high heels. She looked at him standing still, he looked as if seen some ghost, she moved her gaze to the woman who just walked in and ask her to help her.

Plz help me, young lady. She held out her hand and looked at her but next moment she saw her walking past her, ignoring her completely. 

Geet gave one furious glare to her before walking to her husband who still didn’t move out of fear. He knew how his innocent devil is. He was actually clueless about her reaction… don’t know what she is going to do but he was sure of one thing that she would be doing hungama in whole office in whatever way, leaving him ashamed in the whole office and not to forget before his father.

Hubby darling, is there any washroom in your cabin? She asked ever so sweetly grabbing his arm.

What!? He was in shock hearing her, did he just hear her sweet voice and what did she just said? 

Washroom!?? She repeated under her gritted teeth making him fumble seeing her eyes spitting fire. He just pointed at his right, Geet saw and grabbed his wrist before pulling him to the direction.

Wth! Maan, who is she!?? Sam screamed in anger trying to get up herself, her heel was broken up.. now how will I walk out.

Geet,…Jaan tum kya kar rahi ho? Maan tried to stop her but she furiously bang open he door pulling him in…

Next moment he watched in horror, she turned on the tab of basin and was furiously wiping off his mouth. 

Geet…he shouted in rage, what are you doing, he pulled apart angrily. His lip hurts badly as he gently touched them. 

They are mine, how could you let some b***** to touch them. Yuck…she was kissing you, …she cried and screamed on him while Maan just watched her in horror.

Or you were kissing her, Jo bhi ho baat toh ek hi hui na…how could you and you kiss me with same mouth…chi…she grabbed his overcoat in her fist. 

Maan was unable to speak hearing her, he had not imagine her behaving like that way out of all sort of reactions he had assumed.

Bolo jawab do, what she was doing on your lap and you are enjoying…!?

No…never, i was trying to push her away. He tried to explain as soon as he got his voice back, even don’t know why he is explaining her…

You were trying…!? Why didn’t you throw her away, or you has invited her?

Geet…he became angry hearing her accusation. I didn’t…how dare you put blame on me.

I didn’t…i didn’t before…but now I am sure, 


You know my friend had told me once about you being Casanova…Uska matlab bhi mujhe malum nahi tha but thanks to you woh bhi pata chal gaya. I didn’t believe on her that day as I can’t even imagine you doing something like this…yes now i remember why didnt you remember your girlfriend name because there was not one but so many….she blabbered leaving him in shock.


I can’t imagine, how did I fall in love with you, babaji save me…save me from this pain, plz. She cried buckets and he didn’t know how to console her, he himself was speechless. He was fearing for her reaction and this what happened today. 

He cursed that so called friend of her, couldn’t she keep her mouth shut. Galati meri hai, mujhe hi samaz Lena chahiye tha, she would be getting this info from anywhere.

Maan…what’s happening here!? Sam shamelessly walked to the door and stood watching weird woman howling like a baby.

Get out!? He blasted in rage, already she created enough drama. Now he don’t know what will his injured lioness will do…sure she is gonna eat her raw then his number will come. 

And as if reading his mind, Geet marched to Sam furiously, wipping off her eyes. 

Get lost, Suna nahi , what my husband said? 

Sam roles her eyes, she knew about his marriage status but knew he didn’t change nor his lifestyle, infact he cursed his wife, this all information was given by Rahul, his friend. So she was back to him to have some fun. Receptionist couldn’t stop her when she told her being Maan’s friend.

But ma’am , without appointment I can’t allow you. 

Look don’t argue with me, better do your job and leave my way. She threatened her before walking to maans cabin.

Receptionist looked in in worry she rushed to her desk to inform Maan before he blast upon her. But then she was called by one of imp client of Rajveer Khurana and she forgot.



Back to maans office,

Maan tell her to hold her tongue, who is she to interfere between us. Sam turned to maan completely ignoring Geet.

If you have hearing problem Sameera, then let me tell you, she is my WIFE, and talk with respect. Maan held Geet’s shoulder, while she jerked his hands away the very next moment in anger. 

Maan made a puppy face but Geet was so hurt to give him any chance to manofy her.

Look Maan baby…i come here to talk to you, not her….Sam still didn’t budge instead she walked up to Maan rolling her finger shamelessly on his chest before geet which irritated her to level of insanity.

Before Maan could even make a move, his devil wife angrily grabbed sams painted nail finger, twisting it harshly, she pushed her away. 

Sam yelped in pain, b*****.

Mind your language Sam…Maan warned painting finger at her angrily.

Maan….what she did….Sam cried trying to explain but unable to do so, as shot of pain ran through her whole body.

Man toh bahot kar raha hai ek chata Mary, and make your lips bleed, the same with which you kissed my husband, but I feel ashamed to do so…

I am not like you shameless….Geet spitted out angrily before giving both furious glare. 

You ..!! Sam was still not done.

Now get lost out of MY office. Or I don’t know wahi karke dikhaungi Jo abhi mein mana kar rahi hu…Geet threatened her silently trying to hold her conscious intact.

She would have lose her senses definitely and would done something more drastic if not for the morals her mother had instill in her. Also from past weeks joining back her studies had also matured her to extent mentally to behave.

But it’s not mean she would be sitting back silently seeing her husband betraying her or the shit of girl abusing her.

I will see you, both of you!! Sam threatens before storming out of the door, giving glares to peeking staff.

Geet gave him silent teary glare before turning to walk out. 

Geet..listen baby… 

That only infuriated her and she snapped at him, don’t baby me…don’t ever use that word for me, that witch has called you with that name…Geet blasted before turning furiously on her heels and walked out and again peeking staff received silent glare from mrs. Khurana now.

