Aap ki Kasam Chapter 20

 maneet ff – Mugdha Love Diaries

Now you accepted it!? He smirked ruefully.

Chapter 20

But her next set of words proved his thinking wrong.

Yes, Kunal was there with me,but don’t you know why? 

Maan stared her confuse, but soon his jaw tighten in rage thinking about the scenarios.

Aapke dusre dost Rahul, he…he…Rahul tried to…she couldn’t uttered the words thinking only this she felt the shudder in her spine.

What Rahul ..? He grabbed her arms getting impatient to know the truth after hearing his other friend’s name being dragged in the conversation.

Her eyes filled up by now thinking about that day, I was so happy and content after knowing you also liked me, I was happy to play with you the colors but then after awhile…Geet gulped her saliva trying to say out the things she wanted to tell him after a long, she stopped herself that time but never knew her hiding this would create this much misunderstanding between them. 

Batao mujhe kya kahna chahti ho tum, Rahul ka naam kyon liya tumne. What he tried? he shakes her hard, getting frustrated with her pause , he was dying to know what she was revealing to him.

When I felt tire, I decided to go to room to rest but that time I didn’t know he was following me. He tried to force me. 

Suna apne…’ she gritted her teeth in sheer anger on rahul and him also unknowingly he was also responsible for that Fiasco because he made friends with that type of guy. 

Maan couldn’t take it, for him his friends are lifeline, that’s why he was angry on both Kunal and her when this fiasco happened. 

Tum jhut jah rahi ho…Rahul Aisa kaise kar sakta hai..he is my friend, he left her instantly turning his back and closed his eyes in frustration.

Geet was shunned, why he couldn’t believe her words, yeah now she remembers that s the reason she didn’t tell anyone, even him also at the first place. Because she knew that’s what will happen. Anyone won’t believe her.

She came face to face with him,I am saying the truth maan , mujhpe yakeen kijiye, main bhala kyon jhut kyon bolungi. 

Chapter 38 : Hamara Rishta

To save your lie you are dragging Rahul in between.

Geet gasped clutching her mouth;she had not expected this much accusations coming her way from him. She had always trust him and loved him. Never expected he thinks so low about her.

First of all I am not lying, suna aapne, she blasted pointing her finger at him, and secondly when you believe Rahul so much then why can’t you trust your other friend Kunal? Aap kaise Aisa ghatiya soch sakte aapke friend ke bare mein. Kya itna hi jante hai aap apne dost ko. 

Geet showed him the mirror,forcing each words clearly from her mouth.

Meri toh chodiye, I came later in your life but you can at least trust your friend and knows everyone nature.She indicated about rahul at the end. 

Maan couldn’t say anything but just stared at her because she was saying right.

Kya ek baar bhi aapne janne ki koshish ki what is the truth before blaming me, just you saw us together and assumed all things by yourself. 

Ek baar mujhse baat ki, her voice cracking by now reminding the way he behave with her just because of this lie. When she was not at fault everything done by his friend.

Ek baar Kunal se baat ki? She asked again, trying to see his eyes but he stole his gaze thinking about his interaction with Kunal.

Yeah I talked with Kunal but he…he remembers his words, and closed his eyes.

Geet was watching his expression keenly not able to fathom anything at the moment as she waited for him to speak.

He didn’t tell me anything. He even fought with me for you for raising finger on your character. Now what shall I to take out from his behavior, you tell me.

Geet smiled painfully, yes I tell you, you assumed all things wrong and blame me and him also f I am not wrong?She looked keenly at him, his expression told her she is right.

Boliye, aapne unhe bhi blame Kiya hoga. 

Why do you care so much about him, he snapped. 

I care as human being; I know how it felt to be blamed for no mistake. Aur woh toh aapke dost hai, I don’t care about him but you. I know you are angry but with that you might be deeply hurt also. I know Maan. 

He looked at her astonished,she looked calm now, as she proceed to cup his face, mujhse puchiye, kaisa feel hota hai..when I know this truth that you love someone else. She closed her eyes few years drops from her eyes.

Maan felt caught in fire with his own lie now. He couldn’t tell her truth now , cannot see her tears as well. 

He silently wiped her tears…she slowly opened her eye, when Rahul tried to force me he was the one who saved me that day. 

Maan clutched her closer, not able to bear the truth.

He was just helping me to my room. That’s it, he once asked me to take care and I took promise from him that not to tell anyone because I know no one will believe me. He turned his eyes in shame realizing he did the same. 

I can’t even imagine what would have happened if Kunal would not have come on the right time. She shuddered thinking so. Mein toh mar hi gayi hoti…she muttered sadly only to be shut by his palm which rested immediately on her mouth.

I don’t know how to prove myself innocent, but believe me I am saying truth. She rolled down on her knees holding his feet pleading him literally to believe her.

Maan clutched his fist at his side burning in rage thinking about rahul. How dare he… If this is the truth,and I am sure this is, he somehow couldn’t doubt her tears or the pain in her eyes. He won’t surely leave him. He dared to lay his dirty hands on his beloved possession. He won’t escape from his wrath now. Thinking so he madly rushed out of the room banging the door harshly to the walls which made loud noise bringing Geet back to senses.

kaha chale gaye yeh, itni raat Gaye…she took her phone just to remember she doesn’t have his number. Kaisiwife hu main., I don’t his number.

Aapne do unko, first I will store his number in my phone. She thought wiping her tears, she rushed to the washroom to calm down herself.


Maan tried to reach Kunal, but his phone came out of coverage. He hit his feet rudely to the tire out of frustration. He drove madly to their usual hangout place and came out in rush taking high breaths. He stay there for a while, thinking about everything from the time she entered his life. 

