Aap ki Kasam Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Chandni raat, taro ki barat hai

Dil ki mehfil sajane mein

Kya der hai, kya der hai


Geet pulled out the dress , both had choose today for her karvachauth. She smiled with the memories, but then tears stung her eyes soon reminding about his harsh words to not to keep the fast.

She pushed away the thoughts quickly, and decided to got ready in the dress. She had totally forgot about it, thinking that she has to wear sari again. She was tense with the thought, Maan was also not in sight d since morning…after he fed her sargi.


Dhadkane dil ki shehnaiya ban gayi

Abb toh sajan ke aane mein

Kya der hai, kya der hai

Kisi ki najar na Lage mere Chand ke tukde ko, dadi praised her blessing her. 

Geet blushed, giving her sweet hug out of shyness. 

Maan kaha hai, bete?

Geet pulled back having no clue herself, i don’t know Dadi ma, unka number nahi hai mere paas.

She innocently confessed, i was thinking to save it in my phone but always I forgot.

Yeh aap kya kah rahe hai, it’s been month for your marriage. 

I am sorry Dadi ma.. Geet looked down, really embarassed.

Not your fault dear, Maan ko bhi toh dhyan rakhna chahiye na.

Yes, Dadi ma, he also didn’t give me…she twisted her lips putting all blame on him.

Her mother walked in looking decorated mansion whole around. Geet chirpily rushed to her, maa kaisi lag rahi hu mein.

Bilkul pari…my angel. Madhu patted her cheek admiring her daughter who look true suhagan today. She was happy for her…she got the right family who will keep her happy whole life.

Maan kaha hai…

He is….Geet was about to spill the bean but dadi stopped her, he is on the way, has gone out for some work.

Geet looked confused, like she didn’t tell her that, whatever, she is happy now that he is coming back to break her fast probably.

Dadima then introduce her with her few guests, few already knew her and her chirpy nature that everyone surrounded her like bees to keep entertain themselves till moon arrives.


Everyone come fast, moon has appeared. Girl screamed taking all ladies attention. 

Geet too ran to watch the magnificent view of full moon on this special day. She admired it for sometime giggling along with everyone.

Then as men walked in the scene to perform the puja with ladies to break their fast, reality dawn upon her. Maan isn’t there, she looked everywhere, to see if she catch his glimpse but he wasn’t there.

Meri zindagi mera pyar yad aa raha hai
Aanewala hai jo, woh yad aa raha hai
Sajan sajan teri dulhan tujhko pukare aaja
Aakar mere hatho mein mehndi tu hi racha ja
Sajan sajan teri dulhan
Tujhko pukare aaja
Aakar mere hatho mein
Mehndi tu hi racha ja
Aa ja, aa ja, aa ja

Dadi ma, Maan kaha hai, woh nahi aaye abhitak? Geet rushed to her.

Nahi bete, 

But you said, he is on the way. How much time it takes to reach him home? She asked innocently.

Dadima realized Geet didn’t get her lie to her mother, dear, i said that to not to hurt your mother, she must expecting to see her son in law on this special day of her daughter.

Why would she be hurt , Geet asked clueless.

Aap ko samzana matlab….dadi sighed, sometimes her innocence was too much to handle. ..rahne dijiye, I tried calling him but he didn’t receive the call.

Geet became sad hearing her, Dadi ma mujhe unka number dijiye, i will also triy suddenly she said and store his number in her phone before dialing it.

Maan wasn’t in mood to receive any calls, he simply put his phone on silent. Seeing unknown number, he decided to check it, the ring ended and he check the list, seeing Dadi ma’ s numorious miss calls he became tense. No matter what, he couldn’t ignored his dadima ever, so he took an turn to go to KM just when his phone rang showing his Father’s number now.


Earlier that Day, at khurana constructions,

Rajveer couldn’t stop thinking on his daughter in law’s words. He was thinking on his behaviour also with her, from the day she walked into his mansion as his sons wife.

