Mehbooba s2 Chapter 97

“Please, Maan, love me the way you did on our first night, when we became one.”

He brought his mouth down to hers and kissed her, savoring the taste of her. He grew more demanding, and wrapped his hands in her hair that hung to her waist. He shuddered when she dug her fingers into his back. She was filled with passion, innocent passion, and it was driving him mad.

He released her hair and his hands caressed her. He cupped her buttocks and lifted her to press her belly tightly against him. 

He pulled away from her and shrugged quickly out of his cloths and eased himself down. “Come here, jaan,” he said, and held his hand out to her.

 Geet fell to her knees beside him and let him pull her into his arms. She fell onto his chest and let her hair swirl about his face. Maan circled her chin with his fingers, tilting her face to him so he could look into her eyes. They were huge and dark in the pale light, full of tenderness and excitement.

He made her lay down on her back softly before balancing himself on one elbow and smoothed her hair away from her face into a golden halo about her head. “God, you’re beautiful,” he whispered. His fingertips traced the straight line of her nose, and gently outlined her cheek.

 “Maan,” she moaned feeling sweet aching in her lower, as his fingertips lightly touched her mouth.

 He saw her eyes dilated as he cupped her breast and pulled her to him, and felt a shudder pass the length of her body.

 Although he had had much practice, Maan’s fingers trembled as they probed at the small hooks of her bra He wanted her as he had never before desired a woman. She lay passively, staring up at him as the material parted, and he pulled free the blue material that held over her breasts.

When cool air touched her skin, she shuddered.

 He removes the cloth completely throwing it away baring her breasts. They thrust up firm and full toward him, delicately white and smooth, her creamy nipples a dusky pink.

He groaned deep in his throat, and closed his mouth over her. She sucked in her breath in surprise as he licked and tugged at her with growing possessiveness. He felt her quicken and arch her back instinctively to press more tightly against him.

Geet raised her hand and stroke her fingers in the rock hardness of his chest. She lightly traced his nipples. “Let me feel you against me,” she whispered.

He lowered himself down upon her, his senses reeling at the giving of her, and he kissed her deeply, savagely, until she moaned breathlessly into his mouth. He drove his hands frantically beneath her, to the last cloth on her body.

Geet joined her fingers to his as he jerked free from it leaving her in her birth suit now. She blushed furiously hiding herself completely in him. However he pulled apart to have look on at his beautiful wife.

He traced her throat with his fingers, and then her breasts. He felt her quiver at his touch and drew her into his arms, closing his mouth over hers.

His fingers caressed her until she dropped her arms to her sides and leaned against him.

Maan please… She pleaded in hoarse voice, closing her hand over his caressing fingers. He fell to his knees in front of her and she felt his eyes upon her, looking at her. His fingers touched her and her shyness slipped away from her as his gentle caressing sent intense sensation down to her belly. His other hand was kneading her buttocks, pressing her closer to him.

His fingers caressed her until at last they parted her. Geet panted, her breathing hoarse. Her legs trembled violently, and she felt she would collapse if Maan were not holding her.

He pressed her upon her back and lay beside her, his eyes on her body.

 “You are just so beautiful, jaan” he said, still not touching her, he leaned over her and kissed her. Her breasts were swollen and tender, but the touch of his mouth made her arch her back upward.

And then he was on top of her, and she felt the familiar hardness of him, the raw masculine strength of him. He crushed her breasts against his chest, and she felt his black hair pressing against her.

She felt a surge of joy as he forced her lips to part. He pushed against her belly and her hands urgently massaged his back as she parted her thighs. But he would not allow it.

He brought her to release before he entered her. He pulled apart to fetch protection from the drawer beside bed. Geet looked up quizzically.

What is it? What are you doing? Her words stuck in her throat seeing his act. Maan was shunned.

You don’t know it? He simply asked and she simply nodded her head giving him most innocent looks.

It took him a while to realized that she really didn’t’ now anything of that sort. But right now he was so highed just wanted to love her and nothing else. Having no time to explain her he shortly replied, this is to save you from being pregnant.

Pregnant.. is it? Now I won’t be pregnant? She asked innocently.

Yes sweetheart, now please let me love you, I can’t hold more, I will explain you further later.

Next moment he thrusts deep inside her, she quivered anew with passion. She cried out his name, clutching him feverishly to her, and he closed his mouth over hers, willingly losing himself in her.

Belatedly, he was reminded of her shoulder and gently eased himself off her. He smoothed back the tousled hair from her forehead and solemnly kissed her nose.

 “If you show any more passion, my love, I will not be able to leave you.”

 She smiled vaguely, replete, and in the next moment, she was fast asleep, her face against his shoulder.

To be continued….

I know small update.. but seeing only 20 likes to last chapter, i thought go slowly only so that I wont hurt myself as well. If likes increase then will think of giving long chapters. ; )

15 thoughts on “Mehbooba s2 Chapter 97

  1. Wonderful and passionate update.Her asking to love him and their moments.she slept without taking the sleeping pills.Maan only can bring her out of her depression.update soon.

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  2. Hi thanks for the pm and update

    Chapter 97
    Magnificent update… nicely written
    so Geet wants Maan to make love to her
    well she drives him insane with her innocent passion
    he cannot help but admire his beautiful wife
    great that she takes the initiative
    adore this shy Geet
    passionate moments
    he is indeed amazed that she is unaware of protection
    good that he was direct with her
    she is so naïve
    glad that she slept without having any sleeping pills

    update soon

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