Mehbooba s2 Chapter 99

It’s good sign, Mr. khurana. Neelam was delighted to hear the progress in her patient as Maan just informed her about Geet, how she opened up to him. Although her behavior is still the same with others. 

( I forgot dr.’s name ; ) }

It will take time Mr. Khurana. Then after a little thought, ek kaam kijiye. Let her alone to be with your family. Aisa lagta hai, unhe bas aapki aadat ho chuki hai. She is completely relay on you. Let her free. 

Maan rethink on Dr Neelam words. He found it somewhere true. Although her liked her obsession for him but it is costing her health. He couldn’t accept that. 

Few weeks passed, Geet’s condition was improving with lots of care and attention from her new family excluding Annie who couldn’t tolerate the attention this new member of house is getting. 

Whether Geet was in her sight, she just gives her silent treatment , even didn’t like stay in the same place, she was getting jealous of her brothers beautiful and nave wife. Even her dog seems to like her more than herself.

Lisa, come back here. You are my dog not her..she had shouted once seeing her posting her pet. Lisa has made whimpering sound not liking her act of pulling her away from Geet. 

Annie, dheere se…it’s also has life, you can’t just manhandle her. One thing Geet couldn’t take was someone manhandling the dogs, it was her weakness. She lost her cool and blasted on her sister in law. 

You don’t dare to tell me what I do or not!! Annie blasted back making her took step back. 

Lisa started barking, seeing the fight going on, she jumped upon Annie in irritation making her suddenly lose her balance. 

Oh Lisa baby…what you did…Geet sweetly scolded the dog and turned to Annie, who had till now stood up feeling really humiliated.

She gave servants a dangerous look making everyone run away from the site.

Annie, are you okay!? She was realy concern.

Don’t…Annie hissed in anger. I will never forget this insult. She pointed finger on her in anger before rushing away from there pulling Lisa with her.

Geet was taken a back , she had not thought Annie would react like that… she then realized her mistake. But yeh humne kya Kiya, already woh humse naraz hai, but how was she pulling Lisa away. Hum kisi janwar ko aise koi manhandle kare bardasht nahi kar sakte. She pouted reasoning her own behavior. 

Whole day she just stay in her room taking Annie’s behavior really to her heart. She wanted to talk to her, make her understand but Annie had stormed out of the house after that incident. She really not wanted to stay in the mansion anymore to face her. 


In evening when Maan returned, he got to know about geet being in room whole day after morning breakfast. 

Kya hua Dadi ma? Maan asked anxiously. She was fine till morning suddenly what must have accured.

Pata nahi, khana bhi usne apne room mein mangwaya dopahr ko. 

Didn’t she tell anything.

Nahi beta, I did try asking, but woh toh jaise chup hi ho gayi hai.

Now Maan got worried, she is just getting better now what happened suddenly, I will see dadi ma, aap nakul se kah ke hum dono ka dinner room mein hi bhijwa dijiye aur aap dinner kar ke so jayo.

But beta Geet, dadi was really worried.

Don’t worry dadima, meine kaha na, nothing much must have happened. I will take care of her.

Knowing Maan would handle his wife, dadi ma took breath of sigh nodding her head.


Geet… sweetheart…he reached their room calling out to her but there was no sign of her. His heart skip a beat as he located whole room for her sign.

Geet…he called out loudly this time, walking out of the room …he walked through the corridor, spotting the maid there, who stopped reaching him.

Sahab, Geet memsaab toh waha aani memsab ke room ke bahar …she couldn’t even complete her sentence when he rush away to Annie room.

His heart wrench with the sight. She sat there on the door crying bitterly. 

Geet…he rushed to her scooping her up in his arms. Kya hua Jaan..he became restless seeing her tearstrikened face.

Woh……she couldn’t speak sobbing loudly. 

Shh…first call down, he took her to their room although she tried to pointed to Annie’s rom door.

Maan didn’t know what she was trying to say so he first out her on the bed grabbing the glass of water from table he made her drink it first.

Now tell me what happened? He softly tuck away her hair strands from her forehead, cupping her face tenderly.

Lisa…she is barking inside, unhe band karke rakha hai, subah se..Annie bhi nahi hai..woh bhuki hogi..must be scared for keeping her like that, she blabbered out worriedly and few more tears spilled down her cheek.

It’s okay, usmein itni rone wali kya baat hai. He tried to calm her down and thought for a while, but Annie never leave her like that, Aaj Aisa kya ho gaya. He knew how much she is possessive of her dog, she even fight with him for Lisa.

Shyad humari wajah se hua hai..

