Aap ki Kasam Chapter 26


Chapter 26

You are not doing any fast…that too for me and that’s final. He blasted, telling her again.

But Maan, i am totally fine now, and it’s my first karvachauth. How could you take this right from me…? She was on the verge of tears now. She had tried to make him understand but he is not understanding her pov at all…from the time they has been back from the mall…

You are worrying unnecessarily Maan..

You are not completely fine, agar kal kuch ho gaya toh, fast karne se.

Kuch nahi hoga, itni najuk nahi hu mein.


Yeah, I saw that today…

She sighed, woh mein bas un gundo se dar gayi thi..aur kuch nahi…

Whatever! You are not doing anything of that sort, aur waise bhi mein in cheezo mein vishwas nahi karta.

But I believe…I believe on dadis words, and my mother who had told me to do this. 

Fine, you are doing this crap for them, do it.i don’t have problem, he finally said angrily, but don’t expect my participation in this. He was frustrated, she couldn’t obey him but she could listen her mother or Dadi ma.

Maan…she gasped, you are the one to break my fast at the end of the day…she mentioned her worry.

I won’t…

How could you…how will I break my fast then..?

That’s what I am saying don’t do this thing then…


Bas…I have had enough arguments on this, and he stormed out of the door leaving her broken.

However she had decided to keep this fast for him, his well being…he may think whatever he want, but she loves him and her love is her worship, so why couldn’t she believe this thing.she is keeping this fast for her love….

Why can’t she understand, this fast means nothing to us…not to me atleast, after all the torture he bestowed upon her, still she managed to bring up things like this between them.

He clearly told her he don’t carry the same feeling as her. If anytime, she comes to know about his Casanova life, how would she react.

The same Love she claims for him will be stay intact? He knew about girls…and their possessiveness for their bf/husband.

Upon everything, he doesn’t deserve this special treatment or respect on this auspicious day from the one whom he tortured beyond.

He is not some god but all his life has been behaved like a devil. He threw the stone angrily down in the valley, from the hill he stood at.

He doesn’t deserve it…he didn’t had anything to give her…nor has any Identity of himself…the thought dawn upon him making his insides churn with pain. Everyone knew him just as Casanova MSK… spoilt brat. 

What would he gift her on this special day, when he has nothing of his own…


At night, he came late, when she was sleeping peacefully on the floor. His heart skips a beat in pain remembering it’s him to bring her on the floor.

He silently lift her in his arms carrying her to their bed. He put her softly on the bed, she cuddled into his warmth.

Um…Maan…she looked up droopy eyes, 

Shh…go to sleep, he whispered softly in her ear, she snuggles more in his arms and slept off.

He tried to pull apart but she didn’t let go, don’t go…she whined in sleep like baby.

Okay…I am not going…he agreed and soon she drifted to sleep. 

After she drifted to deep slumber, he got up and slept on couch in uncomfortable position.


Early morning, 

Her alarm buzzed, waking Maan first , he hardly slept…he got up and saw her twisting on the bed getting irritated with the sound of alarm.

He chuckled and nodded his head at her antics…he decided to switch off the alarm but then suddenly remembered about her reaction.

“You did it on purpose you never wanted to me fast for you, hai na Maan…” 

No…he shook his head shoving away his thoughts, he never wanted to see her in pool of tears and cursing him.

Fearing for consequences of his act, he decided to wake her up.

Geet…get up ..he patted her arm…she turned away. Um…i am so sleepy plz put this alarm off.

Geet, he shakes her now, but she couldn’t budge..

Today is karvachauth darling…he used his last weapon, and as thought by him, she got up in a jerk hearing that word.

Maan…aap…? She was so shock seeing his face before her.

Yes, me….who do you expecting then wifey, he pinched her nose.

Whom will I expect…only you. She twisted her lips..mere kahne ka yeh matlab hai, what are you doing waking up early…

Obviously, your alarm woke me up and now I had to wake you up,..

She gave him silly smile, you know I was so tired.

Yeah, that I could see…but you don’t listen to me.

Urgh, let go of me, mujhe Dadi ma ke sath sarghi bhi khana hai…she immediately diverted the topic and climbing down the bed, pushing him away.

He sighed sadly, no use of making her understand now. And he fell on the bed, sleeping in no time.

Geet walked out, as always forgetting her cloths. She sneaked out slowly, walking to the cupboard, pulled out the saree she has to wear whole day, babaji…how will I manage. Aur yeh maan bhi so rahe hai, how will I wear this…she pouted lost in her thoughts.

Maan woke up hearing sounds around…he turned towards dressing room at his right from where some blabbering and bangles sound was coming.

He got up curiously walking to the room. From partition he caught his wife’s sight. 

Now, how to make this pleats…

He chuckled hearing mumbling and struggling with sari.

Need some help wifey…? 

Ahhh…who’s it…she was so lost that suddenly hearing his voice she got scared and her immediate reaction was to scream in fear.

Geett… He walked in grabbing her closer by waist.


Aur kismein itni himmat hai, meri biwi ko aise bahon mein leni ki..he whispered huskily.

Yes no one scare me like you do…she pouted turning her face.

Also no one help you in wearing sari, isn’t that true also.

Yes, she chirped up suddenly giving him childish smile.

Celebrating 4th Anniversary of Geet Hui Sabse Parayi *||~~ - Page 148 | Geet  - Hui Sabse Parayee

And like that he draped her in sari very beautifully along with teaching her but she wasn’t in mood.

No…mujhe yeh nahi jamta, you only do this. She made a face.

Achcha…tumhara personal servant bana rahu…?

Meine Aisa kab kaha…ab biwi ko thodi madat karna matlab yeh koi kaam nahi hota.



Dadima placed all sargi and essential items on the table before geet. 

Her eyes light up, dadi ma, yeh sab mere liye? Geet exclaimed in excitement…her mouth already watering.

Yes dear… Now let’s start…she fed her one bite when Geet’s eyes fell on Maan who stood on at the entrance of kitchen admiring her silently.

He had got ready himself having no sleep on his eyes….

Maan…she called out. He tried to escape but Dadi ma called him, Maan beta..

Now he couldn’t ignore and walked up to them.

Have seat son, today you will feed Geet.


Why this reaction, son. She is your wife, it’s her first karvachauth and you have to feed her sargi so that she keep fast whole day for you.

But Dadi ma…he stopped don’t know how to tell her, he didn’t want his wife to keep fast for the man like him.

Son, I told you she will be fine, i am there to take care of her and she is fine…woh bas chota sa hadsa tha…use bhool jaiye…

I know Dadi ma , I believe you but she…

Maan bete plz, jaldi kijiye, time is going,…

And he began feeding her. Geet happily eat from his hand, giving him cheesy smile in between.

Dadima silently admired the couple and blessed both of them.



p style=”background-color:white;box-sizing:border-box;color:#333333;font-family:arial, sans-serif;font-size:15px;line-height:20px;margin:0 0 15px;overflow-wrap:break-word;padding:3px 0;text-align:center;”>to be continued…

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