Aap ki Kasam Chapter 30

Maan paced in the room thinking on what to wear, he had emptied his whole wardrobe but couldn’t find any decent clothing in his collection for his first day at Khurana Constructions.

Yes, he is going to join under his  father until he get the practical knowledge and learn Khurana business, how it runs…

Rajveer Singh Khurana hasn’t been this happy before…he knew his son is a diamond who just need stroke at right places and he guess his daughter in law has did the needful into this.

An week before Maan had started giving few visits to office, checking out the work , place, employees everything silently observing how his dad works, how his employee cooperate with him…how his father handle the clients of KC.

It was yesterday, his son has told him his decision and he has never been so delighted hearing his son’s words.

Are you sure, son!? Take your time and decide. You know I have never force you for anything before not today also. Your father is enough strong and still young to handle khurana Empire.

Dad, plz…don’t make me ashamed more. Maan somewhere felt guilty hearing his father. You are elder to me still hold the passion to handle whole empire and you have been doing it as well. But today I have decided and am sure of it; I want to join you now. It will take time but I will surely run the business with ease and smoothness you do.

Rajveer heard him silently, was amazed with those mild changes in him. He has never been shows this thoughtfulness before. However he was happy and agreed to him by curt nod of his head.

Khurana Empire is always yours, son. You only need to work under me for few months or more until you learn to handle it at your own.

Thanks dad, thank you so much. He hugged him, feeling overwhelmed hearing his words.

You should thank your wife first…

Why…!? He pulled back confused.

I guess, she deserves to let you see the reality.

I didn’t get you…

Leave it, you will understand when time comes, he pressed his shoulder.


Really, I am so happy! Congratulations and celebration…she sang jumping around him once he told his decision.

Maan was amused, why would she showed so much happiness for his decision.

Why are you so happy!? He asked bluntly making her stop before him.

Kyon nahi ho sakti, now I can tell my friends, my husband is businessman, he handles khurana Empire.

What?? Her words left him shock and fuming.

Yes, aap itne gusse mein kyon lag rahe ho….she made face like kitten.

Leave it, tumse baat karna hi bekar hai…he turned around.

Aisa kyon kah rahe ho…’ she held his wrist stopping him from moving away.

Meine toh sach kaha, if my words hurt you anyhow, then it’s not my fault na. She made a puppy face, he couldn’t help but smiled at her cute face.

She too smile brightly, you look so cute with that cute smile. She pinched his cheek, making the same smile vanish from his face.

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Don’t use that word for me, if you are blind then let me tell you I am man not some child. He ruffled his hair back.

Kyon men can’t be cute, even my dad looked cute as you. She blabbered in flow but that brought back the memories of her father.

Her face turned pale…Maan saw her teary eyes and he felt his heart stopped beating…he couldn’t bear to see her upset and pulled her in his arms, Geet plz don’t shed tears now, tum bilkul achchi nahi lagti rote hue…

But dad…she cried hugging his chest, you know I was princess of dad and now seeing him gone bahot suna lagta hai….i was used of his pampering. She blabbered while Maan engulfed her, feeling heavy hearted.

He didn’t know how to console her, has never done it before, so only used few soothing words.


And now he was hell frustrated after making mess of his whole room he couldn’t find a suitable thing to wear.

He just realized, he hadn’t prepared anything for the day…he would have arranged for few formal wears.


Just then she barged in like a tornado but stopped at the door, My God!! Yeh kya hai…she gasped seeing the mess then walked to him where he sat holding his head.

Maan, see what i brought for you. She was excited as she held some packet while she hides something behind her.

Geet, he was already irritated, tum is waqt ghar par kya rahi ho… tumhe toh abhi college mein hona chahiye. He wondered.

How could I missed this day, it is your first step to start your career and I want be with you. Also dadi ma ko pahle hi pata tha, isliye unhone mujhe sath leke aap ke liye yeh bheja hai. She now shows him her hand which was behind.

His eyes widen in surprise seeing the suit in her hand. He looked at the packet in her hand and snatched it to see other set of clothes of office wear.

He felt overwhelmed with her care and excitement for him. He simply smiled and said her, par mein yeh sab nahi pahnta…I didn’t try before.