Maan fumed silently, shit….he hit his palm to the wall, closing hs eyes, he tried to calm his anger.

How the hell that shit walk inside….he walked out to confront the receptionist. 

WTH …he blasted seeing his staff peeking inside his cabin windows to see the happenings inside.

Next moment, everyone was rushing to their desk as if lion was behind them to do hunt them.

In no time, Rajveer Singh Khurana got to know about the mishap and he was fuming in anger.

He took class of his son and staff separately.

If i found anyone gossiping,…or a word from anyone mouth, then you think, it will be the last day of your job. Rajveer warned everyone shutting each mouth.




Early evening, 


Dadi ma watched her her son and grandson walked in. Their faces shows something happened terribly in the office …but what she wondered, even Geet was looking upset and worn out. Is there an connection between both things.

Even before she could talk or ask any of them about the day, suddenly Raj roared, Geett…

Geet …he again called seeing her no where in sight.

Maan was himself taken back with his roaring, why he is still upset and why he is calling out to Geet now. 

Son, what happened? Why are you looking angry? Asked worried Dadi ma.

Mere gussa hone ke bhi wajah hai, ma. First call your ladli grand daughter now. I have to confront her now 

For what…? 

You don’t know what she did in the Office today…Raj started only to be inturrpted by Maan.

She didn’t do anything, dad…

Maan, i am speaking, you don’t try to save your wife. Today she did very wrong.

But dad usne …

Enough Maan… First call Geet now.

She is taking rest in her room, she wasn’t looking good today, uski tabiyat kuch thik nahi hai.

Kya hua use, asked Maan instantly.

Don’t know Son, but she refused to talk, she just wanted to take rest. 

Just then Geet walked down hearing voices downstairs. She had just woken up from the sleep.

Dadi ma, what happened…asked geet walking towards her.

That you also know, what happened today in the office!?

Dad…aap ko kaise…rest of the word remained in her mouth.

Do you think I won’t know anything what’s happening in my own office…he thundered.

Maan stay at side in silence, he was helpless and frustrated, because of his doing Geet was getting hearing now.

Geet shuddered with his voice, and rage which was reflecting through it.

Dad, but I didn’t do anything…that girlfriend of Maan was there, she tried to defend herself, really getting nervous with the way he was looking at her.

What about the nuesense you created in my office? Look Geet, i have earned respect in whole this year’s of hard work….there is some reputation of mine of which I give no right to anyone to ruin.

But meine kuch bhi nahi kiya, she was the one who was arguing with me, Maan say something…dad is only blaming on me. 

Geet turned teary turning towards her husband who stay at side in silence. 

Enough!! I don’t want to hear anything more,agar galti ki hai toh use accept karna bhi sikho. 

But I didn’t do any mistake.

What about the mishap happened in the office then, Sara office uske gungan ga raha hai. 

Son enough, you are being rather rude now. And first of all tell me what is this all about. Dadi finally interrupted seeing him targeting his anger on her innocent daughter, who she was sure hadn’t done anything.

If i not being harsh a little, yeh apni manmani karte rahengey, he pointed to both his son and daughter in law. She couldn’t leave her childishness…har pal bachpana, and matter could have handle in more mature way. 

Geet was by now crying, hearing her father in law blaming on her without her fault. 

Meine kuch galat nahi kiya hai but still I apologized, she joined her hands before rushing out.

Geet…Geet beta, dadi tried to stop her but she just rushed away towards the garden.

Dekho …now she is even disrespecting you…didn’t hear you….

Raj, she is highly upset, what does you think she would do then!? Dadi ma exasperated.

Whatever!! He said turned to walk out.

Maan, aap hi hume bataiye exactly what happened to bring this anger out of your father.

Dadi turned to her grandson realizing she would get nothing from her anger blinded son.

Dadi ma sab meri wajah se hua hai, Geet ki koi galati nahi hai…and he narrated the whole incident to her.

Dadi left a high breath, oh God! Now raj must regret highly, he blamed a poor soul.

Yes Dadi, he even didn’t let me explain anything. Maan too sigh in helplessness.

I  understood his pov also, he is right but hee he blamed an wrong person. Us masoom ki toh galti nahi. Koi aur hota toh bhi woh aise hi react karta. Infact,

Jahatak hum Geet ko jante hai, she might have hold herself from doing something irrational. 

Yes, she did held back Dadi ma, she was really upset and angry. He remembered her reaction and touched his swollen lips. He thanked God, no one noticed then till now.

She was looking upset , straight ran to her room after coming back, uski maa bhi hoshiyarpur gayi hai darji ke paas, humse baat karne ko bhi tayyar nahi. She didn’t even turn up for lunch. And i think ismein aapki bhi galati hai…i did warn you so many times to watch out your lifestyle but you never listen to me….now look at the consequences.

Maan was guilty, he understood his fault and the affects of it on his life. 

She is then really upset, Dadi ma. He said lost in his thoughts, because she doesn’t remain hungry for long he remembers the karvachauth event. 

You go and check on her, I will see your dad. Dadi ma said, before walking away.


To be continued….


Precap :-  khane pe gussa nahi karna chahiye, tumne hi kaha tha na….

Hope it had come out well, Rajveer, Maan & Geet’s pov must have pulled out well…

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4 thoughts on “Aap ki Kasam – Chapter 31

  1. Nice update .Geet happily brought lunch for Maan but seeing his Gf she turned furious for the act happening.she was so angry that she didn’t listen to maan also.Rajveer too blamed Geet for what happened His thinking is that matter could have been handled the other way so that it couldn’t have become a issue in the office as it gave a chance for the office staff to gossip He too was right from his point of view.


  2. finally geet witness other side of maan which hurt her very badly
    rajveer blame her with out knowing the reason of mishap in office


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