She was only nightmare for me until she stepped in my life becoming the reality of my life. I still don’t know why did I get those dreams where she is abusing me. But I have to admit from the time we got marry, those nightmares have stopped replacing with the dreams of hers only where she only knows to love him.

Reality stuck again him; yes she loves him that’s what she confessed always. But usmein sachchayi kitni I don’t know. 

One thing I know for sure today,she didn’t betrayed me, I was so in wrong assumption, he combed back his hair in frustration as he remember Rahul again what she told him about that b****.

He now remembers the way rahul had walked in when he was making out with geet in the trees. 

He closed his eyes in sheer rage, getting up he thought to confront him right now. 

But as he reached his mansion,he got to know Rahul had flee away, where he don’t know.

#**** he again cursed him now correcting his doubts further. He remembers Geet’s words, 

You must know your friends and their nature, mere aane se pahle woh aapke zindagi mein hai.

Yes, I know how Casanova he is like me meine pahle kyon nahi socha yeh..he thought ruefully. As there was no reason to deny the truth now. 


He was mad with rage, totally hurt and angry for his behavior with his friend, for trusting Rahul’s words which he told to manipulate him. He was thinking of all this when his cell buzz he looked at it to found kunals number on it.

He instantly answers the call,Kunal I need to talk to you. 

Kunal thought for a while, his voice told him that he is edgy to know something.

Okay, meet me at the **** bar,he answered curtly before cutting the call.


Kunal was waiting for Maan after attending his one of late meetings; he had recently joined his dad in the business after going through turmoil because of maan’s rudeness. 

Maan walked in after a while,and spotted Kunal at the one of the table.

After short span of silence, maan decided to broke the ice between them. You here? 

Mein toh business ke silsile mein aaya tha Maan, tum batao, after our last fight how did you decide to meet me suddenly. Kunal didn’t leave a chance to taunt him. 

Agar itna gussa the toh Milneke tayyar kyo hue.

It’s not because of you, but for geet. Seeing maans red eyes he added, my innocent sister in law. To prove her innocence to you again.

Is it, how you are so sure i came for that only.

Aur kya baat ho sakti hai, last I remember you fought with me. He turned his face; I strongly guess it’s the only reason. 

Your guess is right buddy; I want to talk with you regarding that only. Mujhe sabkuch sach batao, will you.From starting. What happened that Holi  day. 

Kunal nodded still unsure, but geet…I think maan you hear from her only, give her chance to speak , she will tell you the whole truth.

she told me , now i want to listen from you as well, he told roughly.

kyon, apni biwi par bharosa nahi hai, kunal was angry.


frankly speaking kunal, yes i was having my doubts, meine geet se baat bhi ki she had revealed me the incident that took place at the holi party, but it has also your involvement, so please, cooperate with me, i want to know the whole truth, what exactly happened. I still can’t belive rahul could do something like that. he was our friend after all. he bang his fist angrily on the table. 

ab gussa hone se kya fayda.. tum nahi the us waqt jab geet ko tumhari jarurat thi, nor you give her chance to explain. 

dekho kunal, i agreed it’s my fault and i am guilty about that. now please tell me once. 

seeing him finally ready to listen him and narrated him everything, Geet Puri tarah Tut chuki thi, if i couldn’t have dragged her to room she would have fallen. Aur phir usne mujhe sachchayi batane se inkar Kiya. I don’t know why still I had to agree with her. He sighed upset with the happenings.

Maan had to believe his words;he knew there are no conversation going on between Geet and him. She didn’t talk with anyone or any male species. And Kunal told the same thing. 

Toh phir Rahul ne usdin Aisa kyon kaha…he suddenly remembered, rising his curious gaze at Kunal.

What did he say? Kunal was already assuming Rahul must have brainwashed him.

He told me, tum dono ke bich kuch chal raha hai, you are interested in her and both are backstabbing me. Aurusi waqt usne yeh sab kaha jab meine tum dono ko dekha.

What rubbish! Kunal literally jumped from his seat. How could he…why did he say so…

What else for, Geet ko pane ke liye..ba**** he played well making us fight meri aur Geet ke beech mein misunderstanding create ki..

But don’t you wanna accept uski wajah tum bhi ho..you gave him right to play with you.

Yeah I accept mein pahle uske irade padhe nahi. He was all the while eyeing my wife.

Kunal could see love burning in his fired eyes, he smiled silently. 

I am sorry for my behavior also, Kunal. I believed on his dirty words but not you. 

It’s okay maan, atleast now you understand the truth I am happy. But how did you decide to suddenly contact me today.

Geet ne mujhe bataya,… He became silent unable to tell him, how he tortured his own wife.

Finally she told you, I am really happy for you both. She is a gem maan, don’t do this again coming under any lies or assumptions. Just trust her once; she would color your life. You won’t know how your life will become.

Maan just silently nodes,unable to speak anything, lost in his own turmoil.

Now need to rush buddy he got up.

But Kunal why so hurry, share one drink with me.

Sorry maan, but I have recently joined my dad, sharing his work responsibility. I need to get up early to join office early in the morning. Bye. And you enjoy. Waise bhi you don’t have to worry for anything right now…aish hai tumhari toh..he just said casually and rushed out from there.

But Maan just kept thinking about his words. Unknowingly kunal’s words hit him hard. Where his friend have taken responsibility of his father’s business while he is still enjoying his own life without caring about anyone not even he changed his lifestyle after marriage.

His wife must be thinking about his as loser. He doesn’t deserve anything but roamed out with his friends. The same so called friend back stabbed him and one showed him the mirror.

Frustrated with mess of his life, he ordered hard drink for himself and gulped the shots one after another;diving in the miseries of his life he got heavily drunk.

To be continued….

Precap – 

Mein kisise pyar nahi karta…Maan Singh Khurana can never love anyone but him. Suna tumne, I don’t love anyone. 


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