Chapter 2 – In love with my brother in law

Dil ke tukde – My Broken Heart

Maan looked at the little girl stood before them, very curious seeing her changing expression. It left him amused and he chuckled out silently without anyone notice.

Yes I am a MAAN MANIAC hit with MAAN FEVER! — Maan Singh Khurana

But geet noticed it and frowned cutely seeing him smiling…did he just laughed on her.


Leave it!! She has more things to worry about…Mera Naya crush adhura rah gaya…she pouted excusing herself she rushed to her room to sooth her wounded heart.

Dil ke tukde tukde kar ke

Muskurake chal diye…


Maan kept watching her retreating back, something in her was attracting him towards her. 

He had returned few days back to Delhi, only to get surrounded again by those marriage talks.

He had always kept his family happy…their happiness has been always his first priority…with ethics and morals installed in him by his grandmother he had grew up following them.

And now after constantly denying for few years, he found no excuse to deny his family now.

Finally he made his heart and mind understand that he have to marry some day to continue the family line and he couldn’t see his family always sad and worry for him. Atleast he would be satisfied seeing the smile and happiness on his family faces. 

Maan has not have the time to think about love and marriage things…he always tried keeping away himself from girls. He respect women that was another thing but has been always despise those clingy girls who would do anything for money status and lust. 

Today he was here for this marriage alliance only because he believes his family, they only think about him and his happiness.

Now he also he trust on their choice for him. He knew the girl they chooses is better to be khuranas daughter in law and his wife.

His heart had skipped best in unknown fear and anxiously with that word. He had ignored his ill feelings that giving signal to him about something bad…but he couldn’t understand.

How would he….he only knew mind businesses not heart who was not happy with this marriage proposal.

Once he met with the girl, his would be…his anxiety only increased. He didn’t get good vibes from her nor her mother.

Effect of Money and status was screaming out of both of them. Maan knew something is amiss here…the way both behaved something too good to be true. 

But once looking at his mother and grandmother happy faces he again ignored the feeling.

He was feeling suffocates in between their presence until she walked in like a soft breeze soothing his burning heart.

Her smile enlightened his heart…her childlike innocent face took his heart away…the mischievous glint in those beautiful hazel eyes took his breath away…for he had never met before someone so mischievous and fresh like dew in his life. 

The girl was so Little before his huge figure…he had been dark and handsome quite highted with well built body to cover her tinny curvaceous figure.

Seeing those changing expression on her face, it had left him amused and then that cute pout like a he wished to give her peck and curve her lips into beautiful mischievous smile again.

He shrugged his thoughts when she excused herself vanishing from his sight…

After a while all things were fixed, and their parents asked them to have a talk in alone if both wish, Maan was about to deny for he have no interest in this alliance but Sam got up instantly ready to steal this small moment with her future handsome hubby.


It’s been twenty minutes now…both didn’t say a word. Maan always has been silent one on that he had no interest….he felt himself caged the moment alliance was fixed.

Sam was burning in extreme anger now. She couldn’t bear the insult…her ego resist her from initiating the talks. 

Shall we go inside…she finally snapped in anger and was ready to walk inside.

Maan realized he made her angry and grabbed her wrist to stop her.



Geet remove her cloths and threw them in n the room angrily….thinking about Maan.

Her blood boiled to think about Sam being his wife.


Grrrr…she gritted her teeth in anger.

Why God!! She made crying face looking up. Why Mera dil uspe aa gaya…crush hi sahi…phir bhi..i can’t share him with anyone not that b**** atleast.

Kyon use itna handsome banaya agar use Mera nahi banana tha toh…why not some Buddha sadu…

How come that Sam got this lucky to have my crush… She fake cries on her own destiny. 

After a while she calm herself down, leave it geet..tu kyon itna gussa ho rahi hai…ek hi crush hi toh tha…par ke ne toh uspe ek line bhi nahi Mari….

Rahne de…yeh Gaya toh kya ho gaya.duniya mein handsome mundo ki kami nahi hai…waise bhi woh bahot jyada hi bada hai…

Ha meine age dekha tha…yes he is 32 years only…mein 17…toh , and she began counting on her finger the age difference she has with him.


um I…

For god’s sake Maan, i can’t believe you are business tycoon that you stuttering like this.

Sameera! He became angry hearing her, no one had spoke like this with him before. He had given no one that right leaving his family.

I am sorry, Maan..but… Sameera got scare seeing his red eyes, she wanted to save this alliance that she instantly blurted out sorry…ek sorry se kya jayega, she just wanted her secure future like her mother insist.

Sam…I mean di…Geet corrected herself instantly seeing her glare , she had been sent to call them as soon she walked out changing into decent cloths as per her parents instruction.

But seeing him holding her hand, her heart broke unknowingly…she could again hear the song playing in her head.

Dil ke tukde tukde karke

Muskurake chal diye..

But wait next comment from her sister made her chuckle silently but she instantly looked up hearing his voice. 


Damn…did anyone tell him, how gorgeous his voice is…on that his anger.

Ufff…Geet felt herself burning standing few away from them. 

Please someone tell him, how handsome he looks even when he get angry.

Geet tum yaha kya kar rahi ho…Sam blasted seeing her pressed lips she assumed her sister had witness her would be husband’s anger on her and now laughing secretly on her…that just fueled her anger.

Woh maa ne…Mera matlab hai dad..she didn’t know what’s happening seeing his gaze on her all the while she found herself stuttering.

I mean everyone are calling you two. She spoke in one breath giving her charming smile to Maan seeing him smiling at her again.

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Sam has her eyes and mouth wide in disbelief, he was upset on her sometime before and how smiling at her sister… correction step sister.

Precap :- 

Dinner with Handas…

& & & naughty Sister in Law…smiley15


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