In Love with my Brother in Law | new MG SS

She stood stunned with the scene going before her innocent eyes. 

No…this can’t happen…how could it be!? She had promised herself to never let this happen. Then how this marriage took place. A dark flush invaded her beautiful face…her hazel eyes threatened. 

She saw with her burning eyes him doing marriage rituals before getting up proceed with the seven sacred rounds around the fire.

Her eyes filled with anger, hurt, passion and what not…

I won’t let this happen. I have to do something…but what…her innocent mind tried to think something to break this marriage. But nothing came in her kind quick at the moment.

When she thought everything is finished both of them walked up to her parents taking blessings before then met her.

His chocolate eyes met hers, instantly concern filled in them seeing those brown eyes of his doll teary.

Before he could ask her, he felt himself tugged and saw his bride giving hug to her sister.

Congrats di…

After they both parted, he too walked forward to give her a hug.

She was just waiting for this chance as she pulled him literally in a her small arms, crushing his face to her neck in a pretense of tight hug.

Congratulations JIJAJI….she whispered sensuously in his ear taking his breath away.

I guess, prologue went long….


Let me know what do you think after reading prologue… 

this ff will be full of passion, obsession, love, fun and romance

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