Mehbooba s2 Chapter 98

Geet stood at the balcony after their long love making. She was sleepy yet felt refresh after him claiming her again. She wished to remove his stress and worry for her. She was successful to some extent…she wanted to love him the way he always did without any demand. 

Still she knew there is one thing remains, that was her past…she need to talk and tell him everything. Only will then she will be at peace now. Seeing him suffering silently she wouldn’t bear it anymore. She had decided to hide everything for his own good so that he wouldn’t be sad or upset. But hiding the same truth now giving him pain which she couldn’t bear it…it is showing her mistrust on him.

How can I say maan…I believe you more than my god! Humne kabhi aap pe mistrust nahi kiya. 

Then why can’t you talk to me geet. He walked from behind cocooning her in his arms taking her upstairs to the terrace. She had talked loudly to herself and he had listened to her words. He knew today might be his lucky day, she might reveal him her pain and suffering…

Tell me everything geet…empty your heart to ke Jaan..I am here to listen, just speak to me. He cupped her face affectionately urging her so badly to open up to him.

She looked at the yearning in his eyes and couldn’t help herself dragging closer to him; she pecked his eyes one by one. Batati hu Maan, I will tell everything today. Everything about my past.

She became silent suddenly, not knowing how to start and from where. His hands moved inside the blanket in which both were wrapped making her shudder.

Yaad hai Maan, this is the same touch…that day that night made me lose in you. She chuckled painfully. I now understood, it is our destiny…humari kismat mein toh pahle se hi milna likha tha. 

But I wasn’t aware, uski shuruwat itni painful hogi. She cupped his jaw, rubbing his lips sensuously, his eyes became dark in passion but he held himself back listening her intently.

That stormy night you  I got my love, isi tarah se aapne Hume apne aaghosh mein liya tha Hume shant karne ke liye, that night I shared the first kiss with my love. She confessed innocently with her cheeks coloring in shed of red.

She looked at him expecting him to questions her but he was having sweet smirk on his face that made her confused.

Won’t you ask me, who was the guy and what night!? 

Won’t… because I know the guy and remembered the night, sweetheart.

You remembered! She instantly jerked up, facing him closely, his eyes had mischievous glint.

Still you didn’t care to tell me, I was suffering alone thinking you don’t remember. She looked down painfully.

Sweetheart, he cupped her chin raising her face to meet him, how could I forget the Little angel of my life. Yes, I admit it took me time to remember…but Dil ke kisi kone har pal har lamha tum kahi chupi Hui thi Geet. He confessed honestly.

And when did you remember your little angel. She asked excited with the thought that he remembers her before only. 

Maan thought for a while, today all obstacles between us are going to shed, so let me also tell you the truth.

Geet frowned, unaware about what coming next she looked at him curiously hanging on his neck.

You know I was so desperate to know about you, why your eyes showed always pain, there was jealousy seeing you with Kunal, there was this torturing question  hunting my heart always that why didn’t you meet me before why are married to Kunal and then also you didn’t look happy to me. 

Geet rested her head on his chest snuggling closer fetching his warmth for she felt her eyes burning with the thought of her first marriage. She felt his pain as wel but his next set of words jolted her out her thoughts ruefully.

So to know you better, because tum toh bolne se rahi, I fetched your cupboard where I got your diary.

Diary…Geet whispered in great shock. That can’t be…her eyes widen..she don’t know what to feel, it was her private world in which Maan dwell taking out each secret of her.

She was whole red with blush and anger.

Aap aap ne….humari diary… Geet tried to form words but was unable to because she didn’t know how to react.

Us waqt that was like a treasure to me jaan. Uske liye agar tumhe koi bhi saza deni hai mujhe toh I accept but I will do that again if get a chance to know your heart for I love you insanely…I will do anything…mind me anything to pull you out of this pit of depression.