She has been always sweet and nave to everyone and her surrounding. But being the ruthless business minded man he never knew about emotions…only emotions he felt was for two person that’s his mother and son…

He had admired his wife silently however, and felt something but had never got time to indulge more into his growing feelings towards his wife.

He couldn’t thank enough to her for giving son to him, heir to khuranas. But before he could show his appreciation to her properly , she had left this world, leaving their son and him alone with his aged mother.

That time he had felt the pain of losing the woman that was everything to him. That day snatched whatever emotions he carried…again ruthless Rajveer Singh Khurana had emerged from the ashes of his pain. 

Now, again he was feeling same emotions for this young girl. He remembers her smiling face , or their argument on the dinning table..how she had pouted, their small talks, or only her blabbering with her brewing coffee.

He sighed as her teary words buzzed in his head yet again.

I don’t know who take over our company that was the one who snatch my father from me.

Then something clicked in his mind and he made few calls. He has somewhere know his answers still he wanted to make sure.

The knock on the door disturbed him. He called the person in, it was his one of employee asking for early leave today as it’s karvachauth.

Sir, my wife had fasted for me…and just ask today to reach early to break her fast.

Any other day, he wouldn’t have granted permission that easily but today already he was drenched in his emotions and thought of his DIL that he gestures him to go.

Aaj karvachauth hai, aur bahu ne bhi toh vrat rakha hoga humare sahebjade ke liye. He remembers, but he knew his son and his nature.

Thinking something he called him and asked him to meet him at office.


Maan was surprised hearing the reason of his father’s urgent call.

He wanted to leave early to buy gift for his wife. I know you must have forgotten son.

You must gift something to your wife on this auspicious day.

Yeah, i don’t know that..

said Maan little guilty.

Alright, let’s go and shop something for your wife.

But dad you…

Maan let’s go, we are already late, my bahu must be waiting at home for her husband.

You know about today, how? Maan was taken back with his strange behaviour today.

Don’t waste time in this questioning, son.lets move.

Maan just nodded following his order, still wondering about the sudden change in his father.


Payal kajal kangan daman sare tujhe bulaye

Aa ja sajan aa ja tere apne tujhe bulaye

Aa ja, aa ja, sajan aa ja

Mere mehbub, mere hamsafar

Tujhko kya pata, hai tujhe kya khabar,

Ehsan tere kitne hai mujhpar

Rab pe yakin hai jitna, utna hai tujhpar

Aa ja, aa ja, aa ja

Last person 2 post loves geet MS khurana most #4 - Page 38 | Geet - Hui  Sabse Parayee

Please Maan aa jaiye…Geet became restless now seeing everyone performing Puja…

Geet beta aap Puja shuru kijiye, Maan aaye hi honge… Dadi ma urge her seeing her on the vege of tears.

Already, she has been emptied stomach whole day…on that it was the first fast ever she was doing in her life.

Geet has been pampered kid, had brought with golden spoon in mouth has not even have this knowledge of any traditions or Puja, 

Although madhu tried to teach her many times but before her husband’s angry stare she couldn’t do much.

Ranbeer had strictly ordered madhu to keep her away from any such thing of fasting. His daughter was like delicate flower, wouldn’t able to be hungry for long.

One day even madhu had made her fast on such an auspecious day…that day was the last she had kept fast because her mother had got great scolding from her father for keeping her hungry.

Geet would always cribe for food, such a foodie she was…

Dadima came to know whole thing from madhu and couldn’t help but feel little bad for her Bahu for the loss of her father who kept her like a true princess her whole life….now she could clearly understand from where innocent and childishness came from.

Dadi ma, Hume chakkar….she couldn’t complete and sat at the sofa.

Geet beta… Dadi ma and her mother rushed to her.

Yeh meri hi galti hai, Jo itna ladpyar Kiya…if you were habitual of it from before….madhu scold her with worried face.

Dadima inturpted her, yeh kaisi baat kar rahi hai aap madhu first look after the child, she is not feeling well.

