Aap ki Kasam Chapter 22


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Chapter 22

You lied to me that you have girlfriend? she again asked trying to pulled him apart to face him.

He stopped irritated with the abruptness of her as she stared at her with his heated eyes. It isn’t lie.. i have girlfriends.. not one many but before you came… from the time you came in my life… my life became mess.. i don’t have time to go to anyone but argue with you.. he grunted making her stupefied.

He was kissing her breasts now,his mouth touching the soft flesh with lazy sensuality, the flicker of his tongue re-creating the pleasure his questing fingers had begun.

Geet thought ruefully, ‘he has girlfriends….he lied to me’

His wickedly experienced hands were travelling again, stroking down her body in total mastery, and she said hoarsely, ‘Maan—no. . .’

but he continued his torture on her as his strong hand cupped her breast, his fingers teasing the  tight nipple with devastating effect, while his lips covered the other one, drawing  the hard nub into the hot dark warmth of his mouth.

Her breath stopped in her throat, as an ache of longing, so basic, so primitive swept through her.  The dark eyes were intensely brilliant as they watched her. He whispered, “I want you..

There was an odd note in his voice. Something like diffidence, the corner of her mind that was still working, registered incredulously, what the hell he was doing and he lied to her. 


She heard herself moan,’No-—oh, no …’ and then she twisted away from him, striking his hands away from her body, levering herself desperately across the bed and burying her flushed unhappy face in the pillow.

Maan said her name on a shaken breath, and his hands came down on her shoulders to lift her back into his embrace, and she almost wailed,’Don’t touch me! You lied to me..you have many girlfriends…and you said you don’t love anyone…she cried in one breath.

There was a long silence, then he said, ‘What hypocrisy is this? I told you I don’t love anyone…what is connection of me having girlfriends and not loving any. Simply I don’t feel for anyone but you. 


‘Oh, yes,’ she said dully, still keeping her face averted. You have many girlfriends and you just said you feel for me…what kind of that feel? She blasted.

I don’ know…

And why did you lied…she pouted angrily trying to wriggle out but his eyes darkened seeing her mounts swinging with her wriggling.

She stopped instantly trying to pulled her shirt together to cover her but he wouldn’t let her instead he sticks her closer to his chest making both groan together.

I lied just to torture you! Suna tumne…jaise tumne mujhe sataya mere sapno mein aake. I wanted to make you suffer the same way.

Finally the truth was out and Geet couldn’t do anything but gasped in utter disbelief hearing him.


You did all this just to make me suffer? She asked in unbelievable voice, you did all this just because of your some dreams…? She again asked still trying to comprehend everything he said.

He nodded making an innocent face, as he buried his face in the crook of her neck.

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Enough!! She blasted holding his fist of hair in her palm as she pulled him apart to face him, you are stupid maan, or what!? I thought myself stupid till now but you are just dumb…she blabbered making him angry.

He pushed her down, what you know about my dreams…you don’t..you know, how I used to keep awake just be spare from those dreams, you don’t know anything… 

Maan she tried to calm him down as she wanted to know more about it and why he is being so rebellious connecting the dreams to reality. 

You don’t know… anything, he stuttered, his eyes felt so heavy, that he just put his face on her chest and next moment he dozed off but giving her sleepless night.

Geet was lost in her thoughts caressing his hair…still not able to believe what he just blurted. Is that the truth…how?? She wondered when all of a sudden he rubbed his face in her softness making her giggle..

Maan…stop it…she tried pulling him away but he wouldn’t budged his arms wrapped around her strongly keeping her intact in his arms. She let ho her futile attempt and closed her eyes to sleep deciding to talk with him the very next morning.



Next day same scene was followed like previously when he came drunk home.

Geet found herself on the floor, she glared at him cutely rubbing her bump…he always does this, god.she looked up complaining cutely.

Just the difference was, he pushed her by mistake in his sleep.

Geet somehow got up but her eyes widen in shock feeling herself bare. She instantly covered herself first. Then wrapping her bed from the floor she went to washroom leaving her sleeping husband behind.


After a while Maan woke up hearing some sound. He groggily open his eyes, his head busting lightly.  Although he was habitual still couldn’t escape from the hangover.

God!! Save me!! 

He heard loud gasped of someone rather that someone might be his wife, he thought snapped opening his eyes as he looks at the sound.

His eyes remained wide open seeing her in the same tinny towel wrapped around her gorgeous little body.

It took him a minute to calm down his raging desires seeing her like that. He control himself then gave her mocking smile, you again forgot your cloths? 

Geet pouted, woh mein…mujhe aadat nahi hai andar kapde le jane ki…she said with pouting lips, although back at home she was used to, until her mother changed her habit some two years back. Still Geet couldn’t completely change it.

What!! He gave her ridiculous look. You meant to say, you have this weird habit of roaming in room all nude? 

Meine Aisa kab kaha..she crunched her nose in anger , giving him baby glares. And mind your words…

You better mind your ways… because now you are not alone , we both are sharing the room. Atleast have some senses, one man is staying with you in same room. He tried to put some senses in her empty head. He doesn’t know how much will he control seeing her not so innocent antics.

 And the girl never seem to understand him. That man is not some stranger but my husband, I know that…she snapped back. I trust you hubby ji..she giggled at the end seeing his blank face.


Now please don’t come at this side, I need to change my cloths, she said before rushing to dressing room. Which was only the small partition.

It took him a time to realize what just she said and he groaned inwardly but at the end small smile tug at the corner of his lips.

Something definitely seems to change between both after last night. Both concluded having sweet smile on their faces.

But soon smile vanished from Geets face reminding about his lie. She decided comfort him in her own way. Thinking so, she stormed out covering herself properly in her dress. 


Suno…aapke girlfriend ka naam kya hai..you never told me? 

to be continued…

Precap – Geet’s most innocent questions to Maan…smiley15


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