Aap ki Kasam Chapter 21


Before you guys proceed with the update let me clear your confusion regarding geet’s character.

Yes, she is innocent and immature, have not seen the world enough and has been most pampered princess of her father who is no more, it’s been only a year to his death that cause sudden disaster to thier life. Somewhere that also had affected her mentally. And yes she outspoken girl, don’t have habit two behave two face, which was in her heart that came out from her mouth. 

For more please read the character sketch again. smiley17

Chapter 21

It was late night, when Geet decided to talk to rajveer and apologize for her behavior.

She knocked on his room door and wait for a while for his reply.

Come in…

As soon as she stepped in, Rajveer just turned his face in anger.

Why are you here, itne raat gaye? He asked rudely.

She gulped her saliva before beginning in her meek voice, I am sorry dad, woh dinner table pe jo bhi hua…’

But he didn’t let her complete, I think tumhe so jaan chahiye, bahot raat ho chuki hai…I am also going to sleep, goodnight. Saying so he got up, showing her the door.

Geet was teary now; he didn’t even give her a chance to apologize.


I know mujhe waise argument nahi…

Suna nahi tumne…’ He raised his voice in anger, JUST Leave! He blasted, scaring the poor soul out of her.

She jumped on her place with his loud voice and next moment rushed out form his room.

It took her few minutes to calmed down herself, she was indeed badly hurt but knew she have to be patience now.




Geet has just made her bed on the floor cursing Maan under her teeth when all of a sudden he barged in the room shutting the door loudly behind like always.

Geet jerked up putting her palm to her chest, why you have to be always so loud…she snorted crunching her nose in displeasure as soon the foul smell of his alcohol again reached her nose.

Shhh…he dragged his feet inside reaching towards her.

You stink…again…you are drunk. She complaint pinching her nose trying to push him away but instead his feet stuck in the bed sheet she had spread on the floor making him land on her where as she falls back on the bed taking him on her.


For a moment none could speak, absorbing the moment just what happened. 

What the f***, who spread that damn sheet on the floor. He shouted.

She stuck her finger in her ear, hearing his yelling.

Don’t yell…oh God. First of all let me clear you, you gajini..always seem to forget, you are the one to scold me for sharing the bed.You asked me to sleep on the floor. Now if you would lift up your body from me, I want sleep…bahot neend aa rahi hai. 

All the while maan’s all attention was only on her pink swollen lips movements as she was talking non stop. It took him a moment to realized what she said.

Don’t …blame me always…he stuttered, heavily drunk as he grabbed her arm looking into her eyes.

Tumhari kartute toh tumhe dikhti nahi, ha? 

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Meine kya kiya…she was so upset hearing him blaming her, balki jab se aayi hu it was always you to torture me.

Torture you? He let out a small chuckle, giggling no stop then somehow stop, aur tumne jo mujhe pareshan kar rakha hai uska kya.

Kab…kaise? She frowned.

Look who is asking. Innocent devil! He pressed her jaw shaking her.

Ouch..leave me.

You are acting innocent, or you are really innocent my darling wife?

She turned her face away from foul smell of his mouth.

You torture me in my Nightmares every night. Suddenly he began crying, you beat me…yaha yaha…he made crying face and show her the places.

Hu..? She was so confuse..what the hell is he speaking.

Aap kya baat kar rahe, mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha. She pouted.

Yahi toh problem hai, Geet, tum kuch samzna hi nahi chahti. He sighed painfully getting up but not able sit more that he landed back on the bed.

Geet hover over him, checking him if he has gone to sleep but to her horror next moment he jerked open his eyes with loud voice, you don’t understand me, my pain…my love…nothing… Mein kyon itna gussa karta hu,kabhi janne ki koshish ki hai. He blamed her again.

You never care for me, he grabbed her arm, she landed on him.

All you care about your mom and dadima. Maan kaisa hai, use kya chahiye…koi nahi puchta…he pouted as if ready to cry any moment.

Geet felt so bad for him…her heart almost melted, why are you talking like this, she was on the verge of breaking down seeing him like that,mein hu na she cupped his jaw. 

He chuckled eyeing her with his droopy eyes. 

Tum ho, but you don’t love me…kaise koi karega mujh jaiseawara se pyar. I don’t worth it…don’t…jao yaha se..he tried to push her but she didn’t budge. 

Aise na kaho, she pecked his forehead sweetly making him bowl by her touch. He kept staring her while she kissed his both cheeks one by one, “I love you!!

Sachchi!! She looked at his eyes and kissed them one by one, I love you so much! Then followed his nose at the end she pecked his lips with shyness before jerking up to leave the bed realizing what she did.

Maan caught her wrist, jerking her back in his arms. He nailed her down to the bed before putting his hungry mouth on her. He kissed her like a man possessed. 

She has not known what was happening. His tongue pushed between her  teeth; his hands had roamed caressingly up and down her spine. She was drowning in a million sensations. Her hands had fluttered to his shoulders and clung. Her heart had pounded, with fear mingled with an aching  excitement.

then his one hand sliding down from her shoulder to slip loose a button of her shirt, his thumb brushing the swell of her breasts. She gasped and inhaled sharply at the contact, her hand reaching to cover his. ‘Don’t!’

‘Why not? Deliberately his fingers played with the fastening of her shirt, teasingly brushing her breasts.  because you love someone else..she rasped out trying to catch her breath. 

I don’t… His dark eyes glittered black with an  intensity of desire, his face taut with the effort to control some emotion.

His mouth caressed hers warmly and sensuously, without haste urgency, then moved lower, pushing the shirt aside as his tongue explored the hollow at the base of her throat. and slid his hand into the shirt, his thumb stroking softly along her shoulder.

His lips followed the same caressing path, and his hand moved downwards, Cupping her rounded breast in his palm while his fingers stroked gently across her swollen nipple.

Geet stifled a gasp, and her body tensed. you don’t what..? you don’t love anyone. 

‘I don’t,’ Maan said huskily against her skin. 

He doesn’t…. His words seemed to quiver along her nerve-endings. 

It was torture to deny the response she yearned to give.

It was misery to lie unyielding, when what she wanted was to twine herself around him, giving him kiss for kiss and so much more. but what did he just said…he don’t love anyone… she doesn’t know what to feel at the moment, happy..or angry for he lied to her.

“You lied to me…” she whispered unable to take his sweet torture and bitter words at the same time on her.


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