Pani….Geet mumbled, licking her dried lips. Mujhe Pani chahiye…she closed her eyes , resting her head on the couch.

How would I give you dear, your fast will be broken. Dadima said sadly.


Just then one glass of water appeared before them. 

Maan bete…madhu said with happy tears.


Mera mehbub mera sanam aa raha hai

Ham toh marhi chuke the,

Phir janam aa raha hai

Sajan sajan teri dulhan tujhko pukare aa ja

Aakar mere hatho mein

Mehndi tu hi racha ja

Aa ja, aa ja, aa ja

Hearing his name Geet opened her eyes slowly, Maan…she moaned as he pushed the glass of water near her mouth.

She turned her face, holding the glass, but Dadi ma said first we…have to do the ritual, she mumbled in meek voice making him frustrated now.

Before he could bust upon her, Dadi said, le lijiye beta, ritual bad  mein bhi kar sakte hai, first drink this water now from maans hand.

Dadi explain her then only she drank water from his hand, feeling little better she got up and snatched the glass from his hand drinking whole glass in one go.

Aaram se beta…

Maan rolled his eyes at her antics, stubborn girl, didn’t listen to me…he thought looking at her as she gave him cheeky smile.

Everyone leave a sigh of relief seeing her back to her self. 

Let’s go and do the puja now, said dadi and everyone follow her. Geet stopped and bend to touch rajs feet.

Rahne do beta, he held her arms stopping her, you are not well.

Geet smiled and he gave her warm smile making her smile widen.


Geet did the puja of karvachauth following dadimas instructions, making everyone chuckle around her seeing her antics.

Dadi ma why do we have to see the moon from this sieve and why can’t husband do the ritual why only wife…many such questions which answers dadi gave her patiently.

But Maan was losing his patience already…he was frustrated with so many things on that she was taking time not doing the rituals quickly.

He feed her sweets after the ritual, she bite his finger by mistake, ouch…Geet…he shook his hand giving her glare.

Sorry…she pouted so innocently, his anger melted, dikhao jada lagi…? She demanded.

No…it’s nothing…kuch nahi hua.he said softly

Toh phir chillaye kyon…she twisted her lips.

Maan now wanted to bang his head somewhere.

To his rescue Dadi ma inturpted, now Maan take out the gift for my daughter.

Ha…dikhaye, aap mere liye kya laye hai…she became excited like little girl .

Everyone giggled behind as well seeing her jumping littarally for the gift.

Yeh lo…he handed her the packet which content the gift his father and he choose for her.

Yippee!! Itna bada….!? She took it and hugged it close to her chest like someone was going to snatch it from her.

He smiled automatically seeing her happiness overflowing, her face also glowing adding charm to her beauty.

That’s when he saw his wifey clearly, she looked breathtaking in the maroon dress she wore for the day.

Mera chand mujhe aaya hai nazar

Mera chand mujhe aaya hai nazar

Aye raat zara tham tham ke gujar

Chhaya hai nasha meri aankho par

Aye raat zara tham tham ke gujar

Mera chand mujhe aaya hai nazar

He was interrupted from his staring session seeing her reaching near him. She came into his arms and planted quick kiss on his cheek, thank you hubby ji…

Kaisa tu hai nirmohee kaisa harjaiya ~ Geet-Maan OS | Geet - Hui Sabse  Parayee

Mere dil mein hai arma kai kai

Meri chahat hai abhi nayi nayi

Reh jaye na pyasa pyar mera

Meri baahon mein bhar de yaar mera

Itana sa karam tu kar mujh par

Itana sa karam tu kar mujh par

Aye raat zara tham tham ke gujar

Aye raat zara tham tham ke gujar

Mera chand mujhe aaya hai nazar

Precap – ruthe piya..manau kaise…smiley42

I couldn’t just take any other songs than this two from my other ff only…smiley17 this suits well as well as my fav.

hope you liked all three chapters…forgive for all errors, typed in hurry , also have little knowledge about things included in the chapter. 


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