Chapter 3 – In love with my brother in law

Chapter 3 – stuck with my sister in law

It was dinner time at Handas, so the family couldn’t let go the khuranas without dinner.

Two families sat across the huge dinner table while servants placed different dishes before everyone in the middle of food serving toy type train.


Khuranas were amused seeing the set up on the table.

Beta yeh..dadi began only to be interpreted by super excited Geet, yeh mera choice hai dadi ma…dekho ab sab ek sath serv karke Jo chahiye ke sakte hai…shaym kaka ya phir Raghu kaka ko bhi koi problem nahi hoga serv karne mein…woh bhi toh dinbhar kaam kar ke thak jate hai…

Aisa nahi hai beta…yeh toh humara kaam hai, woh tum itna sochti ho humare bare mein….began Raghu their one of loyal servant but was interrupted by Geet.

Mein kya kuch sochti hu…meine toh apne bare mein socha hai aapke bare mein nahi…

Come on geet, yeh gol gol bate kyo kar Rahi ho …sidha jawab do, you are selfish. Sam taunted with small smirk to which Dadi ma didn’t like her gesture, Nikita held her hand pestering her to stay silent.

Yes i am selfish s…di, she gave her meaningful look, before turning to Raghu, I can’t see your fallen tired face always around me, so mein itna sa kar diya…mere khud ke liye…and she giggled making everyone smile around her seeing her selfless behavior, yes she was not selfish, everyone understood that.

And also i liked this train very much…ismein yummy khana jo hota hai, containing all those lovely dishes by our Radha mausi. She licked her lips eyeing the shall we begin mujhe bahot bhook lagi hai.

Yeah you get hungry by doing this non-stop chatter…if you will shut your mouth then we can start…rajveer scolded her lovingly riffling her hair, he admired his daughter silently but couldn’t show it much because of his wife and other daughter…they just get jealous so much, wouldn’t like it and in the end would end up harming her physically and mentally that’s what they were doing until now, they were hammering her brain everyday with their abuses. 

Geet was not less , even though she gave them back but he knew his little daughter was so fragile and kind hearten. She take each their bad words to her heart and would sulked alone. 

It’s been an year only Geet has begun to ignore their mean words, and got the bunch of boys and girls company…they contains both bad and good nature like Nisha and pinky. He was although relived at least she have some good company to stay with away from this everyday family drama. Beside she was growing so fast from her age both physically and mentally in between all this, Geet has sen and hear all those mature things which any normal girl of this small and fragile age would not be…

Offcourse, meine kaha mana kiya hai…you eat and I will speak…he was broken from his thought process by hearing his daughters words.

Hai na Dadi ma, aapko koi problem hai mere bakbak se..

Off course not fact I loved your voice…dadi replied honestly leaving Geet stun for a moment. No one have said it before to her.


Oh come on dadima, she blushed slightly without anyone noticed but only Maan could noticed her slight blush and automatically smile came on his face. He didn’t know but her each sweet gesture sending his heart in different bliss and he couldn’t stop the smile on his face. She was sure small by age but has big heart, he could see it today.

She is sweet child and has sweet heart… little sweetheart, he concluded to himself admiring her silently.

Meri aawaz mein aise kya khas baat hai…in fact everyone scold me here for my loud voice…she gave taunting look to her sis and mother.

Kyo nahi beta, your voice is really sweet dear…you don’t know but I know…

Have you heard about the deer which has kasturi in his bellybutton only but he runs in search of it not knowing about the treasure he himself acquired.

And like this dinner continued… After a while everyone was almost finished when Maan felt something rather soft touching his feet. First he ignored the feeling, but when it began nudging constantly he looked at his dadima who gave him questioning gaze, kya baat hai Maan…kuch chahiye aapko?

He gave her blank look before turning his gaze to Sam who gave flirty smile to him. He gulped and turned his gaze back to his dadi, nothing Dadi ma… I just…and bend to his lap trying to see who is nudging him down. He could only see white beautiful small feet of the girl.

As he followed his gaze up, his eyes widen seeing it’s non other than his would be sali sahiba. 

Geet was just concentrating on her plate, when she felt his gaze she raise her brow, “what”

He shook his wild thoughts away composing himself, tumhe kuch chahiye…” 

No…she was bewildered with his question for a moment.

Aapko kuch chahiye…? 

Dhak Dhak Discussions #16 ~ Teri Muskaan le Gayi Dil *UNSEEN PICTURES* |  Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

She asked sweetly, he couldn’t able to remove his gaze from her small cute face. His gaze remains still admiring her silently.

Maan…his mother called him seeing him lost.

Uh…I am done! He got up hastily moving away from the dining room.

Inhe kya hua…

Lagta hai, Maan beta humare beti par lattu ho gaye hai, dekha nahi he couldn’t remove his gaze from her face.

On this statement from their mother, both girls coughed simultaneously, Sam was not expecting this coming while geet also for she guess no one saw the way Maan was looking at her. 

Lagta hai inki aankhe bhi buddhi ho gayi hai inki unar ke sath…she thought with pouting face giving her mother weird look.

Yes, i am happy for my son, finally he agree for marriage. 

