Aap ki Kasam Chapter 28

Thank you hubby ji….’ she blushed doing so and quickly ran away hearing everyone hooting and cheering.

Maan stood dumbstruck, did she just kissed him…that too before everyone. He gritted his teeth with the thought and rushed away as well , really embarrassed to hear everyone’s teasing.

Later he broke her fast with guilty mind. Now I will eat by myself, you too must be hungry. Geet said sweetly and before everyone she began eating.

Geet…madhu tried to scold her but Dadi stopped her. Beta let her have her dinner, already she fainted because of fast.

Dadi’s word dipped Maan in more guilt, he couldn’t have more, I am done. Plz excuse me.he got up.

But bete…

But he was already walking away to his room.

Dadi ma, inhe kya hua? Geet pouted giving her worried look.

Don’t know, you have your dinner , hum nakul se kah ke kuch bhej dete hai unke liye. 

Ji…and everyone finished the dinner.




Maan was in his room, thinking about his messed up life. He hit his fist to the wall bruising it. 

Just then Geet walked in, with his dinner plate, dekho, chahe aap gussa ho ya kuch bhi, khane pe gussa hona achchi baat nahi hai, khane ka apman hota hai, and then it will curse you. Geet explained innocently.

Curse…my life has became curse, and I pulled you too into this mess. He said aloud his thoughts.

What are you talking about? She was puzzled. Leave those things aside, first have something, Dadi ma ne bheja hai, she uncovered the plate. Atleast for her…she thought he would agree listening her name.

My stomach is already full, he said in resent tone.

What!! You had something out!? Yaha mein aapke liye bhuki baithi thi din bhar, you know, kitni bhuk lagi thi mujhe, but you don’t care..she pouted.

Meine kab kaha, I had it outside. I said my stomach is full means I am not hungry, don’t assume other meanings.

Geet bite her lips, embarrassed, I am sorry…plz have something, Khali pet sote nahi, nend nahi aayegi.

Neend toh mujhe waise bhi nahi aayegi, he thought turning away to the window.

Geet finally thought to confront him, he was really too disturb.

Baat kya hai? What happened to you suddenly. You were alright till now. She walked behind him.

Nothing. Leave me alone for sometime please. 

But dinner…

you had your, then why are you behind my back now, suna nahi meine kya kaha, leave me alone now! He blasted upon her making her jerked back a little. Her eyes filled up, tum bahot bure ho…bahot bure…she cried and turned around to go.

O Kaisa Tera Pyar Kaisa Gussa Hai Tera
Kaisa Tera Pyar Kaisa Gussa Hai Tera
Tauba Sanam Tauba Sanam
Tauba Sanam Tauba Sanam

Maan because even more frustrated hearing her as he grabbed her wrist turning her in a jerk, yes I am bad very bad, then why did you even marry me, or claimed to love me. Why just leave me alone.

Are Jaisa Mera Pyar Waisa Gussa Hai Mera

Teri Kasam Teri Kasam

Teri Kasam Teri Kasam

Geet looked at him startled…how could you say so…

Why can’t…I have given you nothing but pain, from the first night ever I am saying so you to stay away from me.

You know it’s not in my hand,my heart just doesn’t listen to me…she put her palm on her chest with tears in her eyes.

Ik Dillagi Maine Ki Thi

Tune To Dil Pe Laga Li

Ik Dillagi Maine Ki Thi

Tune To Dil Pe Laga Li

Shishe Jaisa Tuta Aise Jo Tu Rutha

Shishe Jaisa Tuta Aise Jo Tu Rutha

Aisa Hua Kya Sitam

Tauba Sanam Tauba Sanam

Tauba Sanam Tauba Sanam

maan was speechless…he didn’t know how to react as he knew nothing about heart or love tales.

He simply let her go and turned around.

Geet composed herself and walked up to him, kya baat, kyoun itna pareshan hai ap? She held his shoulder.

Nothing…you go and take rest, you must he exhausted from whole day fast. He spoke softly this time turning his face sideways.

I will, but at least have one bite, mujhe chain nahi milega, knowing you slept an empty stomach.

Maan sighed, bahot ziddi hai, he thought and nodded.

Geet jumped literally, and took the plate near him. He sat at the bed, she occupied the place near him and offered him one bite leaving him surprise.

He tried to have himself, mein kha lunga, tum jake so jao…

Nahi, meine kaha na,. Won’t able to sleep, I will feed you today might you get hungry by then. She smiled cheekily forget the moment before they just fought.

