Aap ki Kasam Chapter 29

In the middle of night, she landed on his chest, and he snuggles her closed to him more.

In the morning, Maan found her below him, his face buried in the crook oh her neck while hand was inside her shirt.

He looked at her serene face to see her sleeping peacefully like a baby not having any ounce of care of the world. 

Automatically soft smile covered his face, his morning couldn’t be more better than this. He thought and pecked her head before climbing down the bed.

She groaned in her sleep before turning away. He covered her properly and left for his morning duties.


Few days passed, Geet has started her course. She was never before this excited and happy as she got new friends and new things to learn in college. Geet was innocent lad but in the presence of her mature friends and classmates she begun has begun growing up mentally.

Maan would missed her presence sometimes, his going out and spending time with his friends has been reduced. Because somewhere he has started realizing his responsibilities.

Dadi ma was the happy one in the mansion because he would be around her most of the time, taking care of her needs and medicines. She could read little sadness in his eyes which she assumes because of lack of presence of Geet.

Bete, if you want , go and visit our office, dekh lena how your dad works and everything work out there. Dadi ma suggested, internally really hoping that he would soon joined the business and later take hold of whole of their Khurana Empire. 

Not today Dadi ma, I am not in a mood and he excuse himself leaving dadi ma worried for him.


One evening,

Geet turned up from college, all excited and eager to share her college stories with dadi ma and mother. 

After a while, she got up, achcha Dadi ma, mum i am going to freshen up now, mujhe assignment bhi complete karna hai. 

She rushed to her room and collide with maan. 

Aaram se Geet, he cautioned her holding her shoulders, she looked at him and kept looking then all of sudden gave him bone crushing hug.

I missed you…she pouted then looked at him.. why are you looking like this.

This…!? He didn’t understand so asked her.

Upset somewhat, kuch baat hai…? She asked.

Nothing Geet, ..tum batao, tum toh mujhe bhul gayi ho, jab se tumhara college shuru hua hai.

It’s nothing like that…I have to just cope up with new environment…you know everything is so different there, it’s been so long I go somewhere out. I made new friends there, you know and began her chartering telling him everything.

Maan rolled his eyes hearing her blabber, he sat at the bed, Geet followed him there sitting on his lap. He was taken back but cuddled her in his arms.

You know, i always wondered, if you were also there with me, toh kitna maja aata. She told in excitement rolling her big eyes.

Maan made a face, for your kind information lady, I have completed my business studies.

Really…then why do you stay at home or with friends, meine aapko office jate nahi dekha dad ke sath.

Now her innocent question left him shunned, he don’t have any word to say, he was simply speechless.

But she made it easy for him as next second she remembers something and asked him, you know, I have to complete one assignment. Will you help me. 

Mein kaise….he was in denial mode, already feeling miserable with her questions.

Please, i am really sure, you are the one who will help me in this. Because I know how intelligent you are!? She stated spreading warmth across his heart.

Please..she please again seeing him silent.

Okay, I will ..

Thank you so much, hubby! She squealed, pecking his cheek.

she was about to get away when he grabbed her arm, she turned to look at him only to see his glaring eyes blazing with passion which she failed to read…but his dark eyes left her fumbling.

maan…leave me…I need to change…

shall I help…?

hu…she was confused at first later when she realized what he said, she became red, her eyes widen, chaddo..are you teasing me, she jerked off his hand and gives him cute glare.

not honey. I am serious, he teased her with hidden smirk, his face was blank.

but I don’t need your help, she taunted turning around.

but your hubby want to help you, he grabbed her from her back, snaking his arm around her tummy.


she gasped seeing his naughtiness. mujhe chodo…she wriggled feeling ticklish while his hand moved inside her shirt rubbing her flat stomach. it was moving up when she grabbed his hands, shivering with his sensuous caresses. she had forgotten the feeling of his passionate touches, now he had awaken it again with the burning desires in her.