Aisa hai, this mean he was denying for marriage before…?

Off course, unhe Sam pasand aayi, isliye toh jhat se ha kah diya shadi ke liye isbar kyo Dadima? Sumitra happily interacted asking her mother in law as well.

I don’t know anything sumitra, I just want my son’s happiness and I am happy for him today, he finally took the right decision for marrying into this family. 

Geet’s heart skips many beats hearing last sentence of dadi… somewhere the talks pinched her inside but she couldn’t get the feeling or knew what’s happening…she shrugged it off giving it name of mere crush.


Maan, why are you standing here…aur Satish kaha hai..dadi ma asked about their driver as soon the family walked out.

Dadima, unki wife ki tabiyat kuch theek nahi hai toh woh ghar chale gaye…i gave him leave. 

Aapne theek kiya beta, toh chaliye kis baat ki deri hai..


Dadima, um…problem yeh hai ki, it’s been years I have been to Delhi…kafi kuch badal gaya hai and I have to check the maps to find right route to our home. Maan explained as he showed his phone in which he was trying to fetch the route from where they could reach home soon and easily as it’s been late hours.

Maan beta don’t waste your time in this, my daughter know each every small and big routes of this city, ise ke jao sath mein. She will guide you. Rajveer spoke proudly solving their problem.

Kon Sameera…? Ranbir asked this time…from her face he couldn’t think this is true…the girl seems utterly pampered and spoiled…wanted help always with small things…but he couldn’t judge anyone’s character just by one meeting, that would be so wrong. He thought like this and stopped himself. Beside his mother and son are happy with this alliance then who gave him right to poke his nose in between their happiness.

Ji nahi, Geet…

This time everyone looked up astonished including Geet, for she had never expected her father could do this fever to her. 

small smile curved on her lips catching someone’s attention to her. 

Maan couldn’t help the smile curved on his own lips seeing her giving that beautiful smile again. How he had wished in the evening to see that and how soon god had granted his wish. 

Kyon beta, sahi kaha na meine, rajveer spoke turning towards his daughter who seem already excited with the thought of spending more time with her crush…would be brother in law hai, abhi tak jijaji hue nahi…then why not I just have some flirt with him…it will nt do any harm to anyone atleast not to her step sister. She thought having naughty glint in her hazel eyes.


Maan just shook his thoughts away, what the hell am I thinking… She is too small…minor hai woh and what I am thinking. He scolds himself.

But I am thinking nothing wrong, woh meri would be sali hai, and on that the girl is utterly cute and smart…how God made this combination. He wondered with amusement. He assumed, it just admiration from his side like he admired his mother, his family…his cousins or his few school friends.

He couldn’t have other thoughts about her seeing her age, according to him she is just small school girl.

Bilkul sahi kaha dad, i know every nook and corner of Delhi…mein unhe guide kar dungi. Aap fikar na karo…she assured her father and everyone and khuranas left followed by overexcited Geet.


Geet sat near driver seat while Maan sat behind the wheels starting his car…other three sat behind.

The drive began slowly with geet guiding him through the routes, yaha se left le lijiye, hum jaldi pahuch jayenge. 

Maan nodded and took turns as per her direction, everyone couldn’t stop admiring her courage. Even in night time she was guiding him smoothly..

You are very much intelligent Geet beta, must say! Rajveer praised her affectionately.

Woh toh mein hu Dad…

she bite her tongue, ops sorry uncle. 

Nahi beta rahne do, mujhe achcha laga tumne Hume apna liya itni jaldi.

I am glad dad, you accepted me, i am really Honor…and the continued talking in between.

All were really impressed with geet, they thought they made a right decision, agar Geet aisi hai, toh Sameera toh bahot achchi hogi, because she was elder one…unaware about the reality.

Of fo Mr.khurana, yeh kya kiya, woh route Lena tha..

But you told me, I told you right not left.

You said left..

No I said right, aapka dhyan kaha hai…

Tum mein..?


I mean tum itni bakbak hi kar rahi ho…how could I concentrate..

You should khurana Saab, aap itne bade businessman hai, you should learn to concentrate on many things at a time.

Wah beta, kya sahi jawab diya hai.


What!! She said the right thing. 

Whatever! Maan rolled his eyes, now tell me how to get out from this mess and take the right route. He asked her.

Geet simply held his hand which was on the wheel, first stop the car at side.

He shuddered with the sudden contact of her soft palms to his rough hands…but instantly shrugged the feeling and did as she instructed.

Now get out!! 


Yeh what what kya laga rakha hai, mr.khurana, i simply said get out so that u would take the driver seat.

What! Tum gadi chalaogi…


Yes, now please get out, she made puppy face literally pushing him out he couldn’t do much but followed her words… something in him couldn’t refused her any requests.

But beta, ranbeer tried stopping but she was already occupying driver’s seat while his son sat beside her.

She started the car slowly..

Geet beta, how did you get licence, you are minor , aapko gadi chalana aata hai?

Baap re, saans toh lijiye dad, ek sath itne sawal…? And who said I have licence…I don’t have licence because I am minor, who will give me it..

What?? Everyone shouted in unison but it was not end one more shock was awaiting then as they heard her next.

To be continued…

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