Aap ki Kasam Chapter 18


Chapter 18

Meri coffe kaha hai? He asked huskily. She jolted immediately looking confused for a while.

Coffe!! He repeated, if you forgotten let me remind you, I have asked you for black coffee.

Yes..I brought it, she turned around with a big smile on her face as she took the tray in her hand which contained his coffee mug which was whole messed up. 

Yeh toh thandi hai…

All because of you, she snapped which made him show his big angry eyes to her.

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Don’t show me your big eyes, she pointed finger at him. If you think I am scare of your anger…then her voice instantly mellow down. Bilkul sahi socha aapne, mein isse phir se bana ke lati hu, dijiye..and she took the cup from his hand rushing away out of his sight.

Maan stood amused about what just happened now. He smirked deviously thinking about her reaction.

He had never thought to lose his anger like that on someone but this girl does all things make him lose his anger. Whatever, he now wanted to find out the truth…if she is saying truth but what if she is lying…Aisa nahi ho sakta, his heart denied to believe those words.

That nightmare thing remains back of his mind now, he desperately wanted to find out the only truth about his wife now. He won’t let her go that easily.

Few days passed by him ordering her around and she would ultimately obey him… somewhere the love, some fear and some worry for the consequences. She didn’t want to make her mother suspicious or even dadima by his biased behavior towards her. 

Maan in those days tried to find the solution for his one and only problem Geet.

Maan would have simply contacted his dad’s investigator for the matter. But he better knew not to do so hence making rajveer aware of the whole fiasco. He never wanted to pull his father in all this mess of his life.

In between this, Geet has never fail to do those small attempts to gain her father in laws affection for her… who seem least interested in her attempts.

She was craving for fatherly love and care which got multiply seeing maans dad. His features and nature resembles so much to Maan that it took no attempt to attract him to her. More than all was she was getting desperate for his one loving fatherly pat on head. Seeing his rapo with maan, she couldn’t help but pout with sadness craving for the same.

Dad, aapki coffe! Geet forwarded her hand to him.

Rajveer once looked at her then again turned his attention to his files on which he was working.

I told you umpteen times…

That there are servants do this work! Geet finished his sentence as he took the cup from her hand and gave her stern look.

Par meine bhi aapko kaha hai, dad..mujhe achcha lagta hai.

You mean, you liked to work like a servant he taunt with the same smirk that reminded her of her devil husband.

Nahi dad, aap galat sanajh rahe hai. I like to do this things for my family..for you, aap mere dad nahi ho sirf Maan ke.

Rajveer was shunned for a while, he had never has girl child and never experienced the connection with the baby girl and suddenly her question stupefied him.

No! You are my daughter in law and I expect you stay in that line only. He answered rudely trying to shove away the emotions which stirring inside her with her simple sentence.

Geet was taken a back but she never knew to be rude with elders. But his words reminded her about her husband’s words. The same words he used to show her down.

Pata nahi aap dono mujhe kya samjhte hai, but dad I am also the human I know my limits and henceforth will remain in my line.

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Aur aap chahe mujhe apni beti na mane but I consider you no more than my father figure. Pata hi nahi chala kab aapne meri zindagi ki us Kami ko pura kar diya. She thought about her own father and had tears in her eyes by now. 

If you think by your words I will stop doing things for you then you are wrong dad, you can be upset on your daughter uska haq toh aapko hai but I have also rights to do things for you as your daughter. Saying so she rushed away from there leaving rajveer in deep thoughts.

He sipped his coffee relishing the taste. It’s been last few days, he has been tasting her handmade coffee and taste lingers in his mouth refreshing his mood. It’s been few days, Geet would walked in his study to ask him about his day and only talk happened by her side. He chooses to ignore her finding her behavior irritating. She would talked to him about her own day never once she had mouthed his son in those conversations. Offcourse he did notice few incidents where his son man handling his wife. He had choose to ignore although not knowing why did heart felt hurt seeing her few tears.

Today her words made him think about his son’s behavior again. Has he been crossing his limits in hurting his daughter in law. 


