Aap ki Kasam Chapter 8

Geet sat down on the bed and clasped her head. She had a headache and couldn’t see away out of her dilemma.

Couldn’t he just explain to her without yelling at her?

I just don’t understand him! She thought. Then sudden thought crossed her mind, does he love someone else?

No…how could that be, it was me only whom he confessed that he liked! His words rang in her mind, “stay away from me!” what does that mean… first he came closed tome… confessed then again yelled at her… she frowned with tears clotting her eyes, the way he treated her sometime back.

She looked at her palm which has bandage then remembers the way he cared… he cared though.

Geet got up having enough of her troubling thoughts, she stood before the huge mirror of their room, and took out all the jewelries leaving few bangles and anklet on which she couldn’t take off.

She turned to fetch her cloths, but her suitcase was missing.

Hey babaji… now what shall I do? She was so irritate with her wedding dress which was pricking her from so long. 

On an impulse she removed her dress and threw it on a chair feeling really uncomfortable and tight in the dress…then open her hair which was entangled badly, but if she started to brush them, it will take lot of time because it was so long and then feeling that too could wait until tomorrow, she turned towards the bed.

Then with only her hair to cover her nakedness she slipped into bed. It was delightful to feel the coolness of the fine cotton sheets against her naked skin; to feel herself sinking in to the cloud-like softness of the mattress and to lie back against the feather-filled pillows. She has had a habit of sleeping naked at times when feels uncomfortable.

She looked around the room, feeling a kind of ecstatic joy she had never known before because everything was so elegant…like her own mansion which they lost. Pushing aside the thought quickly so that not makes her sad, she cherished this new feeling of being in his home which was now hers too. It’s his blanket which felt like his strong arms wrapped around her petite nude form. The thought made her mushy, she didn’t switch on the lights…now only one candle was still burning illuminating the whole room. 

Somewhere his bitter words were still hurting but the thought of being his wife now gave her heart beautiful feeling. 

She was starting a new life and everything was so beautiful that she felt beautiful too. She gave a little sigh of contentment and closed her eyes to sleep in deep slumber, innocently thinking Maan must have occupied other room to sleep since he is angry on her.


Maan ambled aimlessly along the street, letting his thoughts wander where they would. It was so unlike him…whenever he gets frustrated or this angry, he would just called his friends to hangout, or they all would be with any girl making out in the disc or somewhere.

But off course, leaving Sameer…he is one saint of friend they had got in their friends group.

There was a tint of smile forming on his lips which disappeared as it came with further realization of what his same friend has did.

Fury overtook his senses again as he’d found himself standing out at the close door of his room.

He pushed the door open wondering about the silence in the room. He slowly stepped inside only witness petite figure of his wife lying on the bed. Anger blazed in his vein seeing the reason of his all troubles sleeping soundly on his bed, in his room while he was tormenting awake with her trouble thoughts.

He rushed to pull the blanket away from her but soon she turned in sleep, revealing her bare arms to his vision. His eyes narrowed on her as he switched on the lamp beside bed. 

He groaned inwardly when she’d drawn away the white satin sheet, revealing ivory skin and the body of a goddess. The high, thrusting peaks of her breasts had begged for his touch, 

His gaze drunk in her gorgeous curves and her shapely legs, which peak out from the blanket, worshipping the sight of her.

He was burning alive with a fever and she was the cause of and cure for his soaring temperature. His pleasure in looking upon her perfect body was so intense it made him ache. He couldn’t have turned and walked away, not if his life depended on it. His male instincts had been deprived too often during the course of the day, and he could no longer suppress his primitive urges.

Maan not meant to come back. However, his anger took him here. Now his eyes drank in a captivating goddess…she turned again wrapping the sheet against her body till neck feeling suddenly cold. 

His hands and lips craved to touch the body it silhouetted.

“I should not have come back,” he murmured, but he came around to the edge of her four poster bed.

Geet opened her eyes slowly as suddenly her sleep broke. Her eyes widen in horror on finding her hubby standing before her.

She sat up suddenly, forgetting that she had gone to bed naked and for a moment he had a glimpse of two exquisite rose-tipped breasts, before with a little cry she snatched up the sheet with both hands and pulled it close to her chest. 

Maan sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at his wife. With her golden hair falling over her naked shoulders and onto the pillows, she was in the candlelight very lovely. Her amber eyes seemed enormous, but they were darkening with fear and her lips trembled a little as she moaned out his name, Maan….

His brown eyes flamed with a hunger only geet could appease as he reached out to tunnel his fingers through the silky tendrils that cascaded over her shoulder. “I tried to leave you, you know,” he whispered huskily.”But I could not now….He stared down into her eyes and she thought there was a fires moldering in his. 

His hand curled beneath her chin, tilting her face to his light kiss as he bent over her.