Apni Khata Maine Mani

Ab Chod Bhi Ye Kahani

Apni Khata Maine Mani

Ab Chod Bhi Ye Kahani

Maan looked at her innocence and was bowled by it. He simply opened his mouth and she fed him. When I doesn’t feel like eating mum did like this. She said feeding him , she was talking and he was just admiring her silently. His heart filled with warmth, he didn’t remember when last time someone fed him so lovingly. 

Chalo jaldi se finish Karo, she fed him last bite, mujhe gifts open karne hai…she spoke excitedly and he nodded his head at her antics.

After a while she opened few gifts she got , from her mother, Dadi ma, her husband …

Yeh kya hai, itna bada ….she with so much enthusiasm opened the wrap and inside found a book.she frowned and looked at the cover, yeh toh novel Book hai…mills and boon wala.

Wow…hubby darling, you know I loved them….she smiled showing her full tooth, really happy that her husband knew her likes now.

Tu Bhi Muskura De Mujhe Bhi Hasa De

Tu Bhi Muskura De Mujhe Bhi Hasa De

O Mere Ache Balam

Meri Kasam Meri Kasam

Meri Kasam Meri Kasam

Maan just nodded with smile, remembering her words to Dadi ma about her hobbies and everything. 

Are you sure son, it is the gift you want to give her on this occasion, his father had asked.

Yes dad, she has everything…cloths jewelries, beside she loved reading them. 

And Rajveer had nodded in affirmative before buying the new release set of novels.

Wow!! I am so lucky….she screamed in happiness, you brought whole set for me…I so love you and she pushed herself to him planting sloppy kiss on his cheek. Although I haven’t read yet from this production but now I will…as mummy was so particular about what I read because of my small age…non the less I was so fascinated about this romance novels. I always wanted to read them. she was blabbering and he was lost in her. 

Maan held her closer by her waist, she sat on his lap blushing and smiling.

You should thank dad…he bought this for you. He was honest.

But you…so that means you didn’t buy anything for me? She pouted turning away.

Maan again was sulking with guilt…don’t say like this, i just didn’t know man has to gift his wife on this day. Dad just reminded me and we both selected the gift for you. He had really paid by his pocket money… although it was given only by his father, still he was little satisfied with the thing.

Then say na, you both bought it…Geet repeated his words and was going to crawl down but he grabbed her bare waist, sending shivers down her spine.


He controlled his emotions and let her go, she with sweet blush climbed down the bed before rushing to the dressing room to change into her nightdress.

After a while she walked out of washroom all fresh and ready for bed. She pulled out the blanket and cushion for her floor bed.

Maan who was waiting for her, got surprise seeing her making her bed on the floor. He stopped her immediately, tumne waha some ki jarurat nahi geet.

His words stopped her movement instantly, but I always sleep here, dekho mujhe bahar akele nahi Sona, bahot dar lagta hai, mein mumma ko bhi disturb nahi kar sakti abhi nahi dadi ma ko. Plz let me sleep here, kya mein aapko pareshan karti hu…she continued to blabbered not even listening him completely, really scared by his sudden stopping.

His heart felt heavy hearing her…you misunderstood me, Geet…Mera woh matlab nahi tha, ab thand bhi bahot badh gayi hai…

Yeah, bahot thand lagti hai, she again interrupted him.

Will you listen to me now fully or not!? He gritted his teeth giving furious glare.

She pouted and nodded in yes…

You can sleep on the bed with me, you don’t have to sleep on the floor anymore and I am sorry about the trouble you face before because of me. He apologized and felt better now.

Geet smiled whole heartily, and jumped on the bed, phirse mujhe neeche sone ke liye dhakka nahi maroge na.? She asked unsure with her pouting face.

Nahi…he softly said, giving her space and she slept comfortably beside him, facing him…

seeing her innocent smile he didn’t know when his eyes turned droopy and he slept peacefully feeling light at his heart.

You are not that bad, and me too trouble you, gussa hona toh haq hai phir aapka, she softly caressed his face and felt jittery.

Babaji, please let him fall in love with me too…plz, mein aur intezaar nahi kar sakti, she was desperate because now seeing him so close how will her heart stop beating and yearning for his closeness, his care , his love….

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  1. maan in guilt do all rituals of breaking geet's fast.maan's guilt increase seeing geet's cute innocence geet ask god make maan fall in her love so she can have peaceful n happy life


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