Her breathing hitched and an audible moan escaped her lips when she felt his lips moved sensuously in the crook of her neck, behind her ear.

she felt her body shudder almost vibrating with his touches. His lips were leaving a burning trail along the sensitive skin of her neck and shoulders, his hand one by one undid the little buttons of her shirt. He threw her shirt aside. 


The cold air hit her bare skin but then his hands took over tracing patterns on her tummy pulling her towards him grinding her parts on his already hard manhood.

“Oh Maan,” she screamed when he held her breasts in his hands massaging them gently while his lips roamed her neck and shoulders.He turned her around briskly before sealing her lips with his.. nibbling and sucking with more aggression than he had ever shown before while his hands cupped her breasts over her clothes squeezing and massaging them slowly with his hands.

God! It’s been like ages he felt the sweet tenderness of her petals. He had stop going out to other girls and had ignored all calls deliberately. 

But here his wife was making him crazy, he was craving for her one touch. 

maan… she moaned wanting the same pleasure from him that he has made her habitual of it with his sensuous touches. 

Her moans only burned his hunger more and he slid aside one of the cups of the bra revealing one breast which he took in his hand, pinching the nipple and squeezing it passionately.

As his mouth continued to devour hers, his hands undid her bra. She pushed her naked chest against his and he felt her hardened nipples. His hands found her breasts and he stroked them pleasuring her, pinching the nipplles hardening them even more.

He was slowly losing control. She wanted him much more desperately than she had realized…

Maan could hear her rapid breathing and heartbeat underneath him, however he wasn’t able to sop himself today. But as if reading his mind, just then her stomach made a sound…pulling both back to reality. 

Geet was so embarrassed… she hide herself completely in his arms out of shyness.

wifey…he groaned with her sudden move as her hard nipples poke his chest directly making his desires to shoot up. Holding his breath,  not to lose himself again, parted her, go and freshen up, you must be hungry. he whispered softly pulling out his shirt he wrapped that around her. she was whole red and in daze with hat happens just now. 

Next moment she just ran into washroom and closed the door behind her. The cold tiled floor sent a shiver up her spine as she looked at herself in the mirror letting the shirt drop down. She blushed seeing her reflection in the mirror, then noticed his love bites which had left a path down her neck, on her chest…her breasts seemed a little swollen after all the teasing. 

She took deep breaths trying to calm herself thinking about what had just happened, the memories left her heart beating fast and her breathing ragged as her body and soul desired to go back to him again. She splashed her face with cold water trying to compose herself…

Maan pulled up another shirt from cupboard and wore it. He could still feel her soft skin on him, her body wrapped around his and her lips slowly mouthing his name when he moved his hand through his hair smiling and shaking his head.


Look, didn’t I said, you are really so intelligent and brave. Geet praised him again openly, after he finished doing her assignment.

Geet had dragged him in the living room for a change to do her work.

Why I am thinking, you are just faking these words of praises….he said not able to digest her words. 

I am not lying but you are really genius. I really think you should joined our family business, dekh lena, you will climb the ladder of success so fast. She said cheekily.

Maan was bowled by her words, the way she accepted his everything, even the family. The word “our” shows her acceptance by her heart.

On the other hand, Rajveer Khurana stood on the door was about to walked inside but stopped on the door, hearing the word business. He heard his daughter in law and really hoped silently that his son would listen to her. 

He looked at the business magazines in his hand which he had brought for his son. From last few days, he was showing sudden interest in these things. Rajveer was more than happy with seeing  these changes in his son. 

He changed his mind and thought to meet him in his study and left from there to let his son and daughter in law to have their own private moment.


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2 thoughts on “Aap ki Kasam Chapter 29

  1. very nice updategeet is enjoying her new life in college maan is controlling himself around geet daai wish maan to join office with rajveer maan is changing slowly rajveer can see change in maan n hope listening what geet is saying maan that maan really seriously think to join business


  2. Superb. Maans behaviour is so different and he is very nice with geet. Geet started her collage life and Maan missing her presence. Passionate moments and some nice talk between couple. Overall wonderful


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