Then try now, plz I also want to see you in this. Know, yesterday just I opened that mills and boon book, where hero’s entry was same; he was gorgeous wearing that three piece suit.

Achcha, you didn’t see him, it’s just character still you know he is gorgeous? He asked amazed by his wife’s narrating answer.

You don’t read novel, then you would not know but writers described characters so nicely that you could picturized them and you know Rayn in that novel was just like you, dark handsome, with perfect Greek god physique.


Maan became shunned hearing her, the look on her face was something of dreamy…she was lost…lost in the imaginary male lead of the novel that obviously made him jealous…other things doesn’t matter at the moment as he got up suddenly grabbing her waist, kya kaha tumne, you are not reading this shit anymore.

Why not, I will do whatever pleases me, and read it…tumne hi toh mujhe woh gift diya hai na, what happened to you suddenly, why are you saying like this suddenly.

He realized that he is overreacting unnecessarily…he shouldn’t have.

Alright, tum kuch bhi Karo, leave me alone now, i need to get ready for office. I don’t want to be late on the first day of office. He left her.

Yeh lijiye…she handed him new suits Dadi ma and she brought for him.

He was in denial mood, but her one puppy look melted him.

Plz…she pouted, giving him innocent smile, and know you too wanted to try it, Jada bhav kyon kha rahe ho. She stuffed the packet in his hand pushing him in dressing room.

If you want some help, plz call me honey …she called out loudly from behind.

Honey..!!?? He wondered, definitely she got the name for him from her mills and boon. Yuck…’ he mumbled but has no choice but to stay silent at the moment…talking to her means wasting your own time, he realized it.

After a while he walked out, checking himself, in new cloths he wore.

Oh my….my…look how dashing and handsome you look….you never before look this handsome to me…my hubby!! She gave him tight hug;

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he rolled his eyes on her drama and pushed her little away.

Let me see myself first,…he checked himself in the mirror. Not bad Maan…no…Maan Singh Khurana…he combed his hair, she just stood admiring  him silently not wanted to irritate him further on his first day to office.

She was about to wrap the coat on his back but he stopped her, don’t…I feel good like this only.

She smiled cheekily nodding her head, yes you are looking nice. Very nice… handsome…she continued blabbering while he rolled his eyes storming out from there.

Maan…bye bhi nahi kiya…she pouted but then ran out to reach him.

He took blessings from his Dadi and mother in law who was there to bless him on his first day. She was also happy for him.

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Then everyone settled for breakfast. Maan was eating but then felt someone gaze on him constantly…looking up he caught her hazel mischievous eyes glaring at him only.

What!! He asked with his eyes, she blushed and looked away nodding her head in no.

After a while he bide everyone and walked out to the parking…only to see her waiting for him.

Geet what are you doing here? If you want me to drop you to college then forget it darling because I am already running late. He said before she could utter a word.

No… I am not here for that, woh thik se bye nahi kiya na aap ko isliye.

He sighed; bye…will meet you in evening, now go inside. He said ready to sit inside when she looked here and there then at driver who has his attention at front.

She quickly pecked his cheek, bye…” and she ran from there blushing high with butterflies flying in her tummy.

Maan stood dumbstruck; looking at her running away, his fingers automatically moved over his stubbled cheek feeling burning sensation which she left by her soft petal lips.

Pagli….he nodded his head and got inside the car to reach his destination.

All the while he was just lost in her thoughts…her innocence…her love…her care…her innocent words, her belief on him.

He still remembered her words, she said, when he did her assignment that night.

Those were soothing to his aching soul…boosted his self confidence and now he realized what dad meant yesterday.

Yes I should thank her too…but how…let me decide that afterwards…first let me reach office and start my day.


Few weeks has been passed…since Maan joined his father. Rajveer was pleasantly surprised seeing the way his son handle the work ever so smoothly and efficiently. He always knew his son is capable of doing anything if given any responsibility.

Now his heart felt lightened seeing him taking up the responsibility slowly. His most of the work was done by Maan. He also noticed him keeping away from girls… His behaviour was of full professional…he wouldn’t tolerate casualness in office hours.

KC staff has been floored by this young Khurana. Sasha and Adi, Rajveer’s trusted staffs was there to help him. But most of the time they even found themselves stuck in the problem and maan would have solution to it.