Geet kept staring at him, absorbing his words carefull. She wouldn’t have forgive anyone be that someone else but it was her maan who loved her unconditionally even she couldn’t reach the depth of his love. She thought hugging him. She hides her face in the crook of his neck crying furiously.

I am so sorry for keeping you in dark. Really forgive me…I don’t have right to punish you because you haven’t done any crime but it’s me. I always been stupid and dumb and I am ready for any punishment. She hiccups and told him with a cute pout

Hey…’ he warned her, dare you call my sweetheart wife with those names, she is most intelligent and beautiful woman whom I met. Women have all the qualities to endure and patience, I had just heard about it but today I seen also. I got to know the real meaning of the woman Geet, through you! You are the real woman for me. You are the display of strength, endurance, love, emotions and Beauty which real woman carry.

That you showcased with staying in that loveless marriage for your family and Kunal. You stay in that bond not for self but others enduring every pain …most of the loss of your own love.

I can’t think of the pain you endured all those years without telling anyone but describing only in your diary. He confessed painfully having his eyes moist.

Geet was speechless she felt proud of her femininity today. Once she was the only one who had curse herself for being woman.

(Remember the chapter where in party someone tried to force her, Maan saved her that night and she has outburst before dadima and Maan heard it. She cursed herself for being beautiful woman)

But today after hearing his beautiful words, her being woman felt beautiful to her. She felt proud of the fact that she is his wife now. This amazing man. She cupped his jaw, I don’t know what I did to deserve you but i only given you pain.

Shh…don’t say that…he palmed her mouth, I would say the same for you. In my anger and possessiveness I also hurt you. 

You have whole right on me…

That goes same for you too then. He said and she chuckled.

Look Geet, we are partners, our soul is one now. So don’t hide anything from me henceforth. Vada Karo mujhse…kuch nahi chupaogi mujhse…he forwarded his palm for the promise, she willingly obliged and placed her own palm in his , vaada hai Maan. Phirse wahi galti nahi karungi.

Na Jaan…you can do mistakes, I don’t mind punishing you in own sweet way, he said and pinched her nipple in his forefinger. 

Maaan…she screamed.

Shhh…he put his lips on her mouth, chewing her already swollen lips softly.

Um…Maan…I have to tell you more, she put her hand to his chest and he reluctantly parted.

Kaho…he tucked her hair strand behind her ear whispering on her mouth. 

She blushed hiding her face in his chest, as she began telling him same tale of her life which he knew some from her diary and some from her father.  

After she finished, she was crying furiously holding on him. 

Shh..Jaan, Aaj ke din ro liya, henceforth I don’t want to see a drop of tear in your eyes. 

Yes….I listen to you always…she sweetly said making him smile.

Now listen to me and give me sweet kiss. He demanded parting her slowly which she obliged shyly and gave him peck.

I think I said kiss, not peck.lagta hai mujhe tumhe sikhana padega, I don’t think you have learnt enough.

His teasing only added to her blushing more. As he bend to kiss her she got u suddenly pushing him that he landed back on the swing…geettt…’ he groaned before chasing her. 


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12 thoughts on “Mehbooba s2 Chapter 98

  1. great n emotional update
    finally geet share her past to maan which he knows from her dairy
    geet feels light at heart after sharing her past with maan
    maan ask sorry for hurting her

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  2. Finally she said what all happened and now she will feel light as it is out,all these while she suppressed all those and that makes her depressed,now it all be okay, looking forward to further…

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  3. Superb so geet did cross this hurdle atlast and maan got to know everything about her past… happy that now maan will take care of his geet…their passionate moments and promises were nice waiting to read more ❤️

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  4. Wonderful yet emotional last Geet opened up to Maan sharing her miseries.she was shocked to know that he read her dairy.Now Geets depression has gone.Hope they live happily.

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  5. Nicely penned…Finally she is crossing her hurdle and sharing all her past with Maan…
    Though Maan knows almost all of it….but I fear and have this feel there is still more to come.
    Please dont let out Maneet suffer more,,,lets have happy posts

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