Aap ki Kasam Chapter 13

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Chapter 13


Geet sat in the middle of the gathering of ladies. She had her veil on her head, covering her face as per the ritual. Only her soft pink lips were visible that too were mesmerizing the audience.

One by one all looked at her face not before putting gift on her lap. Geet excitedly looked at the gifts but frowned getting irritated at the veil thing which hinder her view.

Queen Dhami

Dadi ho gaya? Aur kitna der…Hume dikhayi nahi de raha thik se…Geet complaint cutely making all the ladies to break into giggles.

Dadi too chuckle and held her hand which was itching to remove her veil. Abhi nahi beta, bas ek minute… Saying so she put her own gift on her lap and open the veil making Geet too took an sigh of relief.

Hush…dadi ma , finally… She pouted wiping her face with hanky making everyone giggle again.

She is one of a piece maa ji…kaha se dhund ke laye is Chand ke tukde ko…

And on and on..ladies kept singing praises for Geet, who blushed furiously and giggled feeling overwhelmed with all aunties comments.

Dadi ma, inse kahiye aur nahi…warna hum toh sharam se mar jayenge…she hide her face behind both palms making everyone broke into fit of laughter seeing her antics.

Beta, apni dadi sas se kyon kah rahi ho…him se bhi toh bat karo.

Nahi nahi..mujhe sharam aati hai, aap bahot chidate hai mujhe..

Dadi chuckled, Geet beta, you talk with them all.. they have come to talk to you, get to know you.

Geet peek from behind her palms and shook her head, ji dadima. And she was soon engrossed in the talks with all ladies who enjoyed her company.

Dadi gave a smirk to her grandson, before walking to him, dekha humare Bahu ka jadu…she castes magic upon those vamp ladies as well.

GHSP 364 HD(0)_4590.jpg

Maan snorted, magic nahi black magic kahiye, dadima, he muttered under his breath, watching every antics of his wife, standing little far from the place.

Kuch kaha aapne…dadi frowned.

Maine..? Nahi toh.. he just shakes his head, now can I go..I have some work Dadi ma.

Leave it, I know what type of works you have, ek din toh Ghar pe rahiye, apni budhi dadi ke sath na toh sahi but with your newly wedded wife.

Dekhiye kitni khush hai aaj. Kisi ki najar na Lage mere Chand ke tukde ko…dadi praises her, much to maans annoyance, “you are praising her because you don’t know her true colors dadi ma…aur nahi main batana chahta hoon aapko, mein nahi chahta because of that witch woman you suffer.” Maan thought ruefully.

GHSP 364 HD_0941.jpg


As the dinner was placed, Geet called her mother who told her that she is on the way. Hearing this Geet was really happy. Even dadi maa talked with her.

Let’s have dinner now, aiye baithiye…said dadi once conversation was over. 

Geet was so happy , she forgot the morning incident and sat near dadi but when she looked at Maan, she did remembered his anger seeing his glare.

She instantly got up, nahi nahi dadi ma, aap kha lijiye..hum aapko serve karenge. She gulped hard seeing his clenched jaw and angry eyes. 

Why not!? You are going to sit with me, we will  have dinner together. Dadi pulled her down, “itne der se toh aapko bahot bhook lag rahi thi.

Woh toh hai, Geet murmured eyeing the dishes spread on the table before her. Her mouth watered…it’s been ages she had has this royal food. After her dad’s demise…her thoughts halted, eyes filed up.

Kya hua bachcha…dadi asked lovingly, holding her hand as she witnessed her lost.

Kuch nahi, dadi ma, bas kuch yaad aa gaya.

Shall we start the dinner now! Rajveer finally spoke seeing the drama going on the table 

Why not! Dadi called for nakul and servants to serve the dinner.

When it was maans turn, he stop him, dadi ma Geet ke hote hue, servants ki kya jarurat, he said deviously making dadi to looked at her son in confusion…she surely disliked his words.

Geet frowned while Dadi asked him, kya matlab hai aapka, Geet is Ghar ki Bahu hai, infact she is daughter of this house more than anything.

Geet smile cheekily only to receive maans silent glare which made her pout.

