Aap ki Kasam Chapter 24


Chapter 24


That day somehow Maan managed to escape from her question. It’s not like he was afraid to let her know about his Casanova life, it was more about her reaction and how will she take it. He was afraid to explain her because he didn’t know how to do that seeing her nave Nature.

He knew she won’t able to understand, her reaction will be extent.



Dadima please forgive me, I behavior so irrational sometimes I don’t know..Geet sincerely apologies for the yesterday’s her behavior on the dinner table.

It’s just that I couldn’t see dad upset on me aur dekho na meine phirse unhe naaraz kar diya. Geet pouted.

Dadi ma who was listening her silently with smile on her face, assured her, relax dear. Aapki koi galti nahi hai. He was the one who was not ready to understand. 

Phir bhi dadima mujhe aise ulta jawab  nahi dena chahiye tha unhe. Geet was really sad.

Acha theek hai, jab woh office se aaye toh maagi mang lena. No one can stay angry on my sweet child for long. Dadi said lovingly, bringing full smile on her face. 

Dadi ma aap ko nahi lagta, aajkal aap kisi ko kuch jada hi pyar kar rahe hai aur kisi ko kuch bhi nahi..Maan walked in sitting at other side of his Dadi ma. 

Geet frowned hearing his confusing talks.

Maan yeh kisi ko kisi ko kaun hai…she cutely asked while crunching her nose.

Dadi let out a chuckle before answering, beta hum batate hai, humare grandson bahot hi possessive Hume leke. He is just getting jealous beta.

Ismein jealous hone wali kya baat hai dadima, jaise hi aap unhki dadi ma hai, waise hi aap humari..hai na, she hugged her, getting the meaning of maans words finally.

Bilkul beta…dadi kissed her head.

Maan just gave angry glare to her first then darted his look at his dadima, how I regret of getting married to you. He snorted. Now I really understood why men get scare to marry…

Dadima, Geet whined..

Maan…dadi glared him.

Yes i have all ears ladies, i know no one to love me here so I better walked out. He was about to get up when both got hold of his hand pulling him back he landed back on the couch. 

Dadi ma…

Kisne kaha apase koi pyar kar nahi karta. Geet ko aap aise hi byah karke laye hai..she teased making geet red, dadi ma, she whined and hide her face in her chest.

Maan was dumb stuck, he couldn’t speak anything and just rushed out from the place to saved from further teasing.




Now tell me geet, what you have studied, Hume aapki sab history batayiye. I mean to say academic. Dadi asked.

Dadi ma I have done my graduation in arts faculty. But aap kyon puch rahi hai.

Because we need to get you job but first I need to ask you again darling, why do you want to do job aap aage bhi toh seekh sakte aapko aur kuch seekhna hai toh.

Sachi dadima, meine toh socha hi nahi. 

Phir, still you want to do job.

Geet thought for a while, she wanted to do jub just to keep her kind busy, keep her working and maybe she could help her mother financially. She still didn’t understand the meaning of relations and marriage. 

Yes dadima, Hume financially independent bhi toh hona hai…Mera kharcha kaun uthayega phir.she innocently blabber.

Dadi let out hearty laugh, beta Hume toh yeh toh bata tha aap nave hai but yeh aap bahot hi buddhu hai…or you playing some prank.

Dadima, Geet whined..aapne mujhe buddhu kaha, jaiye mein aapse kabhi baat nahi karungi. She turned her face.

Aur nahi toh kya kahe hum, beta shadi ke baad pati atni alag nahi hote unka sab ek hota hai…Maan ka bhi sabkuch aapka hai, this home, property, money everything. 

Dadima sach mein mujhe shadi ka rishta Jada kuch samaz nahi aata but phir bhi aap kah rahe ho toh yeh bilkul sahi hai, still Dadi ma I too want to do something of my own. Khud financially independent bannana chahti hu… Aur sach mein mein bahot bor ho rahi hu abhi Ghar pe…

Dadi ma listen her calmly and totally understood her pov, she had also not thought of her as her granddaughter in law. When she said geet is her daughter, she really meant it. 

I am really proud of your thinking beta. Now show me your certificates and everything. 

Geet excitedly rushed to her room to fetch the same, she was happy that dadi ka understood her so well. 

Did you tried anywhere before dear…?  For job? For what job you tried and in what you are interested, Dadi ma asked casually but that took her to the bad memories of her past.

Dadi ma, meine bahot jagah interview diya but every time, she tried to control her tears. 

Geet what happened dear! Dadi asked anxiously seeing her gone pale. 

Everytime, i go…they misbehave with me…mujhe na jane kaise kaisi baate sunayi and demanded to…she couldn’t complete shuddering to remember all those events.

Bas kijiye, hum samaz Gaye aap kya kahna chahti hai. Dadi held her hand. 

After a while she made her drink the glass of water, now calm down and tell me aapko aage kuch padhna nahi hai..are you not interested in anything.

Matlab Dadi ma, Geet asked confused.

Matlab aapki hobbies kya hai, pahle Hume bata dijiye..

Hobbies, Geet became excited, my hobbies are mujhe novels padhna achcha lagta hai..romantic one she blushed 

Achcha humari Geet toh chupi rustom nikali.

Dadi ma dekhi teasing nahi warna mein aapko nahi bataongi.

Okay beta, now tell me aur..

Aur thoda sa painting kar leti hu…waise Jada tar mujhe writing aur reading mein dilchaspi hai.

Theek hai beta, phir aapne English literature mein kyun kuch try nahi kiya.

Dadi ma mein karna toh bahot kuch chahti thi but..she suddenly stop realizing what she was going to blabber.

What beta, aap ruk kyon gayi, why not you parsue what you wanted to do.

Dadi ma, dad ke jaane ke baad mauka nahi mila.. everything scattered dadi ma…she cried, i ….really missed him…. someone tried to take over ..our business….his company…i..don’t know who….or why…I just know…that because of that… someone….i lost my dad….

Beta bas kijiye, she engulfed her in her arms. I lost my…dad…my father… everything. 

You know dadima, my mom love…my dad so much…pata nahi…kaise…jee rahi hai..unke bina…Geet blabbered in babyish voice, crying her eyes out, she just wanted to share her pain with someone for losing her father, reasoning her mother’s health she couldn’t with her now she got the chance with dadi ma. Her damn of patience broke after getting dadima soothing embrace.

Mein….Maan …ne ke bina …jeene ka soch bhi…nahi sakti Dadi m…bahot pyar hai..mujhe unse…but I don’t know…how my mother is surviving… Now I know that’s why she got this heart decease.

Aisa ho sakta hai kya dadima. She asked her innocently making her gasped in shock. 

She revealed so much in flow of emotions and her innocence even she didn’t realize herself but all three khuranas were shunned hearing whole truth of her life.

Maan who had came back to take his phone which he forgot was now totally shock hearing her. She had been suffering this much from long, he never had imagines…definitely lost in his nightmares drama he did not try to see the reality, how ashamed he felt at the moment. He saw her crying and his heart dipped in pain and he just rushed away from there leaving his father alone to stand on the door thinking on his daughter in law’s words. 



To be continued…

Precap – Maan’s realization

                Rajveer’s reation



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  1. very emotional updategeet is happy that dadi is understanding her n respecting her wishwaiting to know what is maan n rajveer's reaction on geet's hard life after her father's death


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