Aap ki Kasam Chapter 23


Chapter 23

Suno…aapke girlfriend ka naam kya hai…you never told me? 

Her sudden question left him startle, woh..um..

he fumbled for a while but seeing her curious gaze he composed himself.

Why suddenly you are asking about my girlfriend? He tried to read her expression but there was only curiosity he could see.

Aise hi, tell me…she waited , cursing him in mind for lying to her., Mujhse jhut kaha, aur kitna sataya us chote se jhut se, now see my hubby darling how I take sweet revenge from you. She thought in mind.

It’s neeta…no..Nisha..hu ..yes..thays it, he confirmed like won some battle.

Nisha…!? Pakka ?? Ya phir aur naam yaad kar rahe ho or you finish having naming ceremony of your nonexistent girlfriend. She ended with angry pout.

It took him a moment to realized that his lie was caught by devil wife..but the question is how…he gave her blank look, what are you talking about?

I am talking about last night hubby darling, she got little courage seeing him baffle. 

What last night!!?? He tried to remember as his eyes widen in shock seeing her showing different colors altogether.

You always seem to forget about night, kuch bhulne ki beemari Hui hai kya aapko. Yes. Now I get it, you forgot because you got heavily drunk.

Why did you drink so much Maan, she became concern suddenly sitting beside him on the bed.

You know it injurious to our health, suna nahi aapne. Aapko aapki sehat ka koi khayal nahi…if you not care atleast think about dadima. Mera toh sochiye…what will I do without you…kahi kuch ho gaya toh aapko….god!! How will I survive without you!! Isliye shadi nahi ki thi aapse…to lose you next moment, I want you alive and fit and fine with me sau saal samjhe…she was nowhere to stop her blabbering 

Having no option Maan just pulled her in his arms and next moment he kissed her furiously on her lips shutting her blabbering thereby.

Maan…she moaned pushing apart going breathless…

He smirked seeing her flush face, you stink still…she made a face making him angry again as he pulled her again for a long lip lock.

You said that again and I am gonna kiss you breathless. He warned her in his husky voice, tucking the soft tendrils of her hair behind her ear, her cheeks burned in shed of red making him roam his fingers on her.

Maan…she moaned taking his attention.

You stink…she said loudly before he knew she has got up showing him her tongue and ready to run out of the room.

But in a moment he catches her to the door, what did you say…he whispered on her lips.

Dekho mujhe maaf kar do…I am sorry, she made a baby face…

He instantly melted although her next set of wards left him shunned, 

Although I like your kisses hubby ji, she was totally shy looking down but look my lips are swollen. She shows him her plump lips. They looked really bruise. Kal bhi aapne mujhe choda nahi, you bite me also. She pouted making him go mad with her innocence.

You are really innocent or act like one? He asked still unsure about her behavior…caressing her lips.

She shudder, I don’t know why you ask me the same question… Aur innocent hona matlab kya hota hai…? She tilted her head like innocent child giving him no room to doubts further. He took step back, handling her dupatta while wrapping that to her neck he saw the marks of passion or cruel act he don’t know. Maybe last night he did…she was saying truth.

Kuch dusra full sleeves and full neck ka dress pahn lo.


Urgh…yeh nahi dikhta tumhe…he touches the bruised in the crook of her neck.

Ahh…I don’t know…I didn’t see any abhi toh bahar aayi ho washroom se. She touched the wound.

He sighed and walking back he pulled out the ointment from the drawer, handling her the tube. Yeh laga lo, rahat milegi. 

She smiled cutely, snatching it from his hand, thank you hubby. 

Always welcome, wifey darling, he whispered with smug smile eyeing her lips. 

She didn’t get his intentions first but then seeing gaze not leaving from her lips she pushed him back, Jane do mujhe.

Meine kab pakda hai, he argued at her back seeing her rushing passed him.

He kept looking at the way she was struggling to put the cream on exact place as it was almost hidden that made her struggle to look at it in the mirror.

He shook his head seeing her antics and dragged his feet toward her. Without a word he pulled the tube out from her hand, 

God! You scared me…she was startled. she looked at him, turning towards him as he gestures her.

He slowly blew the bruised area making her shudder, she clutched his arms giving him immense pleasure with her soft touch.

Maan…she moaned feeling his tongue swapping on her neck, he licked the area before blowing again soothing her there by. He pulled apart putting the cream on the sound before blowing again softly.

Geet was awestruck with his care, she remembers the same man she met first time in the town. Who saved from those goons..but what happened to him suddenly…he lied to her, blamed her only to torture her.

Why?? She asked out of blue giving him teary gaze.

He realized the meaning of those stares but didn’t have right answer to her questions.

Kiss baat ki saza di mujhe, I only loved you no one else, Aap ki Kasam maan. She again whispered painfully.

I told you, the truth maan. Don’t you trust me now! She asked longingly.

I know what you said is truth only. I know…he said grabbing her both arms. Somehow I can’t mistrust you!! He stared into her mirror eyes..which showing her pure soul. Somehow he knew, 

Mein aisa jhut nahi bol sakti maan , he really tried to…’ her words hang in middle as he possessively jerked he closer,

‘ hey..I told you I trust on your words. Tum Aisa jhut nahi bologi, mein jan chuka hu. Don’t take his name. I know I made a mistake in reading people. He said lost in his thought. But now I know true colors of people. He declared angrily facing her now.

And MSK won’t forgive the people who back stabbed him. He was getting furious again thinking about Rahul. But he was out of country right now, there was no info about his whereabouts that Maan had to wait for his appearance….

Why did you lied to me about girlfriends. 

Maan looked at her hearing her, he realized maybe yesterday he spill the beans. He just want to know till what extent he bare himself to her.

Aur kya kya kaha meine…he demanded.

Pahle mujhe batao, why did you lied me. 

First tell me geet, aur meine kya kya kaha.

You said, you don’t love anyone…not any girlfriend. She innocently replied, you have many girlfriends…that’s when she realized what she was missing onto till now. 

Yes she should be angry on him but here she is standing in his arms, making him love her.

But he don’t love her…

Maan gulped hearing her questions, but wait why he is fearing and what for… I am like this everyone knows…and MSK don’t care for anyone.

You didn’t tell me you have many girlfriends, aur aise ek sath bahot sare girlfriends kaise ho sakte hai she again threw the question at him innocently having no knowledge of these things.

Maan gave her weird look like what the hell she is asking, you don’t know me…about me.

Yeh kaisa sawal hai, I know about you, you are Maan..yeh aapka Ghar hai, main aapki wife. You roam always with your friends and your dad work I mean handle the big KC..she ended like narrating some essay.

Now he wanted to bang his head somewhere, she did not stay back from doing his insult as well.

Before he could speak anything she reminded him, now tell me how many girlfriends you have…they are only friends na…friends hi hoge, waise aap kaise ek sath har kisi se pyar kar sakte hai. She asked in one breath.

Ek sath pyar, her words buzzed in his mind…popping up his own Casanova image, yes he do made s** with everyone.

Now he couldn’t think of her reaction if she got to know about his life. 

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