He was stern yet not rude…he was the charming persona…and with his sheer hard work and humble nature won the heart of his staff.

He was learning etiquettes of business every day.

It was another day in KC,

Maan was busy in this new project which his dad had handed him. It was his first project which had got from his father after proving him with his hard and efficient work.

So he wanted to do his best and prove himself again. There was this burning passion taking place in his mind and heart for the business…to prove himself to his father his wife his family and to the world…and let World know who is real MSK.

He was analyzing few things, when the door open with a bang. Maan looked up fuming for the Ill manner behavior of the intruder.

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Can’t you knock before…his words died in his throat seeing the thin girl with hardly hiding cloths covering her thin body?

Who the hell give you permission to walk into my office? He blasted as soon as he remembers the girl. It was none other than Samiksha, his one past flings.

Relax honey…she walked up to him seductively. Now her words reminded him of his personal honey…i.e. his sweet devil wife. He thought about her reaction and couldn’t help wondering what she would do if she found him with other girl.

His thoughts were interrupted when he felt her bony body across his lap. Sameeksha!! Get out of my office right now.

Why Maan, you forgot me so easily but I couldn’t darling…thats why I am here to finish some business between us..

She seductively strokes his cheek, her painted nail moving down to his throat.

Maan grabbed her hand, clutching her fingers tightly making her moan in pain, don’t you dare cross your limit, there was nothing between us not anymore…

We have already crossed the lines darling…’ she gave him seductive wink trying to wriggle out her hand from his clutch. He was trying to push her away but she wasn’t moving..

He bend to the intercom to call the security but she wouldn’t let him, as she grabbed his collar and put her lips on his mouth leaving him in shock as he had not thought about this coming…

This want enough when the door of the cabin got opened again and there stood his innocent wife with sweet smile on her face. But that was vanished the moment she saw the scene in her husband’s cabin.

To be continued….

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8 thoughts on “Aap ki Kasam Chapter 30

  1. Thank you for the update

    Chapter 30
    Excellent update… incredibly written
    pleased that Maan is joining KC to learn from his dad
    this is all thanks to Geet
    good that Rajveer acknowledged this
    Rajveer is certainly happy
    well Maan was already going to the office and silently observing everything
    Rajveer’s reaction when Maan approached him was reasonable
    of cos Maan was sure of his decision to join KC
    so Maan did not understand when Rajveer told him to thank Geet
    as expected Geet was ecstatic
    however her reply made Maan upset
    at least she manofied him
    Gosh she called him cute
    feeling for Geet as she thinks of her dad
    loved that Maan cannot see Geet in pain
    she break downs and she says she was her dad’s princess
    glad that he consoled Geet
    great that Geet bought Maan a 3 piece suit
    she is dreamy as she talks about the hero of the novel
    well Maan jealous
    Geet admires her dashing hot hubby
    not surprised she compliments him
    ahh she is sad that he did not tell her bye
    aww their eye talk
    good that he told her bye
    wow she kissed his cheek leaving Maan astounded
    nice that was lost in his wife’s thoughts
    finally silly Khurana realised he should thank his wife
    wonderful that Maan is working diligently
    his dad is amazed yet happy seeing Maan work ethic and changed behavior
    Maan has impressed everyone
    admire that Maan wants to prove himself
    liked how Maan handled Sameeksha
    but she tried to kiss him and Geet saw them like that
    wonder how Geet will react

    update soon


  2. Superb. Maan is changed person now. He is sweet with geet and falling in love with her. Maan started handling business and his dad is happy and knows the real person behind his decision. Samiksha has created mess. Geet saw all this. I think she will Chopped her or Maan don’t know

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  3. Superb update this changes in Maan was brought by geet only because of her boosted words maan did change his routine and turned to be responsible…now coming to this part you stopped in the end moment…i so wish to see geet’s reaction.. poor soul be hurted badly but still she will put smile on her smile which should kill maan inside with geet’s behaviour… waiting to read more ❤️

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  4. Great part
    Geet looking after maan’s wardrobe and making him look he best 😍😍
    Glad at least maan started working and taking Geet’s advice
    But ending was sad.. wonder how Geet will take it
    Hope maan is able to make her believe
    Cont soon

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