When Geet surrendered to his kiss, it seemed a collection of butterflies had been set loose in her stomach. She could not draw a breath without them fluttering against her thundering heart.


As his lips abandoned hers to glide over her bare shoulder and investigate the creamy skin along her collarbone, 

The primitive male needs channeling through every nerve and muscle in his body could be appeased but it wasn’t just any woman he wanted. His body refused to heed his warning. Geet had been on his mind all day, and the dangerous game he was playing now haunted him. It wasn’t enough to kiss her sweet lips. Maan ached to know this ebony haired enchantress by touch. He wanted to mold his body to her lusciously soft contours. He longed to lose himself in the fantasy that had hounded him since he had decided to be her husband to take revenge upon her.

Geet felt herself being pressed into the velvet cushions, and Maan’s hard, muscular thigh insinuated itself between her legs. 

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Something is very wrong, Maan warned himself. Why couldn’t he stop when his roaming hand slid beneath her blanket to map the generous curve of her hips? Why wasn’t he pulling away from her?

That was what she had intended, wasn’t it? No answers came to him.

Thought was impossible when her soft hands flowed over his taut chest, causing passion to burst forth like a disturbed lion. If he demanded that he take her hands from his, he would be denying himself the giddy pleasure that was like nothing he had ever experienced.

His hot kisses tracked a trail of fire across her breasts, and when his tongue flicked one taut peak, a tantalizing tremor vibrated through geet.

Then desire blossomed, like a rose opening its petals to the warmth of the sun. Helplessly, he surrendered to the rapture that overshadowed rational thought.

While his lips skimmed her flesh to give the same titillating attention to the other pink bud, his inquiring hands glided gently over her calves, tracing an erotic path to her inner thighs. Then knowing fingers intruded into her womanly softness, teasing and caressing her, while his moist mouth returned to hers, devouring her with hungry impatience.

Geet was on fire, and her inhibitions fled from the blaze that threatened to consume her. 

Maan had never wanted a woman the way he wanted Geet, yet he couldn’t fathom why. Was it his adventurous spirit that had led him down this wayward path? Why could this one woman release his carefully controlled desires and make his passion burn out of control? When this has never happened before with other women. He had surely made out with any random girl but had never encountered this scorching passion.


Her arms involuntarily wound around his sturdy neck. Then her lashes fluttered up, and her gaze trapped in the vivid colour of his eyes. Like brown meadows rippling in the wind, they danced with golden sunlight, and her heart leaped with excitement as he whispered her name with such pained sincerity.

Then suddenly she felt his fingers digging mercilessly in her small waist which made her hissed in pain.

I never thought you would stoop this low in seducing me….


he has whispered venomously, his sensuous lips were tracing the slim column of her throat. 

A sea of tears swam in the back of her eyes. How could he think such low about her, but she could not seem to voice the thought. 

She was humiliated that she had behaved so shamelessly. 

Maan pulled her up angrily arranging the sheet against her body.

“Maan. . . I—” geet began, only to be interrupted by his furious red eyes.

Before she could continue, Maan had got up angrily blasting upon her; you are really shameless woman I had ever met. You didn’t even lock the door and sleeping naked in my bed 

Geet was so hurt with his words, she began to fry silently.

Now stop your drama, will you!? You know I will walk anytime in that’s why you keep the door open, didn’t you? 

She shook her in no silently unable to speak anything.

Do you have any idea…koi bhi room main enter kar sakta tha…if it’s not me…

Her eyes widen hearing him, he was right, how could she…but his next set of words bleed her heart further.

Oh now I guess, did you by mistake keep it open for any other man of your interest…

Seeing his brutal smirked only agitated her heart, how could you speak…like …that …I …am your wife! She shouted in between her cries.

He marched furiously towards her, cupping her chin harshly, don’t shout…no one raise their voice on me…

Then…how could you….she sobbed pushing away his hand.

That you should have thought before sleeping naked in my bed.

That’s my fault….I didn’t locked the door…she admitted sincerely bending her head then wiping her face she looked up at him, ‘but that’s because I know you will be there, I will be safe with you around.’ 

Her words again left him mum for a while before he stormed out of the room not believing his senses of what he would seeing her half bare chest peaking out the sheet which was wrapped around her petite form.

He had flung open the door and shut the door sharply behind him before rushing out to his car. 

Maan slumped back onto the seat and raked his fingers through his hair. His breath came out in a frustrated rush. Then he assured himself that the incident had turned out for the best. After all, he had not intended to show her, her real place. 

Clinging to that thought, Maan poked his head out the window to order Mosley on his way. He stared at the wall that met his gaze. The lingering fragrance of jasmine and a vision of the lovely creature who had been so close returned to haunt him. It is better this way, Maan again told himself, but his body was paying no attention. He had wanted Geet as a man hungers for a woman who has kindled the fires of desire in him.


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