What happened because of you, kya kah rahi ho tum, he looks at her quizzically.

Geet naratted whole incident to him slowly. Maan closed his eyes trying to control his temper.

Tumhe use kuch bolne ki kya jarurat thi, Geet. That too only for that dog. 

Dog mat kahiye use, her name is Lisa, Geet pouted sounding just like his sister making him chuckle.

Aur hum unhe sorry kahne bhi gaye the, but she wasn’t in room. Room ka darwaza lock hai aur Lisa akeli andar hai, bahar aane ke liye tadpada Rahi hai.

Bas itni si baat and you were crying…then after a pause he realized what must have happened.

Ek minute, kahi tum din bhar toh waha us darwaze ke paas nahi thi..? 

Geet nodded with pout, subah se nahi, after lunch…

Whatever! You are insane! He shouted in rage and hidden concern for her…for that dog you stay crying at the door.

Kyo usmein Jaan nahi hai, woh bhi jaan hai, woh bhi masum, she doesn’t know to speak , use bhook lagi hogi, dar oag Raha hoga us room mein akele toh kaise kahegi woh…she must have gotten tired till now barking continuously trying fetch anyone attention that now uski aawaz bhi nahi aa rahi thi…you know and she again started crying 

Maan held his head seeing his sensitive wife who even have soft corner for animals.

Now will you stop crying…Lisa must be hungry don’t you want to meet her. 

Geet instantly stopped and looked at Maan like a child nodding her head vigorously. She followed Maan who rushed out of the room.

I guess my beautiful wife don’t have brain..he gave her taunt on the way.

Aisa kyo kah rahe ho…she pouted trying to caught his pace as he was taking long strides.

Air nahi toh kya, you could have got the alternate key for the room from dadi ma or nakul. But madam ko rone se fursat mile tab na..

Her eyes widen in realization, she felt really stupid, yes he is right, I just kept crying getting worried for her didn’t think much. Humara dimagh bhi kaha gayab ho jata hai , at the moment. She cursed herself little loudly.

Maan shook his head hearing her blabbering, he chuckled giving her one adoring look.


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12 thoughts on “Mehbooba s2 Chapter 99

  1. Adorable and Sensitive Chapter

    Annie needs to start respecting Geet
    and most important her jealousy needs to
    come out from her
    Maan at first worried about his wife as she had not
    had lunch with Dadima
    but when he hears that she is worried about Lisa been
    alone in Annie’s room
    Geet was sad and really worried

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Geet is full of love to animals and she is literally connected with Lisa meanwhile already jealous Annie saw the scene of Lisa cuddling with geet and that made her fume out of anger meanwhile manhandling dogs didn’t go well with geet.. and Lisa barked Annie and she fell down which she felt as great insult…maan hearing from daadi about geet made him worried here his innocent wife was all so worried for Lisa who was locked up in Annie room .. waiting to read more ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely update.Geet is so nai e that she loves animals too and she started crying when Annie locked Lisa in the room and gone out.she didn’t even had the idea to open the door with the duplicate key.So sad that Annie still hates Geet.when Maan was feeling happy that his wife is recovering this incident happened.Hope Geet comes out of her dipression and Annie too loves Geet instead of feeling jelous

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Aww so cute. Geet is such a cutie pie how can Annie behave with her rudely. poor Lisa got punishment from Annie. Last part was so beautiful. Thanks for the update

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  5. Chapter 99
    Remarkable update…. amazingly written
    great that there is progress with Geet
    well the doc had a point and Maan realised she was correct
    nice Maan agreed with her advice
    upset that Annie is jealous of Geet
    dismayed how she treats Geet
    sad that Annie forcefully tried to take Lisa away
    Geet’s anger seeing Annie pull Lisa was anticipated
    oh no Lisa jumped on Annie
    of cos Geet berated Lisa and showed her concern for Annie
    as expected Annie blames Geet
    Geet was indeed hurt
    she is loves animals so much and fiercely protective towards them
    Gosh Geet stayed in her room
    not surprised that Maan was worried hearing this
    he was clearly shocked seeing Geet’s condition
    hate seeing Geet like that
    glad that Geet opened up with Maan
    at least Maan controlled his anger
    alas he does not understand that Geet loves animals so much
    Maan’s concern for Geet was justified
    pleased that he realised that Geet is sensitive
    liked how he handled everything
    ha ha taunts Geet
    so she berates herself
    will Maan speak to Annie about her behavior?

    update soon

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  6. Aahh i missed geet and Lisa duo,loved their scene,geet is such a sweet heart,Maan made the scene lighter,geet is cutie no matter what.. looking forward to further….

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