It’s been month to their marriage now. Maan had somewhere mellowed down towards her. Still showing fake anger and fake girlfriend talks to her.

He decided to tap her phone…if she is still in a contact with Kunal. But to his astonishment there was only few calls that might consider to be her female friends…none even includes her affair or kunals name. He was getting doubtful now. 

Only few conversation she did that too her friends, which include him somewhere not his friend.

They asked about her married life teased her about her husband. He felt her chirping and suddenly sad tone while telling about him and marriage.

He closed his eyes, trying to get his thoughts clear. His heart felt heavy suddenly with the thought what if he is wrong and she is innocent. 

He jerked his eyes open, no Maan Singh Khurana cannot be wrong! He brushed his hair madly getting irritated with this whole mess.

Maan singh khurana updated their... - Maan singh khurana

His life became a mess from the time he started having those nightmares. Why couldn’t he punish her when she tortured him so much in his nightmares. He thought ruefully slamming the door shut witha bang as he stormed out of his car reaching on the hill.

He looked at the horizon and slowly remember, his nightmares have been vanished from the time she stepped into his life. It only consists her dreams now. Sweet dream. 

Why am I even connecting all those dreams to real life. Dream or reality mein farak toh hota hai na Maan. He wanted to prove her innocent badly from all angles… because somewhere he began trusted her innocence his heart falling for her and no matter how badly his mind blur his feelings his heart only wanted her.


Dadima I want to do job!! Geet suddenly raised the topic on the dinner table. She had thought whole day, her one friend had asked her about her day and she just remember she just does nothing seating ideal at home, take her husband wrath…her father in law unpleasant looks at night her mother’s scolding few times. 

Her mother has gone to sleep already having dinner early which she preferred to have most of times at outhouse not wanted to meddle with her daughter’s marriage life. Geet had talked to her mother early that day who suggested her to talk with Maan and dadima once. Henceforth they are the ont to take decision of her life.

Geet had pouted with the thought making irritates face, why would anyone take decision of her life. She is not kid had individual life of her own. 

Everyone stop eating and looked at her bewildered like she said something wrong. 

Dadima please, mein bore ho jati hu, and I think I shall do something beneficial for me to keep my kind and body fit. She concluded seeing dadi silent.

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Offcourse beta you are right! Dadima smiled making her face brighten with her approval.

You don’t have to do anything, if you are getting bore joined dadima in her social circle and work. Geet pouted, she had not expected something like this coming from her father in law whom she consider her own father. 

Tell me what are your qualification, you can join KC.

Not at all! Rajveer suddenly blasted, you know maa, I preferred highly qualified and experienced person as employees in my company. He was rude and harsh which pinched Geet badly. Her eyes filled up with his low thinking…

Dad, you don’t know me or my qualifications, how could you speak like that. She dared to argue considering him her own father.

Enough! Rajveer snapped the napkin from his hands getting up, now you began arguing with me as well. I already know this girl have no manners or way to talk with people and how this girl is going to work in corporate. 

Geet by now was so angry and upset, I either not want to work in any corporate. She cried rushing away from the table least she wanted to argue with him more and hurt herself again.

To be continued….

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Precap :- 

Rahul tried to…she couldn’t uttered the words thinking only this she felt the shudder in her spine.

Hey guys, first of all thanks a lot for your support..smiley31 I couldn’t reply to comments but surely read each one. I just forgot to answer most of readers queries which I read through comments. 

First of all regarding Maan, yes he is immature with his thinking, he is most pampered child and spoiled brat , his world only consist of dadima, his father and friends, not to forget his nightmare angle who became his wife now. so, he believed first what his eyes saw, first his nightmares which showed Geet’s face and then that holi party. Rahul was also his friend like Kunal so he believed what his eyes witness and being immature he couldn’t tried to find out the truth next moment but what his mind thought to just vent out his anger on the only subject of his all miseries…i.e. Geet. 

Regarding Rajveer Khurana, I would like to say read the character sketch again. he is business mind person..totally cruel , you even read first and second chapter for more of his character. smiley2

Anyways, truth is going to be out soon…so stay tune for more twists and turns. smiley15


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