GHSP 364 HD(0)_0583.jpg

Mera matlab wahi hai dadi ma, Geet is daughter in law of this house, so she need to serv us. He stopped, now your has been done. Just I am left, so Geet, serve me! He ordered…then seeing Dadi ma gaze changed his tone, Geet darling, would you mind serving me, I would like to eat then only! He gave her cheeky smile. Geet didn’t understand his double meaning or sugar coated voice neither dadi ma. 

Maan now she is eating, so you help yourself son, or else nakul hai.


Maan sighed dejectedly as he just wanted to trouble her and show her place but then Geet’s sweet voice stopped him, rukiye Maan, Hum serve kar dete hai, and I haven’t started yet, 

Lekin Geet beta, 

But till then she had stood up, going near him, she served him whatever he wanted. All the while Maan kept glancing her, her face looked beautiful with sweet smile and innocence adoring it. His gaze went down at her stomach which was doing hide and seek under her saree.

He gulped hard, his hands itches to hold her and he did exactly what his heart wished at the moment, he grabbed her waist suddenly making her drop her spoon.

Kya hua beta…

She nervously looked at Dadi ma, then her father in law who was giving her glare just like her dusht danav patidev. She couldn’t voice out what was Maan doing under table with her. 

Kuch nahi…she gave her silly smile, woh achanak se chut gaya…sorry.

Koi baat nahi beta…aapka ho gaya ho toh , aap bhi jaldi se baith jaiye…khana thanda ho raha hai.

Ji Dadi ma, she turned to move, still his hand holding her. 


He continued to chew on his food as if nothing happens, hu ..? 

Main jau…she indicated at his hand.

He pretended frowning face…

Aapko aur kuch chahiye? 

He first nodded no then yes, ha …give me water glass.

Woh toh aapke left side mein hai, Maan, pi lijiye..dadi teased with smirk.

Woh ha….Maan fumbled with words. Geet kept looking at him in worry, what happened to you, she checked his forehead really not understanding what happened to him. 

Dadi broke into hearty laughter, beta, he is just teasing you…aap aaiye aur kha lijiye. Nakul Inka khana garam kar ke laiyega.

Dadi ma I wasn’t joking, she has to serve me, that’s what I want. Maan proclaimed angrily giving Geet glares.

Aap ka matlab kya hai, hum aapke side yu khade rahe aapka dinner home Tak, aur hume bhook lagi hai uska kya..Geet blabbered innocently.

Dadi couldn’t stop giggling hearing her grand daughter in law.

My god Geet!! You are the one for my grandson! She pinched her cheek lovingly before getting up, humara ho gaya hai. Aap dinner kar ke aaram kariyega. I have ask mohan(servant) to get the guest room ready for your mother.

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Thank you Dadi ma! Geet jumped delighted to hear her.

My pleasure dear! She patted her cheek before departing for her room.

Rajveer who was watching all the drama in amusement also got up, I am also done, 

Lekin dad…Geet stopped him, he only gave her stern look, “you still have not had sweet which I prepared today. Aap taste kar ke toh dekhiye. She hurriedly served him in the bowl and held it before him, tell me how’s it…I prepared something first time 

I am done! Good night! He uttered in his stern time and left the table abruptly making her heart break.

Maan looked at her sad face and for a moment he feels bad but then he ignored the feeling. She deserve it ..he thought ruefully. 

Geet immediately clear her mind and offered him, Maan you have it na…Maine pahle baar banaya hai…she eagerly held it before him.

I don’t want to …he told her bluntly not paying any heed to her.

Please Maan, dekho na meine bahot mehnat se pahli baar aapke liye banaya hai. 

Maan closed his eyes to control his emotions and next moment he pushed her hand away there by making the bowl fall down on the table.

I am not interested. Suna nahi tumne, ek baar mein kahi baat samaz nahi aati. he got up harshly pushing back his chair marching towards her.

Nakul walked out of kitchen hearing the noises, he gasped in fear seeing the scene. Other servants were already off from their duty.


Maan darted one furious glare at his way, giving him silent msg to not interfere in between husband and wife. He silently looked down and turned to move out when maans warning to stop him.

Remember to keep your mouth shut!! He warned him and nakul nodded before running out of mansion.

Maan turned his attention back to her, Geet stepped back in fear, only to heard him hissed further, “aur dadi ma ke sanane woh kya natak chal raha tha tumhara..!? He grabbed her arm jerking her closer , she hissed in pain, couldn’t utter a word in fear.


