Chapter 10 – In Love with my Brother in Law

Geet was busy with her assignment few problems she was not able to understand, she couldn’t fetch the solution of them.

She was cribbing to herself when her cell buzzed.

Ji kahiye mummy…

Where are you darling, it’s afternoon now, tumne kaha tha, tum aaj aaogi. Sumitra made her remember her promise from other side.

Oh Teri…Geet bite her tongue, sorry mummy, woh I forgot, is assignment ke chakkar mein.she threw her book away.

Sumitra could hear the loud sounds, koi baat nahi beta, but don’t take out your frustration on your books woh toh goddess sarasvati ka rup hote hai beta.

Achcha…Geet was amused, sorry sorry sorry…she muttered holding the books closed to her forehead making sumitra giggled on the other side.

Now packed your things and come soon beta, your dad is waiting for you.

Mummy dad ko kah dena meri assignment hai, how would I…Geet pouted as if sumitra could actually see her.

Bete, he is saying he would help you in your assignment if you allow as he knew how intelligent his daughter is..

Woh toh mein hu, dad said right, Geet flaunted herself then giggled making sumitra too chuckle as well.





Maan returned from the office, only to hear loud laughter in the mansion. He didn’t notice her car in the parking though.

Yes, he knew who it could be, it’s been more than a week now, they both became friends. He would find her almost every day at his Mansion around his family…laughing away. His father got much attached to Geet, in fact everyone.

He shook his head, as he took few steps ahead only to see her jumping around with the servants of mansion while his father Rajveer Singh Khurana did her assignment.

Who would believe the hardcore businessman like his father would be doing these things that too for small girl. He has been always soft towards hi family. And now Geet too included in the list, she has became the missing piece of the family.

Geet, agar dad tumhara assignment karenge toh later class mein kya answer do gi, professor ke questions ka…asked ma’am taking seat beside his father.

That I am intelligent, everyone knows it, ask dad! 


She flaunted herself sitting on the edge of sofa where his father sat.

Yes, your daughter is very much intelligent and brave too , she can handle any circumstances, use kuch mat kaho, Rajveer too supported Geet with an warm smile.

Dekha…why not you agree you are just jealous of me…she blew her nails showing him attitude.

Why would I that too from the little girl…

Don’t call me little girl…

You are small, what else I would say, he was enjoying very much teasing her, her face showing change of expression every second that he always found amusing.

Dekho, phirse mujhe chota kaha na…she walked before him, pointing finger at his face.


Rajveer silently got up giving both space, he spare one glance of pity at him muttering best of luck to him.

Yes bachcha, what were you saying…? He teased fully knowing the consequences.

Jijuuu…she screamed before howling over him, I am not bachcha, Can’t you see I am grown up girl. She pouted sitting on his lap now. 

Now that was a wrong move, he became instantly hard almost making her jump on her place.

She became embarrassed, tried to get up but he grabbed her wrist, yes I don’t see you grown up because you wear dresses of small girl like this, he stretch her short, touching her thigh in the process making her red instantly.

Yeh toh aaj kal ka fashion hai, she mumbled breathless with the closeness now.

Jaruri nahi hai ke tum ise follow karo…

She became mum having no answer to his question now. 

Suddenly both heard the footsteps and became alert, Geet jumped out of lap realizing their position and ran away leaving Maan to ponder over what just happened. 

He sighed while combing back his hair, small smile tug at the corner of his lips making his heart jumped in joy.

Pagli…he mumbled remembering about her red face, she is just a little girl…



Geet turned and switched her positions continuously not able to sleep it’s her second night in this room of KM. She had been forced to stay the night here by khuranas since next day was diwalis first morning. Sumitra couldn’t let her go…plz stay for the night beta, kal diwali hai…and I want my daughter to be here. Sumitra had said getting little emotional.


“But mummy, mein kal aajaungi na…” Geet had tried to resist.

Mummy bhi kahti ho, aur mummy ki baat nahi manogi, there are some early rituals for girls and women as well. I want you to be here for this…

Woh kya hota hai…I never heard of something like this before. Geet had known about only lightning diyas and burning crackers that are all about diwali festival for her. Nikita had never tried once to celebrate the festival rituals properly. She was modern woman with modern thoughts. 

Bete, at the first morning of Diwali, girls takes oil bath with ubtan before sun rises. 

Is it…I haven’t heard about it…yeah…she suddenly beamed, I remember once pinky telling me about oil bath. Wow!! I so fanaticized about that but never had one. Mom never told this…

Sumitra and Dadima shared a look before turning to Geet, shayd unhe yaad nahi hoga bete, sumitra said.

No…har saal hum diwali sirf crackers aur diyas ke sath manate hai. Mom ne kabhi nahi kiya, unhe bhi pata nahi hai yeh. Geet said non chalantly.

It’s okay beta, now generation has so much changed. Not everyone must know old traditions.

Geet nodded but then Dadi ma said, but beta, Mr and Mrs Handa ko koi problem nahi hogi. Dadi ma objected somewhere she understood sumitra love and yearning for daughter but it is not good also to force Geet.

Unhe koi problem nahi hogi, dadi ma. Aur waise bhi humare ghar yeh morning rituals nahi hota, hum toh evening diwali celebrate karte, hum aisa karengey, kal sham ko humare ghar challenge morning mein yaha celebrate karke…hows it.

It is nice idea, we will go to your Handa mansion at evening, and come back early as we couldn’t much leave the home on the auspicious occasion.

Okay!! Geet gave bright smile and agreed to stay at the KM.

Ranbir received the call at nights for Geet staying in the KM at night, and her plan for next day. He didn’t have any issue as far as she stayed safe and happy…what better place he could found for his daughter than km. The family has come as a blessing for his daughters. Especially for his younger daughter it was boon…he had never seen her so happy and lively before…she was rebellious or has always tried hide her pain behind fake smile. Nowadays, he could see her real smile…her eyes shined around mostly Khuranas. 



Geet finally stood up having no ounce of sleep in her eyes. Mein jiju ke room mein hi chalti hu…


But, she stopped herself. Last time also I broke his sleep. He must be tired and sleeping peacefully. She thoughtfully, i wouldn’t go to mummy or Dadi ma as well. She couldn’t disturb them.

Then what to do…!? She frowned deeply and thought about going out.

But geet tujhe toh ghosts se dar lagta hai na…she asked herself hugging the cushion to her chest she began walking through the dark and silent corridor.

Ha…but mein kisi ko disturb bhi toh nahi karti hai, na…and room mein toh mera dam ghut raha hai, it’s better I would take walk in the garden waha lights bhi on hai. 

Yes this is good idia…

Waah Geet kya dimagh hai, you are such an intelligent girl. Yes woh toh mein hu…

She was talking to herself when she reached the garden and began strolling through it like a lost soul

Maan who was not able to sleep tonight got up. Her thought couldn’t leave his mind in peace. 

Woh thik se soyi toh hogi, he was concerned, let me check once upon her then I will be able to sleep peacefully.

Thinking so he got up and straight way walked to her room in pace. Geet….he called softly knocking the door. Getting no response from inside, he pushed the little ajar door peeking in.

He walked in and found room empty as lights were on. 

Geet…Geet…he called few times checking bathroom door then dressing room after that he went to balcony but she was nowhere.

He turned panic, kaha gayi woh…thik toh hogi…he was about turn around when one small figure roaming in the garden caught his attention.

Geet….!? He was not sure; if she was the one there still he turned around running out straight to the garden.

to be continued…

Precap – 

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