Don’t try to act smart before me, aur dobara woh harkat ki toh mujhse bura koi nahi hoga, samzi tum. He pinned her wrist harshly making her Yelp in pain.

She nodded hurriedly to be free from his clutch.

You have to obey whatever I say or else…

Or else what….Geet mumbled fearfully looking at his face breaking into evil smirk, or else you don’t wanna know what would I do to you…” He jerked her closer, fanning her face with his warm breath. Geet shuddered in his arms, don’t forget I am your husband and what is your place in this mansion. 

You are not more than servant to me, chahe dadima tumhe kaise bhi treat kare. You can charmed your black magic on her. Not me…I am not fool to believe b**** like you. He hissed in low voice, so that only she could hear.

What are you saying? She asked innocently. Again he is changing his colors, scaring her. 

Don’t play innocent before me, I know your true colors.

What true colors? 


She asked stammering in fear but want to know what’s going on in his mind.

Want hear from my mouth, he mocked , what shameless girl you are.

Maan…she cried hearing so hurtful words from her beloved. But he wasn’t in right set of mind at the moment that he forget to hold his tongue.

Oh now this crocodile tears…

Geet was really confused, woh kya hota hai…? 

Maan turned to walked away jerking her back, not able bear her act of innocence.

What are you so angry with me, you don’t love me?

Image Image

He turned briskly, meine tumse kab kaha ke mein tumse pyar karta hu? He asked rudely. She looked down having no answer to him.

I only hate you and despise your presence here. He walked out. 

His words hit her hard, making way to new tears in her eyes. 


Suddenly thought crossed her mind, and she ran behind him, catching him in the garden. 

Rain was cascading down furiously, just like the emotions flowing in both of them, ready to burst out.

so that mean, you love someone else…aur shayad main bich mein aa gayi. She concluded making him shock.

He composed himself but had no answer.

Boliye na, kya aap kisi aur se pyar karte hai? That’s why you hate me so much. She held his collar so eager to hear no from his mouth.


But that thing he noticed, her face was as if an open book, he read that eagerness in her eyes and automatically nodded in yes.

What! Geet couldn’t believe it.

Yes…there is someone else in my life. He thought about his bachelor life before her walking in his life. After marriage he hadn’t visited any of his flings.

The hurt she felt was not described in words. She felt her heart torn apart with his confession.

How could he love someone else other than her. Her heart couldn’t take it. 

You can’t love anyone but me!! She cried banging his chest. 

Stop your drama! He pushed her harshly. His male ego was satisfied seeing her broken that’s what he wanted , that’s the reason he lied to her but somewhere his heart was breaking in pain. He was unaware about the reason.

I love you, only you!! She held his collar again.

Don’t you dare to lie on my face. 

I am not lying, how could you say so…she pouted with teary eyes.


That’s why you were roaming with my friend on my back when our marriage has been fixed. And don’t know how men you had affair with.

Geet don’t know why he is accusing so to her.. meine aisa kuch nahi kiya hai, why are you blaming me, she shake him vigorously, tearing his shirt apart.

Meine apni aankho se dekha hai, that’s why saying. He showed her his big eyes which was filled with rage thinking about Kunal and her again.

Geet was daze about what he is saying, she wiped her face, close her eyes to calm herself for she wants to know what he is speaking about.

Please tell me what did I do wrong! Now I can’t bear more yoir torture when I didn’t do anything wrong.

You didn’t do anything wrong!! You have cheated me. And MSK can never forgive those who back stabbed him. He pointed finger on her.


Geet kept watching his angry face, still trying to remember what wrong she did in her life or with him…from the time he had walk in her life, she had only know if loving him nothing else.

First of all you trouble me in my nightmares…he blurted and made her more confused.



Seeing her look he realized what he said her, he shouldn’t have…he widen his eyes and just glared her furiously before dashing out of mansion angrily leaving her in whirlpool of emotions. She was so happy sometime before but again he broke heart mercilessly leaving her shatter.

She couldn’t bear his accusations, his anger or his words, “I hate you” nor his confession of loving someone else.

How could that be God!! She cried looking up and fell down on the ground in defeat. 


To be continued…

So maan had revealed half of the truth, Geet had realized only half of his words reasoning her innocence, she was not clear yet with his accusations.

Let’s see where the story moves now. Will Geet’s innocence win his heart or his assumptions will ruin his love with his own hands.smiley28

Stay tune.smiley2

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